“Now You Can Effortlessly And Dramatically Improve Every Aspect Of Your Golf Game And Begin Shooting The Lowest Scores Of Your Life Using
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For the First Time Ever, Golf Psychology Coach Extraordinaire
Lisa Lane Brown Reveals the Proven Secrets to Consistent,
Breakthrough Golf — Guaranteed!

Lisa Brown

From: Lisa Lane Brown 
3-time World Champion  

Dear Friend,

If you’re like most golfers, you’re struggling to master consistency — to develop a swing you trust and putt with simplicity and ease.

Whether you’ve wrestled with golf psychology books, “how-to” instructional videos — or have taken personal golf lessons — some of you have been disappointed.

They talk about swing plane, hip rotation, and ball position, and it all seems so complicated and like so much to learn and remember.
What a chore.

After all, you just want to be able to bomb your drives down the middle of the fairway…hit laser like approach shots to the greens…and roll in your putts.

You want to shoot lower scores consistently, show off a little in front of your friends, and really enjoy yourself at the golf course…is that too much to ask?

Definitely NOT.

Here’s the good news:

I guarantee that if you do the simple things I tell you to do, you will make a quantum leap in your golf performance. Skeptical? Maybe so. But what if what I’m about to tell you is true?

The reason I can make this promise is because most golfers’ lack of progress is due to improper training. Golfers tend to obsess over technique and equipment. They neglect the mental game of golf and their short game.

In fact, most golfers are so analytical that they interfere with their body’s innate ability to learn and improve.

You don’t know me yet, I realize, but I’d hate to think of you wasting your time and money on improving your golf game only to find that your approach was flawed from the beginning…based on an incomplete notion of how consistency is achieved.

To play better golf, you need to build and practice a consistent swing that you trust. Forget the right forearm and the left hip. Forget pushing, pulling, and rotating. Make your game as simple and repeatable as possible. Focus solely on doing what is necessary for you to square the club to the target line at impact.

To square your club to the target line at impact, the following four ingredients are a must:

A good grip

The proper set up

The right swing speed

Gaining a feel for the swing

The first two ingredients are easy if you don’t already have them. A good pro at your club can give them to you in a few minutes.

The second two are tougher, because your mind can creep in and create errors. A common cause of errors in your swing is over-tightness in the muscles, which happens when you tense up.

When your muscles tighten, your swing slows, you cannot connect to the feel of your swing, and your drives get shorter and shorter.

This is why it is so important to learn the proper golf psychology, which will make you mentally tough on the golf course. Not only do you enjoy golf more, your drives become longer and more consistent.

That’s where I come in. I’m an elite athlete AND a mental toughness coach. For over 14 years I’ve worked with thousands of professional and weekend athletes, just like you… helping them master the mental side of the game and gain a competitive edge. 

I currently serve more than 21,234 online golf members in over 9 countries including New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain, and the United States. Olympic and national team athletes in many sports including hockey, badminton, speed skating, and curling have routinely paid $300 per session for private coaching. It’s been my lifelong career. To see comments from these athletes, click here.

Over 14 years, I’ve discovered exactly what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to playing your best on a consistent basis.

Keep reading, and I’ll show you exactly what to do. It doesn’t matter if you are struggling to break 100 or a scratch player, the secrets I will share with you will elevate your game to the next level.

Why Do You Need
to Master the 
Mental Game of Golf?

Let me first start by saying that this article does not intend to discourage you from refining your golf swing and technique.

In fact, all golfers should learn a few fundamentals before trying to work on the their mental game.

I have discovered several techniques that I know you will benefit from. These techniques are not super-complicated theories that take a countless number of hours to learn. They are simple, easy-to-understand principles that every golfer should know and internalize!

Advantages of Mastering Your Mental Game

  • Being able to eliminate “outcome anxiety” for your shots
  • Knowing the secret to handing negative emotions and making them work FOR you, not against you
  • Having deceptively simple ways to instantly cure your hooks and slices
  • Understanding what to focus on when you stand over your shot
  • Internalizing the insider tips and tricks pros use to develop unshakeable confidence

How Does This Help You?

