“How To Create Instant Focus”

Astonishing POWER Focus and Concentration Method Allows You to Double Your Earning Power, Eliminate Your Time Poverty and Stress, and FINALLY Achieve Your Goals and Explode Your Success–With No Extra Effort

Lisa Lane Brown’s Instant Focus Method for Success

Equipped with this powerful method, you will become the accomplished, peak performing, and happy high achiever you’ve always had the potential to be.

You will create financial stability for yourself, command oodles of respect, lead your field, get promoted, have your pick of job positions, and inspire everyone around you with your astonishing results… you will let go of negativity and stress, get control of your time and your life, and be filled with pride at your new-found success.

Best of all, you will be able to command your mind to finally achieve your biggest goals and dreams – rather than watch them slip away from you slowly in disbelief.

Lisa Brown

From: Lisa Lane Brown 
3-time World Champion  

Dear Friend,

Recently I surveyed my readers and asked them, “What is your biggest challenge with focus right now?”

They said things like:

“Interruptions and distractions… too much going on to stay focused.” “Too many challenges wanting my time…multi-tasking and overwhelmed.”

“Staying on task…ADD/OCD.” “Finishing anything!” “Not sure if doing the right thing or what I am doing is right.” 

“Making myself get done what I know I need to get done, when I know it needs to be done.” “Procrastinating…I am paralyzed by fear.”

Most people can relate.

The truth is that without the ability to focus and concentrate on your biggest goals and priorities, it is very difficult to realize your dreams – whether you want financial independence, to get promoted and lead your field, succeed in your business, or simply empower yourself to achieve your most cherished goals.

Why? Because success is rarely the result of one event. It’s the culmination of thousands of tiny (yet consistent) efforts over time.

What’s more, the higher up you go, the bigger the distractions – the kind that can really cripple your focus and sidetrack you away from the daily actions that produce victory.

And while most people have experienced the profound joy of focus here and there, the sad truth is that up until now, very few know how to trigger it deliberately.

Finally you can learn how to become a powerful, effective, high achiever using my powerful method for extraordinary focus and concentration no matter what your goal.

This method gives you the chance to finally:

  • Stop overwhelming yourself with too many challenges demanding your time – and instead focus only on high value priorities that give you results.
  • Stop “switching off” at crucial moments and instead ‘raise your game’ by immersing yourself in the NOW using powerful concentration.
  • Let go of anxiety, fear, and negativity so you are mentally, physically, and emotionally fresh and ready to handle challenges.
  • Stop dwelling on past errors and failures and re-gain your confidence and motivation instead.
  • Start your day ‘fresh and flying’ right from the start so you can crush even the most intimidating tasks with ease.
  • Eliminate procrastination so you can stop being haunted by it and finally take action consistently so you can perform with your genius on autopilot.
  • Expertly manage interruptions (which make you lose focus) so you can remain in a cocoon of concentration throughout
    your day

Unfortunately, focus and concentration isn’t something you can get just by “ordering” yourself to pay attention.

Don’t believe me? You might even be thinking, “Ya, right! All I need is a bit more discipline and to really bear down a bit more when it counts.”

This is exactly what MOST people tell themselves – and so they gloss over the problem and never evolve past self pep-talks and to-do lists.

If you GENUINELY want to have more focus and concentration so you can explode your success, you need to learn this amazing method.

You need to become skilled at the Instant Focus Method.

Fortunately, through my own investigation and personal labour I’ve developed a thrilling method for instant focus and concentration. Ladies and gentleman, please welcome…

An Astounding Winning Focus and Concentration Method That Will Allow You to Achieve Your Goals & Explode Your Success

I’ve uncovered a method anyone can use to make incredible, powerful changes that transform his ability to focus and concentrate overnight…and it won’t take you years, months, or even weeks.

The best part is that you’ll never again have to worry about being
flaky, undisciplined, scatter-brained, or just plain under-achieving ever again.

If you have ever wondered "is there a better way," then you need a better formula.

My new program is called the Instant Focus Method.

In it, I am spilling the beans and revealing my INSIDER, never-before-released secrets for astonishing focus and personal productivity
under stress

Most individuals have no idea
this method exists.

Here is what this discovery is all about.

To truly focus and excel, especially under pressure, you need to be able to take control of your time, your energy, your deliverables, and your focus – and have everything moving in the same direction.

Most people know this, but because they lack this control, as soon as they are hit by a setback or conflict, they become passive and mentally back away from their goals.

Without even realizing it, they start getting involved in less important tasks, which only makes them feel more and more out of control.

All of a sudden their performance starts to go downhill, which (ironically) causes them to lose their focus even more, and the cycle repeats itself.

