Now You Can Trigger the Love, Attraction, And Unshakable
Confidence You’ve Always Wanted In Your Relationships–
Without Any Extra Energy or Effort!

You Will Discover How To Eliminate the Fear of Rejection,
Create Rock-Solid Connections, and Ooze Charisma At Home And Work NOW


From: Lisa Lane Brown, M.A.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Dear Friend,

Now you can unleash your natural ability to get the love, respect, appreciation and passion you deserve in all your relationships…while eliminating your fear of rejection and gaining unshakable confidence at the same time.

Here is what I’m talking about: 

My name is Lisa Lane Brown, and I’ve had a few ‘hard knocks’ of my own when it comes to relationships.

In fact, nine years ago my spouse broke up with me.

Although we were very much in love, there were some things I just didn’t understand about how to create super-successful relationships…and quite frankly, I made some pretty serious mistakes that led to a three year break up.

I won’t bore you with the gory details, but suffice to say that I needed to fix my ignorance about how to consistently trigger attraction in another person, how to create a rock-solid emotional connection, and how to assert my needs without creating hurt, resentment, or tension.

Of course, the main thing blocking me at the time was my ‘inner game’ – my fear of rejection and abandonment, something most of us secretly harbor in close relationships.

I can honestly say that making a decision to handle these fears once and for all – and learning the exact skills and techniques for making relationships happy and harmonious – has been the biggest achievement of my life.

The one area we MUST succeed in is relationships. Above all else, what we are really seeking is love, especially self-love.

Building Block 1

The Diagnosis – 1st Coaching
Consult with Lisa

The first thing you need is an accurate, specific diagnosis for what the REAL problem is in this relationship – exactly what’s causing the other person to withhold things like acceptance, generosity, compassion, and cooperation from you. Hint: It’s rarely what you think it is.

In our first 45 minute Coaching Consult together, I will expertly diagnose what the underlying root cause of problems in the relationship so you can remove them once and for all.

But our time together won’t begin on the phone. Before we begin, you’ll fill out my special Assessment Tool about the relationship so that we ‘max out’ on our time together.

This consult will literally life the stress and worry you’ve been having over the relationship right off your shoulders – and give you the exciting hope of knowing that the problems between can be cured.

I will also give you a specific ‘game plan’ for the next 30 days of the relationship to make specific, measurable progress immediately.

Also, while I am 100% accepting of you, if needed I will give you serious HONESTY about your relationships, including if you should walk away–and what kind of relationship you should find instead. Some therapists and counselors out there ‘pander’ to their clients and hold back on the truth simply to keep you as a client. I am invested in your success and will give you the honesty necessary to achieve it.

Your consult with me will be scheduled within 24 hours of enrolling in the program. This means that our first Consult will take place within 7 days or as soon as your schedule permits.

Retail Value: $200.00

Building Block 2

Catapult Yourself To Breakthrough
Confidence And Success
Home Study Program

Your foundation for successful, lasting relationship starts with you – your inner game.

Your real power in every relationship comes from your inner confidence and mental toughness.

In fact, when you’re coming from a place of inner security and confidence, you don’t really need any relationship ‘techniques’ at all…you can simply be YOURSELF and have your relationship flow effortlessly.

To create this rock-solid inner game, you use my complete guide to total mental toughness, “Catapult Yourself To Breakthrough Confidence And Success 30 Days” Home Study Program.

Imagine having a proven, step-by-step mental toughness formula for conquering low confidence, depression, love pain, career underachievement, and money stress. This formula was developed and tested with over 6,000 people in the last 14 years and unlocks the key to breakthrough confidence.

In this program, you get four private Courage to Win® Lessons Delivered to You Online Once a Week – This program is THE personal success manual of the 21st century.

You get Action Training Audio DVDs Featuring Lisa Lane Brown – An audio series that guides you step-by-step through your training and mental toughness action assignments.

You get Lisa’s Weekly Coaching Answers to your Mental Toughness Action Assignments — Access to the exact same behind-the-scenes coaching, advice, breakthrough insights Lisa has given to over 6,000 clients.

