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Lisa Lane Brown

Lisa Lane Brown

Hi, it’s Lisa B., and here’s a little about my background.

I got interested in mental toughness, confidence, and self-mastery years ago as an elite athlete. Back then I really struggled with extreme confidence swings when competing.

One week I felt invincible; the next, my confidence came crashing down. It really hurt me all the time.

I wanted to know: “What do high achievers know that I don’t?”

In fact, many of these techniques (like positive thinking) were superficial, exhausting, and only allayed fear temporarily. That’s when I realized that the self-help movement had some missing pieces…that some of the theories were incomplete. In fact, some of them were actually causing people to cripple their own confidence without even knowing it.

I started trying out some unusual ideas that went against traditional thinking.

Eventually, using mental toughness training, I overcame my demons in sport and scored the winning goals in three world championships. At this point, I knew I was onto some important ideas.
But simply using the Courage to Win® mental toughness strategies on me wasn’t enough. I wanted proof that other people could use them effectively too.

For the next 16 years, I worked with over 7,200 people in 1,300 seminars and one-on-one applied coaching sessions.

That’s when things really came together.

I was astonished to discover that whenever we are not winning in money, career, love, or sport we’re also making the same four mental errors:

1. Self-pity – we’re protesting in our mind that we have a problem. “I should NOT have to deal with this!”

2. Emotional suppression – we’re suppressing our fears about the problem (and intensifying them in the process). “I’m not afraid!”

3. Disowning desires – we’re pretending that winning is not important to us. “He didn’t call, but I realized he’s not the guy for me anyway.”

4. Pride – we’re refusing to admit we don’t have the skills needed to solve the problem. “I’ve got this.”

I realized there WAS a real antidote to fear, low confidence, and procrastination – and it lay in avoiding these four mental errors.

In my flagship program, The Courage to Win® ADVANCED 30 Day Training Program,  I reveal a proven, three step formula that cures the root cause of fear, flooding you with confidence and transforming you in a person of action. If you are a sports athlete or coach, the program to start with is The Courage to Win in Sport: Perform Your Best Under Pressure.

Courage to Win®  programs has received rave reviews from readers in over 17 countries across the globe. called it a “straight to the problem guide, highly recommended.”

On this website, you can subscribe to free mental toughness training information to check out for yourself (athlete and coaches go here). Let me know what you think.

Your friend,


Lisa B.

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