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She Won Olympic Gold By DECIDING To –

The Ultimate Mental Skill

OlympicGoldMedalThe only thing between mogul skier Jennifer Heil and the first gold medal on Canadian soil was Hannah Kearney.

Heil skiied brilliantly, making Canada proud, but Kearney was just a wee bit better.

Kearney’s edge?

She DECIDED to win gold.

“I decided I wasn’t going to give Heil the gold,” Kearney said candidly. “You ski differently when you’re going for silver and I decided to ski for gold,” Kearney said later.

How do you DECIDE to win gold?

You walk a fine line in your mental training.

…that fine line between programming yourself to win vs. trying to force a win.

When you go for gold, you attack the whole way.

If your competitors shine, the way Heil did, you say, “Good! You are making me better!”

You stay aggressive in your game plan, taking calculated chances.

And once the event starts, you don’t think about gold.

You don’t think outcome, because that’s what makes you tense up.

Using mental strength, you trust your body and your prep instead.

You put your attention on a RIGHT FOCUS that directs you, letting your body lead.

Keeping your focus simple and directed is a learned mental skill. Says Kearney: “All I paid attention to was keeping my hands out front of me. That keeps my form right.”

Of course, Kearney had done the prep.

Since last May, her training included over 1,000 water ramp jumps, 200 hours on a bike, 1,400 squats, 480 pullups, 14,000 jumps and 170 recovery sessions, and more.

It’s easy to trust your body when you’ve prepped it right, both physically and mentally.

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