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Roy and Shannon

I'm not sure exactly why things 'clicked' with Shannon like they did, but they did in a big way. I feel a spiritual connection to her I cannot explain. I love her with all my heart. The circumstances of our lives when we got together two years ago were extremely challenging, and we could not be together the way I'd hoped. I became impatient and acted in ways that were not myself, and we broke up. I was devastated. This is when I searched and found Lisa. Lisa showed me how to deal with my emotions and communicate in such a way that unlocked Shannon's heart. In turn, she became more forgiving of me. Today we are in a committed, loving, amazing relationship and just got married! I can't tell you how happy I am, and she is too. We have developed a deep and loving relationship that is in no small part because of your coaching.  I found your advice invaluable!

Heather Nock

Heather Nocks

I cant say enough great things about Lisa.. I was having a very bad situation with my boyfriend where i just assumed there was no way id get him back.. But Lisa steered me in the right direction and thru her course realized what our issues were. She also promptly got back to me via email with all my questions. So he is back and basically wants to get married! Lisa is 100% genuine real deal... No games and manipulation. I highly recommend any of her courses. I did the relationship rescue but am going further with her other courses...
Thanks Lisa!


Priscilla Pettit 

I feel immensely lucky to have found Lisa as a coach. After my ex-husband left me and I was in crisis and had been looking for more than my therapist offered
(great listening but very little for action items), I found Lisa. We embarked on an extraordinary journey, Lisa finding critical and key insights into what had happened in my past, my old patterns, and, importantly, how I
could break out of these perceptions to find the confidence I was looking for. I successfully attracted my husband back. I went from being disempowered to having the choice of whether I wanted to be with him again. I am deeply indebted to Lisa for the incredible work we did together. She is absolutely the reason I found myself again, found love again, found inspiration again, found a way to break out of an old mold – it was time and Lisa broke through where therapy could not. I owe her so much. If you are looking to turn a corner in your life, to find momentum again,
to be confident in yourself, look no further. Lisa’s coaching is nothing
short of extraordinary.

Dave Archer

Dave Archer  
Bantrel Engineering

Mental toughness has changed my life. I was able to overcome an emotionally devastating divorce and find ways to deal with close relationships. Mental toughness training has also given me the skills and to deal with life issues ranging from financial through health/ fitness and relationships of
all types.

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