“What lies behind us, and what lies before us are but tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson,

I had NO idea there was a program out there that could completely affect my entire life! As a business owner for 14 years, I felt like I was on the spectrum of “successful” — I had some “wins” but more “losses”… but I would just cover it up. And personally — in my relationship — I was “failing” a little every day too. I was never good enough, and it was a recipe for personal ‘napalm’. Enter Lisa Brown. I had no idea that an individual like Lisa Brown was out there and could completely affect my entire life… professedly and personally like she has done with me. She professionally coached me on taking my corporate business from JV to Varsity level (legit terms). She is an instrumental part of elevating me as a professional but even more importantly, Lisa has influenced my personal entire life and relationship in a positive way. Both of which I am eternally grateful for and look forward to many more years of her guidance, support.

Lauren Colonna, CEO of OVIS Creative AD Agency 

How to Eliminate the Unproductive Mental Habits That Are Killing Your Success!

What we are going to do is program you to focus, concentrate, and be productive no matter what’s going on around you.

Using the Instant Focus Method…

You can be confident, relaxed and in a joyful flow state that is ultra-productive.

You can re-focus when you are interrupted, challenged, or tired and come back stronger than ever.

You can overcome procrastination and perfectionism and rise to the occasion, no matter what.

You can let go of frustration and doubts, including wondering if you’re good enough and if you can succeed – once and for all.

From Bolt-Maker to Company President?

In How To Enjoy Your Job And Your Life, Dale Carnegie tells the story of a young man named Sam who was bored of his job of turning out bolts at a factory.

Since he had to do this dull work, Sam decided he would make it interesting. So, he ran a race with the mechanic operating a machine beside him.

One of them was to trim off the rough surfaces on his machine, and the other was to trim the bolts down to the proper diameter.

They would switch machines occasionally and see who could turn out the most bolts.

The foreman, impressed with Sam’s speed and accuracy, soon gave him a better job.

Says Carnegie: “That was the start of a whole series of promotions. Thirty years later, Sam – Samuel Vauclain – was President of Baldwin Locomotive Works.

But he might have remained a mechanic all his life had he not resolved to make a dull job interesting.”

When you learn how to be productive and incredibly successful no matter what your situation, you’ll be able to achieve the most amazing things in your life.

Creating Instant Focus will be one of the most empowering, exciting things you ever learn.

It is going to eliminate the frustration you’re having today. Whether you are not making enough money, burned out from long hours, not enjoying your work, or simply not fulfilling your potential, you can eliminate these problems with record speed.

The best part is you will not have to spend extra time (in fact I don’t want you investing more time – I want you investing less).

You will immediately start becoming considerably more successful and accomplished with surprising enjoyment.

The Instant Focus Method

The Instant Focus Method came into being when I challenged myself to create the most straightforward, effortless method possible for being massively focused, productive, and successful under stress. I set out the following criteria:

  1. The Method had to be crazy simple.
  2. The Method had to work for everyone who did it.
  3. The Method had to provide you with the ability to command impenetrable focus and concentration for incredible results,
    even under stress.

The result?

A verified, astounding method that you can use to program yourself with instant focus with virtually no work required.

I use my proprietary “Visualization Audio & Video Training” – which totally removes the “work” on your part.

No endless studying or journaling.

No exhausting affirmations or trying to change your thinking.

In fact, all you need to do is hit “play” and you will program yourself for amazing focus and concentration whenever you need it.

It’s almost like pushing a button! It’s that easy!

Frank Landi

Can’t get out of your own way? Neither could I… Until I started working with Lisa. It is by no means an exaggeration to say Lisa is the most forthright, insightful and challenging life coach anyone could ever dream of. Lisa remembers things about me even I forgot. She will never let me lie to myself. She helps me understand and focus on my goals, and make consistent progress toward them. I succeed far more than I fail, and I owe a great deal of that success to my relationship with Lisa.

Frank Landi, President and CEO, NSI International Inc. 

Instant Focus Method Program Re-cap 

Session One: The Instant Focus Method Step One Set The Stage

In step one of the astonishing POWERFUL focus and concentration method, you will learn how to create the perfect physical, mental, and emotional conditions for astonishing effectiveness and success.

Session Two: The Instant Focus Method Step Two Triggering Your Productivity

In step two, you will learn how to eliminate procrastination and trigger productivity so you start your day ‘focused and flying’ right from the start so you can crush even the most intimidating task.

Session Three: The Instant Focus Method Step Three Letting Go of Negativity, Errors, and Self-Doubt

In this session you will discover how to let go of negativity, errors, and self-doubt (and manage interruptions) so you can restore your confidence and motivation instead. Rather than “switching off” at crucial moments, you will program yourself to stay optimistic, motivation and confident so you can remain in the cocoon of concentration.

Session Four: Visualization Audio Session Awesome Concentration and Focus

This special session is a unique visualization session called, “Awesome concentration and focus for peak performance: Learn how to control, aim and command your mind using visualization.”

