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From The Desk of Lisa Lane Brown

3 Time World Champion

When I was younger I dreamed of being a world champion. To stand on that stage and know I had given my all is what drove me.

Today I have the immense privilege to coach and teach those who are going for the gold in their own lives.

I coach in four areas - Money, Love, Career, and Personal Power.

On this page you will see how I do that, hear from those who have benefited from my coaching, and find out how you can get involved.

I can finally say I'VE CRACKED THE CODE!

Now I am taking the core principles that allowed me to achieve on the highest level and delivering it to you in a systematic and automated way will transform your business and your life.

This formula has worked for many others and it can work for you too!

The best part? Once you learn what's inside Live Your Dreams you will be able to apply it anytime you want, and for the rest of your life!

But first, please take a few seconds to look at two examples of people how are living their dreams.

After that, I'm going to ask you an important question to prove to you that your dreams are alive and well and ready to become your new reailty.

It's going to be fun! Now take a look at this ...

Living Proof

Richard Branson

At 70, he went into space and made history!

There is no doubt about it, Richard Branson lives his dream.

  • Lives on an island.
  • Owns profitable companies.
  • Is world famous.
  • Oh yes ... has been to space!!
  • Lives on an island.
  • Owns profitable companies.
  • Is world famous.
  • Oh yes ... has been to space!!

But did you know?

Richard dropped out of school at age 16 due to frustration and failing grades!

He was not born rich. His father was an attorney and his mother was flight attendant!

Oprah Winfrey

The first Black woman to become a billionaire!

There is no doubt about it, Oprah Winfrey lives her dream.

  • Influences millions across the globe.
  • Succeeds in everything she does.
  • Starts trends by simply using products.

But did you know?

Oprah was abused as a child and does not have an "Ivy League" education.

She was not born rich. She faced rejection, prejudice, and more and still rose to the top!

Why can they live their dreams when others can't?

Many people believe that the high achievers in life were born with an advantage. They have an edge that we mere mortals don't have. 

But nothing could be further from the truth! 

The two people above, as well as the thousands I have coached to success, all have one thing in common. 

Do you know what it is yet?

I can tell you that it is not ...

  • Being born rich.
  • Coming from the right family, or the right "part of town".
  • Having an expensive education.
  • Getting a lucky break or having everything go perfectly all the time.

On this page I am going to reveal their secret.

But first, I want to share with you the incredibly good news you came here to discover today.

You see, it is no accident that you are on the page.

You found this page because NOW is the time in your life when you are ready for more.

You are ready to live your dream. But like most, including those we discussed above, you can't get there by going it alone. None of us can.

You need a coach, a helper to guide you along the way and show you the proven path. Someone who has been there, knows where the pitfalls are, and can say "go this way, not that way"

That's why you are here. And that's what I am going to show you how to do.

To do that I want to take you back in time and prove to you that your dreams are alive, well, and ready to go to work for you!

“What lies behind us, and what lies before us are but tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Olympic Coach, Women's Hockey

Shannon Miller

"Genuine confidence is an absolute necessity if you want to reach your potential. I’ve worked with Lisa as a personal mental toughness coach and have accessed Lisa’s talents in training teams I have coached. Lisa’s work is very effective because she delivers the training at the level the clients need…and it’s the type of training that you take with you and use on a daily basis towards success."

President, Grafton Capital

Rick Grafton

"I’m crazy at fifty – I’m loving the Courage to Win. I feel like a kid again.

What I enjoy most is the inner confidence. It makes me appreciate who I am and how great life can be."

Professional Sales Consultant

Karen Thirlwall

"My work with Courage to Win® has given me life-long skills for living a healthy, happy, successful life based on my dreams.

The program has tremendous insight and compassion."

Your Dreams Want To Become
Your New Reality!

In the next 30 seconds I will PROVE to you that your dreams are alive, well, and ready to become real!

I want to take you back in time to three key moments in your life. Don't worry, each question will take under 30 seconds. 

As you answer these questions, I want you to notice how you feel. Notice how your breathing changes. Notice if you feel more positive or more negative.

Think back to how you felt on ...

The day you graduated from high school

When you were in your late teens and getting ready to graduate high school, you had dreams. Plenty of them!

In fact, your family and friends might have become tired of hearing about them! :-)

Do you remember laying in your bed before graduation and thinking about the future?

Thinking about which school you were going to attend or which job you were going to get?

Or perhaps you were thinking about your high school sweetheart, wanting him or her to become your significant other.

Now let's reconnect you to those dreams.

Please fill in this blank ...

"After I graduate I'm going to __________________"

If you were able to answer that question it is proof positive that your dreams are alive and well and ready for you to achieve them!

Now I'm no mind reader but I can say this without fear of error.

When you were filling in that blank, what you did NOT say are things like ...

End up in jail.
Be trapped in a loveless marriage.
Underachieve in my job and count on the government for my retirement.

What you DID say was ...

Get my degree and land a great job.
Finally be on my own and make my own decisions.
Start a company and get rich.
Dominate my sport and rise to the top of my game.