  • You can play effortless, magnificent golf time after time
  • You eliminate the emotional roller coaster of golf; golf becomes more pleasant for you and your friends
  • Prevents bad shots from frustrating you; stops you from obsessing over your technique
  • Simplifies golf for you so you can trust your body and enjoy the experience
  • You no longer worry about confidence lows; saves you time and money on tools and aids that are not helping

The Source of Frustration in Golf

I believe it is very important to understand the source of your frustration in golf. Why? Because if you understand its source, you can restore your confidence quickly.

For example,

(a) Let’s imagine that you are playing a round of golf and suddenly you start slicing your drives.

(b) Instantly, you become upset. Frustrated, you try and guide or steer the ball, which interferes with your technique enough to erode your game.

(c) The real source of your frustration is that you have no idea why your last shot went awry. You just don’t know (although you might have a theory). And because you don’t know, you can’t fix your technique, making you even more frustrated.

(d) Once you learn how to approach each shot mentally, it’s easy for you to fix errors and inconsistencies in your game. You become unflappable under pressure and more impressive to everyone–especially yourself.

This is a proven phenomenon, and it’s one of the most exciting aspects of mental toughness.

By understanding (1) the source of frustration in your golf game, (2) you can learn to become immune to virtually any distraction.

“It’s a day and night success story…
My score was 81! My lowest score of the year!”


It's a day and night success story. I bought your book, Breakthrough Golf. It was interesting and I skimmed through it pretty quickly, then read the putting tips. I had to hurry because the following day our Club Championships were being held...a two day pressure packed affair guaranteed. I tried just ONE tip from the book on the weekend. My score was 81 - my lowest score of the year!

This reminds me of a funny story.

I was playing a round of golf with my friend Jesse, and the 10th hole was a simple 157 yard par 3.

157 yards is just a smooth 6 iron for Jesse, and he can hit semi-decent shots all day long from that distance, but here’s the problem…

This hole required you to hit over a lake. 75% of the green was surrounded by water.

He stepped up to the tee…held his breath and SMACKED it as hard as he could to make sure it cleared the water.


His ball was wet, and he was red. He pulled out another ball and teed it up again. He was DETERMINED to get it over the water!

He proceeded to dump 3 more balls, and walked away with a 10 on that hole…and was fuming mad.

Now was it the water that confounded him? No, it was the fact that Jesse had a destructive reaction to a bad shot – one that over 97% of golfers will have. He did not know how to reverse his frustration, and his game quickly went downhill.

It’s a proven fact and you are going to have the opportunity to benefit from these mental toughness secrets, techniques, tips & tricks in just a few minutes… thousands of people have already … and you are on your way to taking your golf game to a whole new dimension… keep reading and I’ll show you how!

If You Want To, You Can Easily Learn
the Secrets to Consistent,
Breakthrough Golf

Someone has already done the work for you … discovered the secrets … the principles … the tricks … the strategies. All you have to do is decide whether you are going to take advantage of this opportunity to change your golf game forever!

Other Secrets I’ve Discovered
About the Mental Game of Golf…

I have already shown you why it’s important to be able to create unshakeable confidence when you’re missing shots, playing poorly, or just plain choking.

Now I want to reveal to you something that a number of people still don’t understand…

The Unique Mental Challenge of Golf

There is a reason why golf is so mentally challenging.

It’s because the more ‘point of contact’ you have with the ball in a sport, the easier it is for you to get absorbed in the game and concentrate.

For example: in tennis, basketball, and volleyball you have more contact with the ball than in golf.

Even in hockey, where the best players only handle the puck for 14 seconds a game at most, there is more point of contact than in golf.

Also, golf can be a highly competitive game, but it’s also a social game. You can play by yourself, but we usually play in two-somes and four-somes where you socialize.

That’s why I say golf is such a unique mental challenge. It demands total concentration under difficult circumstances.

If I told you that there were simple techniques that could give you laser-like concentration just prior to hitting the ball, what would you do? … you’d learn that technique so that you could use it with multiple types of shots — drives, chips, long putts, short putts…you name it.

