It’s what tennis star Andre Agassi says made him
a legend…

Destroy Your Crippling Insecurity and Fear to Transform Yourself Into 
A Champion With Superior Focus, Composure and GRIT By Learning The COMPETITIVE MIND ZONE Secrets Only Superstars 
Know - Guaranteed! 

Stop losing focus at the first sign of stressors and distractions…eliminate trying to impress spectators, coaches, and fans…let go of obsessing over mistakes…recover from bad starts quickly… and re-discover your competitive fire by finally winning in the face of tough distractions. 

Note: It does NOT require weeks or months of tedious mental training!

If you just want to unleash your natural ability to focus and deliver win after win, you will LOVE my new program…

Lisa Brown

Dear Friend,

It’s Lisa Brown here and in If you enjoy a good comeback story, you’ll be pumped about this.

It involves “forgotten” secrets that legend athletes like Andre Agassi discovered to come back and become a living legend in tennis…one of the most embarrassing moments of my life as an athlete… and you

Here’s the tale: Do you know what a “competitive mind zone” is? In sport, an athlete with a Competitive Mind Zone is the athlete who doesn’t rely on being particularly strong, fast or skilled…who often doesn’t boast flashy skills – but through a combination of focus, composure, and sheer grit manages to always be “in the money” in every competition. He just grinds away at his opponent with consistent, smart decisions and then collects the trophy without fuss, ordeal or spectacle.

Athletes Who Master The Competitive Mind Zone Are The Most Feared And Respected Athletes in Their Sports

They always rise to the top in key events and tournaments, frequently walking away with the big hardware. Their performance is so consistent and their concentration so steady, they never disintegrate when the chips are down and the win is on the line…because they have a secret mental skill they can count on, competition after competition, when the pressure is on.

Their Secret Mental Skill Is Their Immunity To Distractions, Stressors, Mistakes, Missteps, And Setbacks, Giving Them Laser-like Focus, Composure, And Sheer Grit Under Fire.

Andre Agassi (tennis) and Tom Kite (golf) are examples of athletes who excelled at the Competitive Mind Zone.

Everybody knows a focused, composed athlete when they see one…

…But Virtually No One Knows What Their Mental Secrets Are.

And this is where things get tricky.

You see, it was years ago when I turned to sports psychology as an elite athlete in a desperate bid to stop choking and start winning that I accidentally stumbled onto the idea of the Competitive Mind Zone.

Up until then every book told me all I needed to do was visualize, do relaxation exercises, and then ‘re-focus’ by repeating a cue word – and I would be able to block out my biggest stressors.

Problem is, NONE of these things worked very well to give me focus and composure when all hell broke loose. They were all hit-and-miss.

Nothing Helped Me Consistently Re-gain My Composure And Get In The Zone When Tough Distractions Showed Up

So my results were always inconsistent and totally dependent on circumstances. It killed me that I wasn’t the master of my destiny. All I wanted to do was block everything out and concentrate no matter what the circumstances. What was so unreasonable about that?

Anyway, the turning point came when a sports psychologist told my team to write down our top ten ‘distractions.’ When I excitedly told my team I had made a BIG discovery (that my key distraction was “not scoring a goal early,”) a few of my teammates started snickering.

“What’s so damn funny?” I asked.

“Lisa what’s funny is you’re acting like this is some kind of big epiphany. EVERYONE here knows that when you don’t score early, your game goes into the toilet. You’re the only one here who didn’t know that.”


That stung.

It stung because I could see how far behind I was in figuring out how to be impervious to big distractions.

That was the day I resolved to discover the Competitive Mind Zone secrets of champion athletes so I too could become immune to stressors in competition…stressors like a bad start, a humiliating mistake, a coach that didn’t believe in me, or screaming fans.

I was a little intimidated by my goal. First, because what I wanted to learn were secrets that were completely underground.

I Soon Figured Out That Most Athletes And Coaches Have Zero Idea What The Competitive Mind Zone Really Is

Mainly what most athletes want is to look good by trying to overpower opponents with speed, skill, or flashy shots and moves. 

They spend all their practice time trying to master that big shot or move and wouldn’t know a Competitive Mind Game secret if it clunked them on the head. (Sport psychologists were even worse. They either buried me in ivory tower questionnaires or gave me dumb exercises using cue words).