These are the enthusiastic, optimistic thoughts that come naturally to us when we are connected to our dreams.

Now for key moment #2.

Think back to how you felt on ...

The day you landed your first "real" job

You couldn't quite believe it. Finally ... some real money in your pocket! You were going to frame that first check!

And you were going to be a great employee! In fact, your company was lucky to have you!

You were going to contribute, to stand out, to lead the field.

And you had dreams of advancement. You were going to learn the system, use the system to your advantage, and climb the ladder of success.

Now let's reconnect you to those dreams.

Please fill in this blank ...

"After 10 years at this company I'm going to __________________"

If you were able to answer that question it is proof positive that your dreams are alive and well and ready for you to achieve them!

Now I'm no mind reader but I can say this without fear of error.

When you were filling in that blank, what you did NOT say are things like ...

Be stuck working for less than I'm worth.
Be passed over for promotions.
Hate the people I work with and wish life was different.

What you DID say was ...

Be the boss someday.
Enjoy working here.
Make friends from my coworkers.
Help make this company great.

These are the enthusiastic, optimistic thoughts that come naturally to us when we are in touch with our dreams.

Think back to how you felt on ...

The day your first child was born

I get that this might not have happened for some of you reading this, but read on anyway. There is a vital insight you need to see. I'll put it in a little box for your convenience.

My oh my - what a day!

The baby is here and everything feels different. It just feels ... better. Cleaner. More hopeful.

And let me tell you, I am going to be a GREAT parent.

Yes, I'm scared (I do NOT want to drop my baby!!!) and yes, I don't know everything I wish I knew but I LOVE this person more than I thought it possible to love

I want SO much for him or her that it's scary and exciting at the same time!

Now let's reconnect you to those dreams.

Please fill in this blank ...

"When my son or daughter grows up they are going to __________________"

If you were able to answer that question it is proof positive that your dreams are alive and well and ready for you to achieve them! 

Now I'm no mind reader but I can say this without fear of error. 

When you were filling in that blank, what you did NOT say are things like ...

Be an underachiever.
Need me to support them.
Be a disappointment to me.

What you DID say was ...

Do so much more than I have done.
Be a person of excellent and integrity.
Find someone to love and make a wonderful life.
Be great at anything they try to do.

These are the enthusiastic, optimistic thoughts that come naturally to us when we are in touch with our dreams.

VITAL INSIGHT: Not All Dreams Are About Our Own Achievements. Inside You Are Dreams For Yourself, For Helping Others, And For The Wider World.

Isn't it time you reconnect deeply to those dreams and let them come out so they can change your life and change the lives of others?

If you said yes, use this button to get started.

If you have lost touch with your dreams you need to know that it is NOT your fault!

There is ONE reason why we lose touch with our dreams. Yes, one and only one.

To put it simply, life happens.

You see, our everyday lives can either move us toward our dreams or they can move us away from our dreams by creating roadblocks to our achievement.

What moves us away from our dreams?

  • We get tired from working and the stress working brings.
  • We have kids that demand our time and attention. (Just think "soccer practice")
  • We sometimes experience an illness and our capacity becomes diminished. 
  • We buy a house and then have to mow the lawn and maintain the house.
  • We stop dreaming because we have so many debts and obligations.

Now here's a startling truth I want you to let soak into your mind ...

To give up on our dreams is not a conscious choice.

No one just wakes up one day and says to themselves "I PREFER second best. I think I'll just quit dreaming."

As you have already seen, your dreams are alive and well inside you right now. They are waiting for you to reconnect to them and help make them real.

If you have read this far you have already experienced the thrill of thinking back on those dreams. And you've felt the hope of how just thinking about those dreams coming true can change your state of mind.

Next I'm going to show you how to use my proven process to LIVE Your Dreams.

But first, let's make sure this is right for you. I KNOW it is but I want you to know it too.

So let me answer this question for you ...

Who Is This For?

I have a confession. When creating online pages like this I always face a major challenge.

You see, I am 100% committed to the truth that we are ALL unique, all special, all gifted in different ways, that writing to my "perfect candidate" is very challenging.

I don't really see life in black and white terms, so I don't "group" people or judge anyone.

That said, let me convey to you the situations that our existing members have been in when they started using my unique CTW formula.

My hope in writing what you read below is that you will identify with where they were and see that Live Your Dreams can help you surge forward to your ultimate destiny just like it has for them!

If you are on

The Starting Line

Have you ever felt like you never really got started on the life of your dreams?

That feeling comes to us all at some point.

We have dreams, goals, ambition. And then life gets in the way.

As we move along life's path, we accumulate obligations. We get married, have kids, get a mortgage, and have a demanding job.

All of this disconnects us from our dreams and makes us feel like we never really got started in the first place.

But the TRUTH is different.

The truth is you did start. You did make progress. You are achieving.

You are just not achieving at your highest level.

And that's where the "I never made a good start" thoughts come from.


The CTW Formula is the absolute answer for the lie you are being told about "not starting".