You need to know the little known secrets that professional athletes (like myself) use to consistently get into “The Zone” and achieve peak performance almost effortlessly, so you can start shooting the lowest scores of your life as quickly as possible.

“Your eBooks have helped me in under a week… I have played to a 7 handicap and shoot my lowest ever score!”


I'm writing to tell you how much your eBooks have helped me in under a week and less than three rounds of golf. My putting which was scary (including having the yips) has changed dramatically since I got your books and has now become the strongest area of my game. I have today posted a score of 75 and my handicap is 19. I always thought this was too high but I have only played to it twice in the last eight months. Now, with today's score, I have played to a 7 handicap and shot my lowest ever score!

Secrets Revealed

Not everyone knows these techniques. However, these are simple mental toughness techniques, strategies, and principles that anyone can learn and use. 

They are not complicated and can be learned in a matter of minutes. Your friends will be astonished and left in total disbelief after you shoot the lowest score of your life…I guarantee it. In fact, they’ll beg you to share your new found secrets with them….

With step-by-step instruction, you will learn:

Part I:
How to Achieve Maximum Confidence in Golf

Being mentally tough is about one thing: how to handle performance anxiety and frustration in your most important rounds.

You’ll get practical methods from me on how to create confidence and master fear and frustration using the latest cutting edge research. You’ll check and re-fine your existing strategies for dealing with emotions. If you don’t have any strategies, this Ebook will help you create some.

You will discover the following:

  • How golf star Vijay Singh focuses on his own game instead of getting the #1 spot on the leaderboard
  • Mark Tewksbury’s mental secret for capturing an Olympic gold medal in swimming (it will surprise you!)
  • How consistent golfers create an internal environment for themselves in which they do not feel pressure
  • How Tom Kite prevents golf frustration from setting in
  • The 10 strategies to gain confidence that never work—yet golfers always try
  • Four killer strategies to reduce your performance anxiety in golf
  • The truth about frustration and how you can use it to your advantage
  • Why criticizing yourself destroys your confidence
  • Who the best ball striker in golf is and his cardinal rules for avoid self-criticism
  • What your competitors are doing to put pressure on themselves—and how you can avoid this trap
  • A professional musician’s method for laughing at nerves (that he learned playing the Grammy awards!)
  • The “mechanics” of golf…and why you should ignore them while swinging…
  • An amazing “mental trick” that will have you sinking almost every putt you look at!
  • Six mental secret weapons you can use to lower your score right NOW

“I was able to stay in the zone even after a
bad shot and my putting was awesome”


How are you? Doing great here. I ordered Breakthrough Golf last week. I read through it and picked out what I thought would be best for my game. I realized my problem was definitely mental. I practiced the mental approaches on the range and the putting green and I noticed a difference almost immediately. I have since played 2 rounds and the first one I shot an 83 on a pretty easy course from the white tees. The second I shot an 81 on a tougher course that was over 6900 yards from the championship tees. Yes I played from the championship tees. I was able to stay in the zone even after a bad shot and my putting was awesome. I 1 putted 5 holes unfortunately only 1 was for birdy. Last summer I had trouble getting it under 90. I am starting to keep a handicap and it is 7.3. Your book has helped me out tremendously in only 1 week. I can only imagine what it will do for me over a year. My goal is to shoot par and I know I can do it with your approach to the mental game. Thank you so much.

Part II:
How to Deal with
Distractions and Adversity in Golf

If you’ve been playing for any length of time, you’ve had bad things happen to you: a poor start, an inconsistent swing, or other players who pressure or discourage you.

Most golfers are not in control of their performance. If things are going well, they perform well; but when things don’t go their way, they tend to perform poorly. 

The very best golfers know exactly how to re-focus when bad things happen to them in competition.

This ebook will show you exactly how to identify your stressors and how to overcome them so you can stay on your ‘A’ game no
matter what.