Second, virtually ALL consistent, winning champions know about the Competitive Mind Zone and spend considerable time in practice and competition refining this mindset because it’s their bread-and-butter.

But it is certainly NOT in their best interest to share it (especially pro athletes) until long after they’ve retired (…and even then…).

But just as I was about to despair at finding these hoarded secrets I stumbled onto a little book by tennis pro/coach Brad Gilbert called Winning Ugly. It finally gave me glimpses of what I was desperately searching for…

…the sheer grit approach to competing that, through a combination of superior focus, concentration, smarts, composure, and gumption can actually put you “in the money” over and over again despite having no major physical advantage over your opponent.

In fact Winning Ugly is what Brad Gilbert taught tennis legend Andre Agassi in the early 90s to revive Andre’s career and make him a living legend.

This little book sent me down a line of inquiry to find mental toughness strategies for the competitive mind zone that paid off handsomely. As I learned about it, I was astonished by how simple it all was. Here’s what I discovered:

  • The Competitive Mind Zone is how you react to stressors, distractions, setbacks, adversity, problems and challenges in competition. It is very specific to these situations and extraordinarily unique to you.
  • This Zone represents easily 30-50% of your mental toughness on a given day. Olympians and Pros know how crucial focus, concentration, and composure are when tough distractions show up. And even the recreational athlete will agree that “staying focused” is important.
  • The secrets to championship Competitive Mind Zone performances are extraordinarily simple… but almost no one ever deciphers them on their own. It took Agassi years to understand just ONE of them (and his career was resurrected after he did). Champions practice these secrets the most, because they understand their true importance.

Shannon Miller
Olympic Coach

Women's Hockey

Genuine confidence is an absolute necessity if you want to reach your potential. I've worked with Lisa as a personal mental toughness coach and have accessed Lisa's talents in training teams I have coached. Lisa's work is very effective because she delivers the training at the level the clients need...and it's the type of training that you take with you and use on a daily basis towards success.

Lori Sippel ,
Women's Softball 

Have you ever heard the adage, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"? Well, I was broke and I knew it. I knew Lisa was the person who could help me identify the root of my downward spiral. Lisa helped me "cut to the chase" and identify those things that were holding me back from attaining the mental edge I needed. Together we created a mental plan of attack that allowed me to stay empowered regardless of
the circumstances.

Cal Wigston

Cal Wigston
Head Coach
Men's Volleyball 

This past March we made it to the gold medal match knocking off the previous OUA champs in 5 sets. Thanks to your candor, honesty, insight and adviceI was prepared to coach the many different personality styles my players had and be successful. You helped me understand myself this year and what I needed to do. I am way more confident in my coaching ability - thanks so much for everything you did to help me prepare for
this year.

Just One Tiny Little Hour And These Secrets Are Yours!

Here’s an overview of my new program:

Master The Competitive Mind Zone

  • The origin of the Competitive Mind Zone program and why it is so crucial to your athletic success
  • Why the secrets that allow legendary champions to block out distractions and stressors are so simple you can learn them in an hour.
  • Why certain distractions “kill” your motivation and how to remove this emotional baggage from your life once and for all so you can kickstart your competitive fire again  (Never considered that,
    did you?)
  • Why the simple secrets of the Competitive Mind Zone are so easy to teach to athletes virtually overnight and bring about mentally tough performances you never knew they had in ‘em!
  • Which three distractions are KILLING your consistency… and why they are affecting you so dramatically.
  • The #1 mistake most mediocre athletes make when they try to prepare for stressors and distractions. HINT: it stems from your biggest physical and technical weaknesses.
  • The 3 step process for dramatically speeding up your ability to re-focus and put the distraction behind you in the heat of competition — while removing its impact on you at the same time.
  • Why most athletes NEVER harness the power of the negative (even when it is staring right at them)…you will learn how to use frustration to inspire an intense determination and competitiveness so powerful you can ride it to the thrill of victory.
  • How weak concentration prevents you from making serious strategic adjustments to your strategy…and how to step back, analyze, and make the changes you need to WIN.
  • You will get specific, step-by-step exercises you can give to athletes you are coaching to mentally prepare them for the most important games or performances (honestly they are so easy, they are literally paint-by-number).