By applying the Formula, you will be able to acknowledge and own your achievements. You will feel good about what you have accomplished, and you should!

But we don't stop there.

Inside the Formula we will move on to helping you take decisive action toward the dreams that are alive and well inside you.

Once you identify, clarify, and begin to take decisive action toward your dreams you will become an unstoppable force of achievement and happiness!

And then you will begin to Live Your Dream! 

Are you ready? Then click here to get started.

If you have momentum
and now it's

Time To Take The Lead

Some who are reading this right now find themselves at a halfway point.

Not quite where you want to be but WAY ahead of where you were when you started. 

If you were running a race, it would be fair to say you made a good start and now it's time to put some distance between you and the competition.

You are ready to lead the field.

For you, the CTW Formula is going to be a breath of fresh air!

You already know you need a solid Formula to win in life. And now you know that the CTW Formula is the right choice if you want to surge ahead in achievement and success.

Surge ahead in your career.
Surge ahead in your happiness.
Surge ahead in your love life.
Surge ahead in your personal power.

How do we do that?

Allow me to share three of the steps we take together.

Step 1 - Identify and eliminate the things blocking your success.

This includes destroying limiting beliefs such as self-doubt, pessimism, negative beliefs, fear of failure or rejection, low confidence, procrastination, poor self-discipline, anxiety, and depression.

And we are going to purge that negative self-talk out of your head once and forever. No more internal shame for you because YOU were born to win!

Step 2 - Avoid the "hangover effect" of personal growth.

You may have experienced this yourself. I know I have.

You learn a new method of growth, put it into place, and see results.

But the results don't last.

And that's when the hangover begins. It hurts, right? But it won't be able to hurt you ever again because you will have a Formula you can trust, one that works FOR YOU!

Step 3 - Help you tap into your existing pools of courage.

You might be tempted to say "Courage? Me? I'm not "courageous"

Oh yes, you are. More than you know right now.

And the CTW Formula is guaranteed to help you see how and where you have exhibited courage, acknowledge and own that, and learn to draw upon that power anytime you want!

If you want to tap into your courage so you can Live Your Dreams, click the button below.

If you are achieving on a high level and

The Finish Line Is In Sight

You've worked hard and achieved much ... more perhaps than you thought possible when you were just starting out.

But you know in your gut that there is more that you can do.

And you WANT it.

But there is a problem - the formula that brought you this far is letting you down when it comes to taking the next step in your personal evolution.

Did you know that this is one of the most common challenges I see in working with private clients?

  • They have a plan.
  • They work the plan.
  • They get results.
  • They want MORE results. 
  • The old plan won't empower them take the next step.

For you my high-achieving friend, I have very good news. 

The CTW Formula is perfect for high achievers like you, and, candidly, me.

In fact, being a high achiever who has also experienced setbacks is what caused me to create the CTW Formula!

You see, my path to the top was not a straight line up.

Since this page is about you and not me, let me suffice to say that I've won multiple national championships AND seen them slip through my fingers with literally one second on the clock.

Now THAT is pain!

I've also had to perform at my best when that was about the last thing I wanted to be doing.

And I've done the deep mental work necessary to come back from crushing defeat and experience again the thrill of victory.

And I can tell you that the CTW Formula is what brought me to where I am today.

  • I can celebrate my victories without a tinge of feeling like I "should" have done more. 
  • I can forgive myself for my defeats without those single experiences diminishing my past victories or coloring my future expectations.
  • I can plan for a glorious future without fear or worry, knowing that it will come to pass because I have a proven formula to follow. I do the work - I get the result. 

And I can commit the emotional, financial, and spiritual resources necessary to get the job done without sacrificing my personal life or my joy.

These are the things I want for you too.

If that sounds like what you want, click the button below to get instant access to Live Your Dreams.

One Master Formula That Creates Results EVERY Time It Is Faithfully Applied

The CTW Formula is the secret!

No matter where you are now, this proven CTW Formula holds the key to your ultimate success!

I have two very important questions for you. They may sound silly at first, but hidden within them is the key that will unlock the door to your ultimate success and happiness.

QUESTION #1 - If you were going to build a house, you would follow a _____________.

Blueprint, right?

QUESTION #2 - If you were going to take a trip, you would follow a ___________.

Map, right?

By the way, congratulations on scoring 100%. :-)

Did you notice the one key word that was in each question? It's the clue to unlocking the secret to your ultimate success.

To be clear, no matter where you are now, even if you are at the top in your chosen area of life, this secret will take you as high as you want to go, including charting new heights of achievement and success.

The key word is "follow".

And while follow might seem like a little word, a word without obvious power, it actually is THE KEY to achieving easy success in every area of life, including your career, your finances, your ability to achieve at your highest level and even your love life.

Following a formula is what empowers Warren Buffet the most successful investor of the 20th century.

Following a formula is what empowered Steve Jobs to take a two person operation working out of his mom's garage into what we now know as Apple Computer.