You will discover the following:

  • Deceptively simple ways to instantly cure your hooks and slices (a golfer’s biggest distraction)
  • How to eliminate “outcome anxiety” so you can play effortless, magnificent golf shots time after time…
  • How to automatically self-correct when you make a swing error…
  • The hidden formula for neutralizing neutralizing those “stressors” that bother you the most
  • Tiger’s mental method for blocking out fans, reporters, and other annoying distractions
  • How Arnold Palmer learned to concentrate during the Masters
  • Four breakthrough methods for handling adversity when you encounter it in golf
  • A simple, yet surprisingly effective method for staying resilient in the face of bad shots
  • How Tom Kite’s money winnings soared after he mastered the art of optimism
  • How Fred Funk mentally handles tough courses
  • How to channel frustration and disappointment and turn them into a peak performance
  • What you should be focusing on when you stand over your shot…(it’s NOT what you think!)

“I came back handicap 18 and have managed to get to 10 last week… Thanks for all your great drills and ideas”


I came back to golf 12 months ago after 12 years away having children, just playing the occasional game I started playing when I was about 10 and best handicap was 8 as a teenager, I know I can do better than that this time!! I came back handicap 18 and have managed to get to 10 last week my goal for the year is single figures I'm nearly there. I have really enjoyed your books and have lessons and practice your drills regularly I have just been measured up for new clubs so I will have modern technology and mental awareness very soon I love my golf and my kids are starting to play also Thanks for all your great drills and ideas

Part III: How to Psyche Up Before
Golf and Neutralize Competitors

All golfers know that there’s nothing like an excellent start to help them focus and put them in a confident frame of mind. A great start takes pressure off you and allows you to have fun while golfing.

You will develop a dynamite pre-golf routine unique to you that will get you psyched right from the very start (the best part is that your routine will only take a few minutes, yet the effects on your game will be dramatic).

You will also learn strategies for handling golfers who affect you negatively. No matter how mentally tough you are, your environment affects you. This Ebook will give you specific strategies for dealing with other golfers and any problems they might throw your way.

You will discover:

  • You’ll learn a quick-and-easy method for getting into “The Zone”…where you’ll achieve maximum results…
  • Discover the crucial elements of powerful “pre-shot” routines and how to build your own…
  • How to psyche up the day you golf so you are relaxed, confident, and ready to excel
  • What your “second reaction” is and how it can suck you of confidence and energy (and how to eliminate it)
  • How to neutralize the effect of competitors and give yourself the edge
  • How Jack Nicklaus pulled himself out of a three year slump
  • Exactly what to say and do if another golfer is being moody
  • How Mike Weir kickstarts his game when he has a lousy start
  • What you should be paying attention to just before your most important shots to win
  • Tiger Wood’s step-by-step formula for maximum putting…

““I never felt so enlightened on the golf course… allowing me to dramatically lower my score and enjoy golf at the same time.”


Hi Lisa, …Golf was always frustrating for me because I spend too much time on the technical aspects of the game and over-analyzed my swing. You got me away from analyzing myself DURING my swing, and I never felt so enlightened on the golf course. You showed me the weaknesses in my mental game, allowing me to dramatically lower my score and enjoy golf at the same time. I am having a blast out there!… Thanks for all your great drills and ideas

Part IV: How to Handle Bad Rounds and Come Back More Confident Than Ever

I’ve been in private practice with athletes for over 14 years, and their pattern is always the same: they call me about 3 weeks before their Provincial, National, World, or Olympic championship to prepare for it.

This is a good idea, but what’s equally important is recovering from a major golf disappointment. 

All good golfers experience disappointment; however, it’s how you emotionally handle these losses that will determine whether or not you will leave them in the past…or re-create failure for yourself over and over again.

You will learn:

  • Michael Jordan’s secret to creating unstoppable, consistent confidence
  • How pro golfers, including Vijay Singh, interpret failure so it motivates them
  • Why most athletes refuse to visualize golf (and how you can avoid this mistake)
  • What Tom Kite does on the course when he’s not having any fun
  • How to “install” the mindset of a Champion…
  • The secret of “E.V.” –
    every single successful professional athlete I know does this…without it you will NEVER achieve the golf breakthroughs your looking for…

At this point, you now realize that many of your golf errors are caused by your mind, or rather, the lack of training you have given your mind to cope with the excruciating challenge of golf.

