• GaetonBoucher1

    How To Go From Good to World Class – A Peak Performance Cautionary Tale

    Few athletes do any sports training long or hard enough to discover how good they could truly be. Most athletes are training at 60% capacity and think they are working too hard. Here’s a typical example… In 1979, Canadian speed skater Gaeton Boucher decided he […]

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  • World Cup

    Shocker – A True Overnight Success Story in Sports Performance

    This is a true story. 3 weeks before my first World Championship, my coach gave me a tape and said, “Just listen to it.” It was a simple visualization exercise…the kind most athletes have done in sports psychology. Every night for three weeks I visualized […]

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  • WinningInSport

    How To Get Over A Devastating Loss And Restore Your Sports Motivation

    From 2000 to 2004 (late in my athletic career), my team had to play the same powerhouse team in the finals. And for four years straight, we LOST. In 2005, we entered the finals optimistically: “It’s going to be our year!” we proclaimed. But our […]

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  • Golf

    How To Deal With Crowd And Media Expectations

    “My coach doesn’t believe in me.” “I got a lousy start.” “My opponent trash talked me.” These are typical reasons athletes give for their misery when the going gets tough. The truth? These athletes are using distractions as an excuse to wallow in fear and […]

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  • OlympicGoldMedal

    She Won Olympic Gold By DECIDING To –

    The Ultimate Mental Skill The only thing between mogul skier Jennifer Heil and the first gold medal on Canadian soil was Hannah Kearney. Heil skiied brilliantly, making Canada proud, but Kearney was just a wee bit better. Kearney’s edge? She DECIDED to win gold. “I […]

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