Following a formula is what empowered Jeff Bezos to grow Amazon into the massive success it is today, becoming the richest person in the world, only 27 years after he founded it from his bedroom.

Following a proven, predictable formula is the hidden key to success.

Most people keep their formula closely guarded. Under lock and key. Available only to a select few in their $100,000 Inner Circle.

Unlike them, I am offering you access to my proven formula on this very page!

You see, all high achievers follow a formula to navigate to the highest levels of success without being stopped by circumstances, economic changes, political upheavals, or even global pandemics.

Top achievers navigate past these roadblocks because they follow a formula.

If you are not where you want to be in your life right now your current formula is the reason.

If you have ever wondered "is there a better way" then you need a better formula.

And on this page, I'm going to share my exclusive CTW Formula.

The same formula that led me to three national championships.

The same formula that legendary Olympic coach Shannon Miller called "the type of training that you take with you and use on a daily basis towards success."

Before I reveal my CTW Formula to you, I want you to know that this IS for you.

It's for you whether you feel stuck or feel like you are soaring high.

It's for you whether you want to change everything or only want to change a few things.

In fact, the ONE requirement to succeed with my CTW Formula is that you have a dream. You have something you want to accomplish in life.

And you have that, right?

I KNOW you do because you are not on this page by accident. You were drawn here because you need what my CTW Formula can provide.

In just a moment, I'm going to reveal exactly what is inside Live Your Dreams.

But first I want you to hear from some of my successful clients because their story can be your story too.

Changing Lives Is What Live Your Dreams Is All About!

In fact, Live Your Dreams is SO effective that the reaction from brand new users to these life changing programs is both encouraging and humbling

Live Your Dreams WILL change your life!

But don't just take my word for it. 

Check Out What These Customers Are Saying…

"I discovered my inner confidence again!"

This is an intuitive, wise, tough, kind, and deeply insightful program.

It has helped me tremendously in so many aspects of my life. Without this coaching I would doubtless have taken years to make the progress I have in much shorter time.

I rediscovered myself at a core level. It challenged me to examine my beliefs and confront my fears.

The coaching process helped uncover the stories I had been accepting about myself and dispel the myths that caused self doubt and insecurity that I didn’t even realize I had been harboring.

-John Janco
Marketing Operations and Project Management at Atrium Innovation

"I had NO idea there was a program out there that could completely affect my entire life!"

As a business owner for 14 years, I felt like I was on the spectrum of “successful” — I had some “wins” but more “losses”… but I would just cover it up.

And personally — in my relationship — I was “failing” a little every day too. I was never good enough, and it was a recipe for personal ‘napalm’.

Enter Lisa Brown.

I had no idea that an individual like Lisa Brown was out there and could completely affect my entire life… professedly and personally like she has done with me.

She professionally coached me on taking my corporate business from JV to Varsity level (legit terms).

She is an instrumental part of elevating me as a professional but even more importantly, Lisa has influenced my personal entire life and relationship in a positive way. Both of which I am eternally grateful for and look forward to many more years of her guidance, support.

- Lauren Colonna
CEO of Ovis Creative Ad Agency, New York

"The Courage to Win changed my life!"

I graduated from an Ivy League school, got my MBA from Harvard, was successful professionally, but have been aware since my earliest memories that there was an emptiness, a void, that impacted my self worth, and permeated all of my life experiences, in addition to impacting my personal, family and intimate relationships.

At 52 I came to Lisa searching for answers and solutions. Lisa carefully guided me into deep self discovery, and stood by me as I reached higher, meaningful levels of self acceptance.

I achieved daily and weekly revelations that had true and immediate impact on my life.

Lisa changed my life and I am forever grateful that she shared her gifts with me. Choose to work with Lisa and your life can be changed as well.

- Paul Burton,
Director National Business Development, Great American Art

So, now it's YOUR turn. Are you ready get started?

Let's Look Together At Everything You Get With Live Your Dreams

Live Your Dreams has been able to change so many peoples' lives for one simple reason. 

We use an integrated approach to achievement that works on all four quadrants of your live. 

We call this approach the CTW Formula, with CTW standing for The Courage To Win. 

If you know me, you know that The Courage To Win is my brand. It's my business. And it's my mission.

When you apply the CTW Formula in each of these areas, suddenly 1+1 becomes much more than 2.

You don't just learn to make and keep more money but you also learn how to use that money to enhance your life in the other three quadrants as well.

You don't just learn to love more deeply but you also learn to love your career, your friends, and yourself more deeply as well.

You see, I'm all about you winning in ALL the areas of your life, not just one.

The real secret is this ... as you progress in the course you will begin to see EXPONENTIAL CHANGE, not just "some" progress.

Here are the four quadrants of focus inside Live Your Dreams.

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4

If you want to know more about each of them, keep reading. If you want to see changes in them, click the button below and let's get started.

The Courage to Win® in Money

There are few topics on earth more emotionally charged than money. 

Walk into a party and ask someone what their GPA was at University and you get either an immediate answer or a confused expression.

Ask the next person how much money they make and you're likely to get punched in the nose!