Let me ask you a question:

Have you ever hit a perfect golf shot? It’s likely that you have…even if it was by “accident.”

But that perfect golf shot is hard-wired into your mind. You can hit near perfect golf shots consistently… if you can access that part of your mind.

I’ll show you how.

Have you ever had a day where you were just making every single putt you looked at? It was almost like you couldn’t miss!

What if you could duplicate that performance at will?

I’ll show you how.

When you discover the secrets of mastering the mental side of the game, you will suddenly find yourself able to:

  • Instantly FOCUS your concentration (Tiger Woods is a master at this…)
  • Eliminate mental blocks that are sabotaging your game…(Have you ever noticed when you are shooting a really good front nine… somehow it always catches up to you on the back nine? End this self-sabotage NOW.)
  • Become almost IMMUNE to distractions…
  • Duplicate a consistent, reliable swing…(One that will hold up under pressure and you don’t even have to think about it!)
  • Stay cool and calm under pressure…(This one secret will come in handy, whether you need to make a crucial 6 foot putt to save par…or you’re facing a difficult hole with water all around you…)

Since I know it’s in your best interest to respond today, I’m going to sweeten the pot and give you every reason to order now. If you respond immediately, you’ll also receive the following bonus gifts:

Bonus Gift #1

Putting Made Simple eBook

Insider, pro strategies for remarkably improving your putting overnight! (If you have a tee-time tomorrow…be sure to read this special report tonight. You’ll be amazed at how many putts you make).

  • Payne Stewart’s ’signature move’ for relaxing his arms and hands before putting.
  • A little known, yet extremely powerful way to practice that will show you how to putt flawlessly under pressure.
  • Exactly what to do to get out of a putting slump. The key to managing short, downhill putts with ease
  • And much, much more!

Bonus Gift #2

Come Back MORE Confident Than Ever eBook

You’ll discover the five proven methods for shooting the lowest score of your life AFTER a bad hole…plus, you’ll have the answer to all your most commonly asked questions about how pros like Tiger deal with the inevitable ups and “downs” of golf.

I’ve had so many golfers write to me and say, “I had my game completely under control until that one bad hole destroyed me”, or “I just couldn’t get over shooting such a bad score when I’d been doing so well this year.”

  • How Tiger Woods prevents his negative emotions from taking over after a mistake.
  • How Dave Stockton avoids blaming himself for a missed putt and how you can do the same.
  • Lee Janzen’s special mindset ‘trick’ for focusing on the shot ahead of him instead of a bad break.
  • The mental “rule” that David Graham uses (without exception) after every bad putt.
  • Insider, pro strategies for remarkably improving your putting overnight!

Bonus Gift #3

Breakthrough Golf!
Members Exclusive Tips

You’ll be privy to exclusive weekly tips via email chock full of strategies and tactics guaranteed to lower your score immediately. Here are just a few of the tips you’ll have access to:

  • Fred Couples’ technique for mastering pitch shots.
  • U.S. Open Champion Jim Furyk’s remedy for “tight hands.”
  • How to deal with tricky shots like sidehill lies.
  • A radical approach to putting that can solve your putting frustration.
  • The biggest obstacle to improving your game according to Hank Haney, one of Golf Digest’s 50 Greatest Teachers
  • …and much more!

Save Money. Save Time. Start Now!

“Finally, You Can STOP Wasting Money On Expensive Equipment, Training Aids, And High Priced Promises That Don’t Deliver…”

Unlike most of today’s eBooks, Breakthough Golf! consists of an information-loaded volume packed with tons of useful techniques, secrets, principles, articles, mental toughness assignments, and more.

These techniques have been tested and proven to work with literally anyone regardless of age and golf experience.

Let’s Wrap This Up

After 14 years of devoting a large portion of my life to mastering this area, I have put everything together into simple, straightforward coaching in this eBook.

I admit, I’m NOT cheap…but I get results. My clients pay me hundreds of dollars per session for personal coaching.

Unfortunately, my time has become more and more limited…while the demand for my coaching has grown greater and greater.