Conquer The Fear of Losing

You will learn how to master your WORST FEAR (whatever it may be) and remove the crippling performance anxiety it triggers in you. You will therefore relax naturally in competition and restore your innate confidence.

Overcoming Your Need To Impress Fans, Parents, Media,
and Coaches

How the secret technique of getting over trying to impress fans, coaches and spectators will have them marveling about your James Bond-like cool reaction to pressure (You’ll kick yourself for not realizing this sooner!).

Getting Over A Bad Start

Why a bad start or early mistake will derail 97% of athletes – let others be governed by this mental trap, but not you. You will learn why this destroys so many competitors and how to exploit to your advantage.

Dealing With The Fear of Injury

How to easily correct the dreaded performance-ruining fear of injury in high risk sports that causes you to compete tentatively.

How To Conquer An Intimidating Opponent

How to conquer an intimidating opponent by injecting your mindset with incredible amounts of determination, smarts, and patience. You will also learn how to deal with an opponent who is “trash talking” you.

What To Do When You Lose Your Confidence

How to rebound emotionally when your belief in yourself suddenly vanishes…and how to get back the ‘eye of the tiger’ aggressiveness you need.

When Life Outside Sport Is Hassling You

Why “life” distractions (events outside of sport) are the Achilles Heel of so many athletes and how to gently remove these influences so you can focus on the task at hand.

Defeating Negative Self-Talk

How to swiftly and wisely remove negative self-talk by entering a “learning state” that will banish your inner monologue of self-criticism…so you can fill yourself with confidence and power.

Freeing Yourself From ‘Dream Stealers’ or Negative People

You will discover how to attain mental and emotional FREEDOM from ‘dream stealers’ like negative family members, teammates who shun you, or coaches who don’t believe in you so that believing in yourself under the fire of distractions is a effortless as breathing.

Curing Perfectionism

What patience REALLY is and its infinite value — and why so few athletes ever harness its power to let the opposition fail…understanding this one concept will hand you more victories than you can possibly imagine by curing your perfectionism once and for all – so you can finally enjoy your athletic gifts and perform to your potential.

Exciting NEW Video Format

You asked, we listened.

When we surveyed you about what format you wanted this program in, the overwhelming majority of you picked video (watch, listen, and read).

When you order this program, you will receive a URL and a unique password to the Competitive Mind Zone webpage.

There you will be able to watch and listen to instruction videos for the Competitive Mind Zone.

But since some of you are readers, we’ll include written instruction as well. And because there are still some of you who only want to listen, we’ll give you the MP3 files so you can download them and listen to them from anywhere.

As soon as you order, you’ll have instant access to these videos and be watching them from our secure page in just a few moments, so there will be no wait time. The handouts are in PDF format, which are compatible with all computers.

Bear in mind that with this program I’ve gone for quality over quantity. I’ve zeroed in on the ten major distractions you need to wipe off the map for yourself and given you the exact blueprint for how to master them.

You are not going to be buried in content or studying for weeks. Inside one hour you’re going to know exactly what you need to know to get in the Competitive Mind Zone regardless of what’s going on around you.


Bonus Gift 1

BONUS Audio Recording: How To Get Over A Devastating Loss and Re-Kindle Your Motivation

Retail value: $19.95

Approximate length: 30 minutes, including the PDF handout and a visualization sequence. Here’s what we’ll cover in the Bonus Audio Recording:

  • Why a devastating loss has the potential to cripple your confidence and cause you to choke.
  • How to easily release its negative impact on your self-image and psyche immediately…like water smoothing over tracks on a sandy beach.
  • How to create genuine wisdom and insight from a loss so you can heal its potentially harmful effects instantly so your self-image and confidence emerge refreshed and resilient.
  • The simple 2 step process for achieving genuine self-acceptance…you will dramatically boost your self-esteem and create lasting appreciation for your
    athletic self.

Bonus Gift 2 

The New, Updated and Revised Version of The Courage to Win® in Sport eBook

Retail value: $27.00

The Courage to Win® in Sport Ebook reveals the Amazing Mental Toughness Secrets Hoarded By Superstar Athletes.

…These Secrets Give You Unshakable Confidence, Eliminate Choking, and Infuse You with The Courage to Win® in Just Three Hours.

You will learn how to stop killing your own will to win by discovering your innate ability to supercharge yourself with breakthrough confidence during big competitions, giving you the kind of “unfair” mental toughness advantage over your competitors you’ve only fantasized about until now.