But here is a fact that is almost undeniable ...

When your money is wrong almost nothing else feels right!

Study after study confirms that when people have money worries they are simply not at peace. They are distracted and worried. 

This leads to underperformance at work, home, and in school. 

And that under performance leads to (you guessed it) even MORE money worries! 

So how can you break this vicious cycle and gain total mastery of the financial aspect of your life?

The answer is found inside Live Your Dreams! 

Inside Live Your Dreams you will discover three financial pillars that will help you never worry about money, or managing money, again.

In a moment I'm going to share exactly what you will find inside the Money Mastery section of Live Your Dreams. 

But first, let me lay a very important foundation with you. 

The place to focus is not on whether you have money but WHETHER MONEY HAS YOU!

If you've lived very long you know as well as I do that there are people who are very rich and totally miserable.

And there are people who have so very little and yet live with joy, hope, and true happiness.

What makes the difference?

That is exactly what you will discover inside Live Your Dreams!

You see, wrong mindsets, limiting beliefs, and outdated tactics are what cause people to worry about money.

The sections you will find inside Live Your Dreams will set you free financially. Not only by getting you more (although we do start with that) but by helping you master your money, not be mastered by your money.

Now let's look together at what you will find inside the Money Mastery section of Live Your Dreams.

Money Mastery

(Value: $997)

  • MONEY MASTERY NOW: How to put 25% more money in your pocket using excellent money habits in the next 60 days without raising your income by one cent (no matter what you do for a living). 
  • THE AMAZING POWER OF SELF ACCEPTANCE: Experience the inner workings of TRUE self-acceptance that explodes your money confidence and makes your wealth soar by destroying the self-rejection that was keeping you paralyzed and weak financially.
  • DESIGN YOUR FINANCIAL DESTINY: You will retrain your brain in the ‘millionaire mindset’ that makes attracting money as easy as a magnet attracts steel. 
  • THE PARADIGMS OF THE NEW RICH: How to free yourself of the dead end programming that keeps you working 50+ hours per week at a job you hate. 

The world is changing fast. With that change comes new opportunities.

And those who benefit the most are the ones who adopt a new paradigm.

So what is this new paradigm and how can you adopt it?

The good news is this - it's waiting for you inside Live Your Dreams right now.

When you embrace this mindset of the New Rich you will be able to enjoy the lifestyle that you dream of now without guilt.

If any of that, or all of it, sounds good to you please remember this.

Money Mastery is but ONE of the sections inside of Live Your Dreams!

Just imagine the happy changes you will experience when you take the entire course, are armed with new mindsets and tactics, and begin to really and truly live ALL of your dreams!

Wealth Creation 3.0

(Value: $750 )

After you learn the life-changing, freedom-creating principles in Money Mastery you will be able to add incredible power to your financial life.

And that's going to feel SO good.

But wait, there's more. (I always wanted to say that!)

Because after Mastery comes Creation. But not 20th century creation, we're talking cutting edge 21st century wealth creation.

That's why we call it Wealth Creation 3.0!

Here's what you will find inside ...

  • Skyrocket Your Earning Power. Discover the foolproof three step process for doubling or even tripling your income in the next twelve months, whether it means getting a raise, landing a promotion, or shifting your business into high growth mode.
  • Income Boosters. You will discover the three “little BIG tricks” that will bring your skills into the top 3% of the population and how to match these skills to high-paying roles use them or shift your business into high growth mode.

Ultimately what people pay for are skills, not talent or knowledge, and you’ll discover how to match your skills to the biggest opportunities in your path.

  • What’s Stopping You? Uncover your limiting fears and beliefs with money and zero in on how and they have been keeping you trapped in an existence far below your potential.
  • Banish Self-Doubt Now. Daily mental toughness training will banish the tyranny of fear and self-doubt holding you hostage. Stop punishing yourself by ‘failing’ and claim the success and riches you deserve.
  • The Aladdin Factor. How to recognize your hidden strengths, talents, and genius and match them up to the biggest opportunities in the economy today to get paid handsomely now.

Take Control of Your Financial Destiny

(Value: $675 )

When you reach this point inside Live Your Dreams, you will have made amazing progress. Fair warning - your family and friends might notice and ask you for your secrets!

The next step in your financial evolution is about shaping your destiny, and quite possible creating a new future for those who come after you.

That's why we call this section Take Control Of Your Financial Destiny.

You are going to love using these incredible methods ...

  • What The Rich Invest In That The Middle Class Don't Even Know Exists. The golden, little-known investment strategy the wealthy use to easily and painlessly create wealth and guaranteed your future.
  • From Fear to Financial Freedom. You will fashion courageous, confident, mentally tough beliefs and mindsets about money that reflect your highest self. As you survey your future, you will see your deepest aspirations and desires come alive like a sunny day, with bright light and astonishing power...a future free of rain clouds and storms, bursting with hope and confidence.
  • Breakthrough Confidence with Money. Shatter and dissolve the money worries and stresses that had an iron grip on your life and replace them with breakthrough confidence that propels you forward with the power of a runaway locomotive.