This visualization audio will program you to zero in on high priority tasks, set aside negative thoughts and doubts about yourself and your performance, get yourself in the joyful flow state, embrace the challenge of your goals, and automatically re-fresh and re-juvenate yourself for massive productivity when it counts.

The Instant Focus Method

Bonus Gift 

Catapult Yourself To Breakthrough Confidence And Success Home
Study Program

Retail value: $297.00

Your foundation for successful, lasting relationship starts with you – your inner game. Your real power in every relationship comes from your inner confidence and mental toughness.

In fact, when you’re coming from a place of inner security and confidence, you don’t really need any relationship ‘techniques’ at all…you can simply be YOURSELF and have your relationship flow effortlessly. 

To create this rock-solid inner game, you use my complete guide to total mental toughness, “Catapult Yourself To Breakthrough Confidence And Success 30 Days” Home Study Program. Imagine having a proven, step-by-step mental toughness formula for conquering low confidence, depression, love pain, career underachievement, and money stress. 

This formula was developed and tested with over 6,000 people in the last 14 years and unlocks the key to breakthrough confidence. This 30 Day Home Study Program will provide you with the inner game foundation you need to handle stressful relationship challenges. It is completely downloadable and you will be able to access in moments, with no wait time. For more details on this best-selling online training, click here.

Easy Delivery & Immediate Access

The Instant Focus Method for Success is in Adobe Acrobat file (.pdf) and MP3 (audio) and MP4 (video) format. 

After ordering, you will be directed to a secure page, where you will download your files. Almost all computers have Adobe Acrobat Reader pre-installed and there will be no wait time.

The whole process takes just a few minutes and you’ll have your method in less than 5 minutes from right now.

If you’re thinking, “$67 is so cheap! What’s the catch?”

The catch is that this price is for my loyal subscribers ONLY. When I release the program to the public over the internet, it will be at least three times that much.

I’ve devoted my life to helping people unlock their true potential and I know everyone needs this vital program so I’m willing to do this
for you.

How is that for fair?

I’ll Only Sell 500 Copies At This Price

Time is very much “Of the Essence”… I can’t stress the time sensitiveness of this offer enough.

How is that for fair?

Not only will the 500 copies go quickly (at which point the $67 discount will expire) but trust me, you don’t want to miss it…

Click Here to Claim Your Copy of the “The Instant Focus Method” for only $67

Paul Burton

The Courage to Win changed my life! I graduated from an Ivy League school, got my MBA from Harvard, was successful professionally, but have been aware since my earliest memories that there was an emptiness, a void, that impacted my self worth, and permeated all of my life experiences, in addition to impacting my personal, family and intimate relationships. At 52 I came to Lisa searching for answers and solutions. Lisa carefully guided me into deep self discovery, and stood by me as I reached higher, meaningful levels of self acceptance. I achieved daily and weekly revelations that had true and immediate impact on my life. Lisa changed my life and I am forever grateful that she shared her gifts with me. Choose to work with Lisa and your life can be changed as well.

Paul Burton, Director National Business Development,
Great American Art 

Other Success Stories...

“Mental toughness propelled me to set some very high goals and achieve every one of them"

Rick Grafton

“ I’m crazy at fifty – I’m loving the Courage to Win®."

I feel like a kid again

What I enjoy most is the inner confidence.

It makes me appreciate who I am and how great life can be. ”

-Rick Grafton
President Grafton Capital Corp

Karen Thrilwall

“ My work with Courage to Win® has given me life-long skills for living a healthy, happy, successful life based on my dreams."

The program has tremendous insight and compassion. ”

- Karen Thirlwall
Professional Musician 

John Janco

"I discovered my inner confidence again!"

This is an intuitive, wise, tough, kind, and deeply insightful program. It has helped me tremendously in so many aspects of my life.

Without this coaching I would doubtless have taken years to make the progress I have in much shorter time.

I rediscovered myself at a core level. It challenged me to examine my beliefs and confront my fears.

The coaching process helped uncover the stories I had been accepting about myself and dispel the myths that caused self doubt and insecurity that I didn’t even realize I had been harboring.

- John Janco
Marketing Operations and Project Management At Atrium Innovation

"Live Your Dreams coaching was exactly what I needed after going through a major career setback." 

I was quickly able to identify the root of the problem, eliminate my emotional baggage, and then develop the confidence, personal genius, and influence I needed to succeed.

I was truly enlightening and already opened a number of doors for me. I fully recommend the Courage to Win route to success!

- Alison Forsyth
PHD, Harvard University

"Mental toughness propelled me to set some very high goals and achieve every one of them."

The approach to positive AND negative thoughts and emotions helped me move through the obstacles that were standing in the way of what I wanted. 

- Loraine Bon

Sales Consultant 

So, now it's YOUR turn. Are you ready get started?

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