But thanks to the magic of the internet, I can now multiply myself and put all of my coaching wisdom…my easy-to-follow program…and my step-by-step techniques into a digital book that you can access right away!

Forget about traveling all the way to Canada, and paying my expensive coaching fees…you can have me there by your side, walking you through exactly how to shoot the lowest scores of your life in a matter of minutes!

I’m proud to say I’ve helped thousands of athletes (professional AND weekend warriors) elevate their game to the next level — even if their games seemed really hopeless.

The information in this eBook will save you years of time, frustration and wasted energy. 

Most golfers go through their entire lives never learning how to be mentally tough on the golf course. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Will it work for everybody?

Of course not.

But let me ask you this: What if this knowledge helps you shave just a few strokes off your game?

Or what if it helped you eliminate the difficult, painful, frustrations you have with golf from time to time?

What would that be worth to you?

Now ask yourself: What if there’s even a chance that this book can actually teach you how to play consistent, magnificent golf whenever you want? What if you really can learn how play to your potential and be the athlete you know you are?

How much would that be worth to you? Five hundred dollars? A thousand? More?

Just the POSSIBILITY of having this kind of mental toughness would be worth the investment.

I know that when that time comes for you, you’ll look back on this moment and be glad you made this investment in yourself.

Because I want as many golfers as possible to have access to this information, I’ve decided to price it at just $14.95.

Now, you must take the next step.

Here’s How You Can Start Shooting The Lowest Golf Scores of Your Life In The Next 10 Minutes…

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Easy Delivery

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I’m serious when I say you can immediately go out to the golf course…today…and improve your score just by applying these ideas.

And you’ll use the book as a constant reference as you’re going through this study of mental mastery.

Breakthrough Golf! – Lower Your Scores Using the Mental Secrets Of Professional Athletes!” will give you the specific step-by-step strategies you need to lower your golf score immediately.

Your book on putting changed my game. I live and play in Victorville California from the white tee box, the front 9 is 3236 yards. Yesterday on a par 36 I shot 41 with NOT three putts. My golfing partner (Terry) is amazed how much my putting has improved. Today I had 3 straight putts. I just want to say: thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Jim Manning, California 

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P.S. — How many of the strategies in Breakthrough Golf! will work for you?

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Lisa Lane Brown, M.A.
Author, Breakthrough Golf!

Other Success Stories

So much time is spent on the technical aspects of golf…perfecting the grip, the stance, the swing. Lisa’s approach is entirely unique-one that uses your best instincts to improve your game. Since buying her book, I find myself naturally applying her techniques with no extra effort-and getting the results I want!

-Maureen Mallmes

Your book changed my game. I live and play in Victorville California from the white tee box, the front 9 is 3236 yards. Yesterday on a par 36 I shot 41 with NOT three putts. My golfing partner (Terry) is amazed how much my putting has improved. Today I had 3 straight putts. I just want to say: thank you, thank you, thank you!

-Jim Manning

Thank you for writing these books, i'm a first year golfer and have taken the game far too seriously and haven't learned to just relax on the golf course, I take lesson after lesson but that never helped much. These books taught me the truths about mastering my mind out on the course. I've now had several people say that there's know way could be a first year.
They're calling me a liar!!

-Brett Wilson

Lisa, I'll begin with the end.....thank you! I am 66 years old and started playing when I was 40 - I play at a 4.5 index. My tournament play has a dog's breakfast this year. I got very technical, cautious and probably changed my swing methods 5-8 times. Basically, I have always been a highly competitive instinct based feel player...hockey and soccer in college. In golf somehow I thought because it was more technical and things exponentially could go wrong, the game requires real focus on all the technical things...in the last year and I performed poorly in tournaments to the point where my son (in a father son tournament) asked me "what happened to your swing?" Your approach of process focus has been particularly helpful....tick-tock, swing speed etc have been enormously effective for me and brought the fun back into the game. I am focused on the swing process and the target...letting my body just do its thing. I'm playing by feel again and I love that! Your approach appears devilishly simple on the surface....based on all your research, I think your synthesis and the approach you developed are unique. Again, thank you.

-Rob Ayres

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