The Courage to Win® in Love

How To Spark Attraction in Anyone

(Value: $1250 )

What is more important than love? Answer - nothing!

When your love life is strong the sky is a little bluer. The birds sing a little more sweetly. And you live "in the zone" because your soul is satisfied.

And yet, finding true happiness in our love lives (including ALL loving relationships) is quite hard for most people.

To be clear, I'm not talking about the "I'm okay" type of love life. I'm talking about the relaxed, happy, you just know things are going to be good type of love life. 

Do you want that?

Then the next section of Live Your Dreams is going to light your fire in more ways that one!

Here's what you will find inside ...

  • The Pavlovian Attraction Principle. You know the experiment: the dog is programmed to associate a bell with food, so whenever a bell rings he comes running.

Well, unknown to you, the person you want has been PROGRAMMED WITH DEEPLY EMBEDDED COMMANDS HE OR SHE IS HELPLESS TO IGNORE.

All you need do is match up your communications to trigger those commands (it’s easy)…and your “dream boat” will be attracted to you like a magnet.

  • How to Ooze Charisma. You will learn exciting new ways of communicating that will cause the object of your affection to desperately need a relationship with you.
  • The Confidence Code for Love. Confidence is universally attractive (think James Bond). You will discover how to become be self-reliant in relationships, no longer held hostage by the fear of rejection. This will make the person you want automatically ignore all others and chase you instead.

From Insecure to Irresistible in Relationships

(Value: $997 )

Do you feel totally and completely secure in your relationships?

When asked that question, most people will slump their shoulders a bit, hang their head or look down, and sigh out a sad "not really".

If you want more than a "not really" I have very good news for you today.

Inside Live Your Dreams you are going to learn how to transform yourself from insecure to irresistible by developing The Irresistible Mindset.

Hundreds of my clients have won back their ex-spouses using this same strategy. If you fully understand it, this method will dramatically improve every relationship you have by allowing you to:

  •   Quickly and profoundly enhance your self-esteem in relationships
  •  Realize your inherent lovability and attract passionate love
  • Stay secure and resilient when you are criticized
  • Become be self-reliant in relationships, no longer held hostage by the fear of rejection

Armed with this powerful mindset, you will finally eliminate your fear of rejection and develop unshakable confidence in relationships, perhaps for the very first time.

How To Create Enduring, Passionate Love

(Value: $1495 )

Have you ever known anyone who had love that lasts for a very long time? I have, and it's a beautiful thing to see.

Inside Live Your Dreams you will discover, perhaps for the first time, the formula that creates enduring AND passionate love.

You see, you do not have to settle for passion or endurance. You have the right to have them both, and our formula will show you the exact steps to make that happen.

Here's what you will find inside ...

  • The Five Relationship Breakthroughs. You will be privy to the five relationship breakthroughs that will remove the heartaches, problems, and conflicts that most couples endure year after year.

These stunning breakthrough secrets will transform your relationship from troubled to terrific in just days.

  • The Pursuit Dynamic. How to control the secret dynamic that governs attraction between two people. If you grasp this dynamic, your relationships will flourish. If you don’t, many of your relationships will die a quick and painful death…or limp along in painful apathy.
  • The Suffocation Syndrome. Do you suffocate people emotionally? Do they suffocate you? Here, now, you will change your attitude about how to resolve this awkward dance. Instead, you can invoke one strategic move that will engineer a natural, easy relationship where you are truly cherished.
  • Rekindle the Passion! There is one special phenomenon you need to properly grasp to permanently set your relationship up for sustainable passion and admiration – you will discover the precise actions.

The Courage to Win® in Career and develop Personal Power

We spend huge amounts of our lives working. In fact, a recent study showed that many people spend more time working than sleeping! 

And when you consider that we often work for 45 years, or more, you can see that work takes up a huge percentage of our time.

It is at work that we need to be the most persuasive, exhibit the most self control, and where we need the ability to "read" others and quickly determine their intentions.

Because of this close bond between our work live and our personal power, I going to discuss these two areas of focus in Live Your Dreams in the one section below.

Step into Greatness by Living Your Purpose

(Value: $2,000 )

I believe you were born to be great! But what is greatness and how can you tap into the greatness living inside you right now.

First of all, greatness is not fame. If social media has taught us anything, it's that fame and true greatness are not synonymous.

I believe greatness can be defined as living the best life you are capable of living.

Greatness is rising to and facing challenges with all that you have within you.

Greatness is showing kindness to those less fortunate than you are, keeping your word when it hurts to do so, and all of the other character traits that are universally admired across time and across cultures.

And greatness comes from those who are living their purpose.

Here is what you will find inside this section of Live Your Dreams.

