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Champion athletes and coaches think differently. They approach practise and competition with a mindset that allows them to display mental toughness under pressure.

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  • Tennis4

    A Deadly Tennis Mindset – Focus in The NOW

    Perhaps the most deadly tennis mindset is to focus completely in the Now. I’m talking about total focus in the present moment…the kind where you drive across town, get there, and suddenly realize you can’t remember the drive. This impenetrable focus is very punishing to […]

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  • Tennis6

    Beat The Odds With Superior Tennis Concentration

    Many tennis players fail because they are big babies. Before you accuse me of being harsh, let me explain. Most players have a program in their minds about what’s supposed to happen in a tennis match — and when things don’t go their way, they […]

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  • Tennis3

    Harness The Power of A Winning Tennis Self Image

    Without a winning self-image, you will never have the tennis career you want. And here’s something you need to know. To harness the power of your self-image, you need to be VERY careful about the messages you send yourself. Here’s a classic example… Ever hang […]

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  • Tennis1

    How To Re-Gain Your Tennis Confidence – When Traumatized

    Tiger Woods has even more to worry about than losing his family and sponsors. He’s also in danger of losing the unshakable confidence that was his trademark. Why?  Because confidence is not a quality. Confidence is not a character trait.  Confidence is an emotion. How To Keep […]

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  • Tennis5

    How To Overcome Tennis Perfectionism, Stop Losing,

    And Win Ugly Losing sucks… But underperforming hurts more. Sometimes you lose because the other guy is better. Sometimes you lose because of you. Your will to win leaves you. Tennis Perfectionism: A Dangerous Mindset There are many reasons for losing your will to win, […]

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