Bonus Gift 3 

SIX Email Support Sessions with Shawnee Harle, Certified Courage to Win® Coach

Retail value: $149.00

As your ultimate inspiration, you’ll be able to email Shawnee Harle with six unique questions. She will give you coaching, suggestions, and individual help.

Having a Courage to Win® coach support you or your athletes through the process can make the world of difference. Whenever you have a question or issue you cannot solve on you own, you can consult with Shawnee via email immediately.

12 Month “No Hassles or Aggravation” Guarantee

The special fee my new program, which includes Bonus Gifts worth $273.00, is just $67. You don’t risk a penny of your $67, however. Take a full year to decide if you like what I’m teaching. If you don’t agree — and you never have to give a reason why — just call us and we’ll refund your money instantly.

We treat you the way I wish other businesses treated me:

With total respect and the attitude that “the customer is ALWAYS right.” No matter what.

There’s just one small “catch”, however. You must order right away. We are only offering this pre-launch special price of $67 for the next 14 days


Too many athletes out there are just pluggin’ away, accepting the same mediocre performances month in and month out – assuming they CAN’T get over their big stressors. This is completely unnecessary. No matter how long a distraction has been draining your confidence, you CAN become impervious to it in competition.

That’s why I’ve made such an irresistible offer. You risk nothing. You can take a full year to decide.

However, after 14 days, the offer is gone. So you need to hurry.

Lisa, you won't believe the impact "The Courage to Win®" had on my Junior Varsity Boys High School Volleyball team (gr10-11). It seemed whenever the team was in a playoff, they just could not win. For 2 full months we worked at skills and techniques to get over that hump of not being able to win the big games. Nothing seemed to work. Here in front of me was an offer to purchase an Ebook, the exercises take only 7 days. I will be honest, I was very skeptical, but it was local to Calgary and I really did not have anything to lose, except the cost of the book! I purchased the book. In 5 minutes I walked through the visualization with them, breaking down the skill to very simple components having them see themselves performing the skill through their own eyes. In a matter of 3 weeks the team went from not being able to win when it counts to losing not being an option, and our focus the entire time was never the win, but rather playing OUR style of game. I can't say enough about how this program has positively impacted my approach to coaching.


Competitive Mind Zone Recap 

You Get When You Order the Competitive Mind Zone Program!

  • The Competitive Mind Zone Lessons
  • ($97.00 Value)
  • BONUS Audio Recording: How To Get Over A Devastating Loss and Re-Kindle Your Motivation
  • ($19.95 Value)
  • The New, Updated and Revised Version of The Courage to Win® in Sport eBook
  • ($27.00 Value)
  • SIX Email Support Sessions with Shawnee Harle, Certified Courage to Win® Coach
  • ($149.00 Value)

Total Value: $292.95

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Living Proof

Charmaine Reid
Olympian, Badminton 

I am a more focused, driven, and prepared player because of the Courage to Win®.

laura warner

Laura Warner
Team Canada, Ringette 

Lisa's mental toughness online program made me a 2 time World Champion. I was ready to conquer every possible distraction in international competition. I played my best, even in the most high pressure moments.

Bill Tschirhart,
National Development Coach For the Canadian Curling Association 

Lisa’s on-line mental toughness programme has allowed our athletes, on an individual basis, to gain the mental toughness
skills so necessary in today’s world of high performance curling. It’s a winner!

Bill Tschirhart
Stacy Wilson

Stacy Wilson,

Olympian, Women's Hockey

Mental toughness training gives you confidence. It's helped me play well under pressure and cope with injuries. I think it's essential if you want to perform to your potential. You owe it to yourself to do mental toughness training, and Lisa Brown's work is so practical because she teaches you skills you can use right away.

Leah Hepner

Figure Skating

This course is changing me. It is changing everything about my life. I have learned how human beings work…not just in sport but in life in general. I have taught my family about the things you teach me. They are mesmerized by what I read them. To understand human emotion changes the way I think and look at myself, and others around me. I am growing.


Christine Parris Washington Olympian, Women's Softball 

After mental toughness, I am now a better player physically and mentally. I am able to apply my focus for success. The program put everything into perspective for me. Christine Parris-Washington

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