  • Greatness - The Starting Point of High Achievement. Why setting goals is NOT the first thing to do when you are stalled out or procrastinating... make this one simple change and your goals will fall into place.
  • Live Your Purpose. What makes your heart sing? You will 'go inside' and uncover who you really are, including what makes you passionate on a daily basis. You will create a vision that reflects your authentic self, tap into a natural desire for self-expression, and channel this desire into red hot motivation so powerful it revs you up like a jet engine.
  • Find The Big Goal (even if there doesn’t seem to be one right now). This is an extremely sensitive and critical part of living your dreams. If the Big Goal you're pursuing right now doesn't fill you with excitement, you're already at a profound disadvantage. Learn to FOCUS on the high leverage goal that will bring you success.

How To Win Friends and Influence People

(Value: $997 )

How did Nelson Mandela dismantle the legacy of apartheid and lay the foundation for democracy to South Africa? How did Mother Teresa, a poor nun, build homes for orphans and nurse thousands of sick people? How did Mahatma Gandhi lead India to independence?

They became masters of influence. Influence is life’s most powerful skill because it allows you to take charge of your life rather than following the will of others.

It also wipes out the fear of rejection and failure utterly, because you can get people to ‘Yes’ with amazing speed.

Here is what is waiting for you inside ...

  • Successfully Selling Yourself. Want to move up? You will learn how to banish the fear of rejection and open doors and opportunities for yourself with astonishing ease, whether you want to snag that promotion or shift your business into high growth mode.
  • How to Say ‘No’ Without Arousing Hostility. One of the single biggest challenges you face is lack of focus, because there are an infinite number of ‘time vampires’ out there trying to suck your time and energy. Using Lisa’s simple 4 step formula, you can say No to anyone without arousing hostility.
  • What to Say Under the Fire of Criticism. It is easy to neutralize anyone who is criticizing you, even an office bully. You’ll be surprised how effortless it is to respond to criticism with mental toughness once you learn this foolproof, time-tested method.
  • No More Selling Yourself Short! IYou will also eliminate your tendency to interfere with doubt and criticize yourself, sell yourself short, second-guess your ideas, stress over possible failure, exhaust yourself by people pleasing and perfectionism, and endure intense performance anxiety.

Do Less, Achieve More

(Value: $495 )

How is your to do list these days?

You might be saying "My to do list is ugly, depressing, never ending. Will I ever get it all done?"

I hear you because I've been there too.

Many of us harbor a fantasy (I did) that a new planner or that greatest new browser plugin or app for our smart watch is going to set us free.

But without internal change you simply will not see external change.

That's why you are going to LOVE this section of Live Your Dreams. Let the empowerment begin!

Here is what's inside ...

  • The Practice of Commitment. How to develop excellent, high-productivity work habits that will automatically and effortlessly forge you a life of greatness – without will power or exertion.
  • How to Stop Procrastinating. How to stop procrastinating and become intensely action-oriented, able to produce extraordinary results in record time.
  • The MAGIC Trade Secret of Pro Leaders. You’ll learn two killer methods for delegating. These methods will allow you to skillfully negotiate projects, deadlines, and performance reviews. With these methods, you will ethically gain the respect of any team and dramatically increase your productivity.
  • Eat That Frog. The quick and easy way to multiply your results and effectiveness at work and home so you can start enjoying life now, not later....and no, it has nothing to do with traditional time management.

You Get PERSONALIZED Coaching From Me Too!

Live Your Dreams is not just an incredible online training program.

It's a personalized coaching program too!

You heard me right. In Live Your Dreams, you will receive five group coaching trainings with me - one each week - so you can customize the program to your specific goals.

You can ask me anything you want and get individualized, one on one coaching.

And, if you miss any of these trainings, you can still submit your personal questions and I will answer them.

These trainings will be recorded and available in your members area so you can get your individual questions answered when the time is right for you.

This is perhaps the MOST valuable part of the program because one little tweak to your personal situation can make all the difference!

“ Live Your Dreams coaching was exactly what I needed after going through a major career setback. I was quickly able to identify the root of the problem, eliminate my emotional baggage, and then develop the confidence, personal genius, and influence I needed to succeed. I was truly enlightening and already opened a number of doors for me. I fully recommend the Courage to Win route to success! ”

- Alison Forsyth, PhD, Harvard University

My GIFTS Of Love To You!

I will openly admit that I love my Live Your Dreams members! 

  • I love how they WANT to grow.
  • I love how they take decisive ACTION.
  • I love how they DO NOT HESITATE when they feel something is right.
  • I love how they REFUSE to settle for second best in any area of their lives. 

And I truly believe that YOU have these qualities too. Which means you are going to love being a member of Live Your Dreams!

I want be to very clear about something else that is very important ... Live Your Dreams is not just some "product" that I sell online. 

Live Your Dreams is a culmination of my life's work! 

It is sacred to me.

And I share it with you, willingly, because I know what it can mean when you learn and apply the lessons I paid so dearly to learn. 

You see ...

My mission is to deliver MAXIMUM VALUE to you.

The mission of Live Your Dreams is to deliver MAXIMUM TRANSFORMATION to your life.

Because I am fully committed to delivering maximum value to you, I have worked hard to find meaningful "bonuses" to add value.