This 30 Day Home Study Program will provide you with the inner game foundation you need to handle stressful relationship challenges. It is completely downloadable and you will be able to access in moments, with no wait time.

For more details on this best-selling online training, click here.

Retail Value: $297.00

Building Block 3

How To Make Yourself
Irresistible Audio Program

Of course, you need some relationship fundamentals, which I give you in my “How To Make Yourself Irresistible” audio program.

In this powerful program, you will learn:

Personal Relationships

  • How to turn around romantic rejection and re-connect with an ex-lover or spouse
  • The exact steps to rescuing a passionless marriage
  • How to handle family members who rebel and ignore your requests
  • A proven method for dealing with self-absorbed friends
  • Specific steps you must take if you discover your spouse has been unfaithful
  • How to gain more consideration, kindness, and listening from your spouse and children
  • A proven method for making your spouse more enthusiastic about housework, childcare and anything else he or she is resisting
  • How to stop your partner or spouse (or anyone else) from criticizing you

Work Relationships

  • Exactly how to get a moody boss or colleague to treat you with respect
  • How to prevent employees from taking advantage of you
  • The formula for neutralizing the office bully in meetings or other forums
  • How to get a domineering boss to listen to your ideas
  • A quick and easy way to turn around a complaining customer or boss
  • (and make him happy instantly)

All Relationships

  • The #1 relationship mistake and how it leads to you feeling rejected and unappreciated (it’s not what you think)
  • The source of all conflict in relationships
  • How to master the inner game of relationships, including your abandon

In addition to getting the audio program, we will include the never-before-released written transcript of this program. Both the audio program and the transcript are downloable and immediately accessible upon enrolling in Relationship Mastery.

How To Make Yourself Irresistible Audio Program

Retail Value:$39.97

Transcript – Retail Value: $19.95

Building Block 4

Relationship Rescue 101

3 Breakthrough Secrets That Will Unlock Your Partner’s Heart So You Can Get The Passion Back, Save Your Marriage, or Stop Your Divorce.

  • Use the Compability Code Protocol to discover exactly what to think, say, and do to bring your partner's guard down and become open, trusting, and loving again.
  • Use the Courage to Win's proprietary ABC Doubt Destroyer Technique to get your confidence back so you can re-attract your partner with ease.
  • Use the Magic Magnetism Method to create a virtual time machine so your partner experiences you as the only person on earth who can make them truly happy.

Retail Value: $97.00

Building Block 5

The Blueprint – 2nd Coaching
Consult with Lisa

Your 2nd Coaching Consult with me will take place 20 – 30 days after your initial consult depending on your schedule and availability.

In this second 45 minute call, we will review your progress and set out an exact blueprint for what you need to do in the next 60 days to continue your excellent progress. This blueprint will be based on your unique relationship situation and temperament and will keep you on track when there are minor setbacks in the relationship.

I’ll provide support and encouragement so that you stay strong, motivated, and hopeful.

You’ll always feel that treated with the highest of respect and intelligence. And, I will be completely invested in your relationship working out.

Retail Value: $200.00

Building Block 6

Three Email Consults With
Lisa Lane Brown

Finally, as your ultimate ‘safety net’ in case you run into any unexpected roadblocks or simply need quick coaching, you’ll be able to email me.

I realize that life happens, and that you get busy. I will provide three email consults over the next 12 months. This is your opportunity to take advantage of my ability to keep you on track when you are emotional, tired, or having a knee-jerk reaction to something that’s happening in the relationship.

Retail Value: $149.00

Let’s recap everything you get

with the Relationship Mastery Special:

1. Diagnosis Coaching Consult with Lisa Lane Brown (Retail Value: $200.00).

2. The “Catapult Yourself To Breakthrough Confidence And Success in 30 Days” Home Study Program (Retail Value: $297.00).

3. How To Make Yourself Irresistible Audio Program (Retail Value: $39.97) and Transcript (Retail Value: $19.95).

4. Stop Romantic Rejection Now Book (Retail Value: $19.95).

5. Blueprint Coaching Consult with Lisa Lane Brown (Retail Value: $200.00).

6. Three Email Consults with Lisa Lane Brown (Retail Value: $149.00) Taken together, these 6 Building Blocks are worth $925.87.

Your Investment

Your low investment for this program is just $549 $497.

Remember, I am only accepting a handful of clients in this private Relationship Mastery Special so you can create the wonderful relationships you deserve (and escape the years of heartache I suffered). My only regret is that I didn’t have access to this type of information and support years ago. I would have saved myself much agony and personal stress. But, it exists for you today.

Your order will be processed on our secure server in only a few moments, and you will be able to download your online training, books, and audio program immediately. Or, call our office at 1-403-261-2726 and enroll over the phone immediately, before all available spots are taken.

To your success,


PS– Here is perhaps the most important point: if you’re like most people, you’ve spent months and even years trying to improve your relationship (and your communication skills) for that matter. You’ve invested the time, but perhaps never gotten the rewards you should. Doesn’t it make sense to explore how these tools I’m offering you today at a ridiculously low investment so you can finally gain the personal security, love, and confidence you deserve?

P.P.S. – If you would rather enroll by phone, then call our office at 1-403-261-2726 today. You can ask us anything you like about the program to ensure it is for you before enrolling.

Living Proof

Roy and Shanon

Roy and Shannon

I'm not sure exactly why things 'clicked' with Shannon like they did, but they did in a big way. I  feel a spiritual connection to her I cannot explain. I love her with all my heart. The circumstances of our lives when we got together two years ago were extremely challenging, and we could not be together the way I'd hoped. I became impatient and acted in ways that were not myself, and we broke up. I was devastated. This is when I searched and found Lisa. Lisa showed me how to deal with my emotions and communicate in such a way that unlocked Shannon's heart. In turn, she became more forgiving of me. Today we are in a committed, loving, amazing relationship and just got married! I can't tell you how happy I am, and she is too. We have developed a deep and loving relationship that is in no small part because of your coaching.  I found your
advice invaluable!

Heather Nocks

I cant say enough great things about Lisa.. I was having a very bad situation with my boyfriend where i just assumed there was no way id get him back.. But Lisa steered me in the right direction and thru her course realized what our issues were. She also promptly got back to me via email with all my questions. So he is back and basically wants to get married! Lisa is 100% genuine real deal... No games and manipulation. I highly recommend any of her courses. I did the relationship rescue but am going further with her other courses... Thanks Lisa!

Heather Nock

Priscilla Pettit

I feel immensely lucky to have found Lisa as a coach. After my ex-husband left me and I was in crisis and had been looking for more than my therapist offered (great listening but very little for action items), I found Lisa. We embarked on an extraordinary journey, Lisa finding critical and key insights into what had happened in my past, my old patterns, and, importantly, how I could break out of these perceptions to find the confidence I was looking for. I am deeply indebted to Lisa for the incredible work we did together. She is absolutely the reason I found myself again, found love again, found inspiration again, found a way to break out of an old mold - it was time and Lisa broke through where therapy could not. I owe her so much. If you are looking to turn a corner in your life, to find momentum again, to be confident in yourself, look no further. Lisa’s coaching is nothing
short of extraordinary.

Dave Archer
Bantrel Engineering 

Mental toughness has changed my life. I was able to overcome an emotionally devastating divorce and find ways to deal with close relationships. Mental toughness training has also given me the skills and to deal with life issues ranging from financial through health/ fitness and relationships of all types.

Dave Archer

David Kramer

Working with Lisa through the end of a difficult relationship was in many ways a life saving experience.  She allowed me to see things from a perspective that I was not able to do on my own.  Taught me the skills I needed to process all of the hurt and pain associated with the relationship and my past.  Her guidance and support provided the skills I needed to move forward positively, and the confidence that the end of my marriage was not the end of my life.  I highly recommend working with Lisa if you are struggling in a relationship, her guidance and support are invaluable!