I say "bonuses" because what you will see below is much more than just some afterthought that I threw in to make this page look pretty.  

These are hand selected, hand curated resources that are designed to amplify the effect of what you will learn inside Live Your Dreams. 

So without further ado, here are the items I'm giving to you at no cost in order to serve you at my highest level ...

Overcoming Procrastination

(Value: $37)

Your foundation for success is your inner game.

Your real power comes from your inner confidence and mental toughness.

In this video training you will learn how to reach your goals in record time using the mental toughness practice of commitment. 

You get the Action Training Video Featuring Lisa Lane Brown that guides you step-by-step through your mental toughness action assignments.

You get the exact same behind-the-scenes coaching, advice, breakthrough insights Lisa has given to over 7,420 clients so you can become a true person of action.

How To Make Yourself

(Value: $37 )

Of course, when it comes to success, it's not what you know, but who you know.

That's why you need some relationship fundamentals, which I give you in my "How To Make Yourself Irresistible" audio program.

In this powerful program, you will learn to create magnetic attraction anytime and anywhere you want it. 

We zero in on the three key elements of life ...

  • Your PERSONAL relationships.
  • Your WORK relationships.
  • All OTHER relationships. 

In addition to getting the audio program, we will include the never-before-released written transcript of this program. Both the audio program and the transcript are downloadable and immediately accessible upon enrolling in the Live Your Dreams Coaching Program.

Think And Grow Rich

(Value: $20 )

This classic originated when Napoleon Hill dedicated 20 years of his life by studying and 500 of the most successful people at the time, including Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and Andrew Carnegie.

The result was a book called Think and Grow Rich, which went on to sell 20 million copies. As stated on the cover, "This book could be worth a million dollars to you."

Courage Cheat Sheets

(Value: $197)

Each week you will get potent visualization videos that will allow you to Flip the Switch from self-doubt to unshakable confidence.

These inspirational videos will give you the mental toughness edge needed to rise above setbacks, challenges, and difficult stressors.

Flip The Switch Visualizations

(Value: $297 )

Each week you will get potent visualization videos that will program you to Flip the Switch from self-doubt to unshakable confidence.

These inspirational videos will give you the mental toughness edge needed to rise above setbacks, challenges, and difficult stressors.

2 Tickets to Lisa’s LIVE Seminar: Mental Toughness Training for Success

(Value: $1394)

You will receive two tickets to Lisa's renowned LIVE annual seminar, Mental Toughness Training for Success.

This two day event is legendary for helping people make massive breakthroughs in their personal and professional lives for years to come. Former Senior VP of CanOxy Resources, Richard Duczek, says, "You WILL change your life here."

Live Your Dreams Private Facebook Community - Priceless


You get exclusive access to Lisa and her encouraging, loving, inspiring community.

This is your “lifeline” group. A place where you can ask questions and get support from like-minded, supportive people in a private and positive community.

You will use this to get daily boosts of motivation, friendship, and powerful accountability.

The Live Your Dreams Masterclass will enrich the lives of everyone around you. 

The more full your cup is filled with success, happiness, and wealth, the easier it is for you to wipe out all the problems you see around you...the stress, the despair, the will literally be a savior to the people in your life.

That's why I am so passionate about this program...because...I know that once fulfill your own dreams, you will use it to elevate the self-esteem and humanity of everyone around you.

“I was most impressed with the insight of Live Your Dreams on how the mind works I quickly identified the mental issue that was preventing me from performing at my best. From that point on, it was how to address and defeat that issue. I set goals for myself and tracked how I performed relative to those goals. Perhaps the most impressive thing was, Live Your Dreams taught me how to succeed in all aspects of my life.”

- Timothy Hennig

Here’s Everything You Get TODAY With Live Your Dreams

You Will Receive ...

Total Value with Bonuses:


  • Live Your Dreams MONEY Module
  • $2422 Value
  • Live Your Dreams LOVE Module
  • $3742 Value
  • Live Your Dreams CAREER Module
  • $3192 Value
  • Live Your Dreams BONUS Package
  • $1714 Value
  • Exclusive Facebook Group Access
  • Priceless
  • Lifetime Course Access
  • Priceless

Total Value: $11,070

You pay only $297!

Incredibly Effective AND Amazingly Affordable

What Is Live Your Dreams Worth?

When it came time to decide what to charge for Live Your Dreams I was on the horns of a dilemma. 

The question above - what is Live Your Dreams worth - is very hard for me to answer. 

It's hard to answer because I understand the value of true transformation. 

I understand the value of saving relationships that were on the rocks. 

And I understand the value of being in a heated contest and having the tools and resources I need inside of me that ensure victory and success. 

The value of a saved marriage, which is priceless. 

The value of watching my clients' dreams comes true. (Again, priceless)

There is no price one can put on gaining so much personal power that you can navigate even the toughest of situations with grace and style and come out on top. 

And yet ... I had to set the price. The buck stopped with me. 

So I asked myself one pivotal question. 

What am I actually offering? 

Is it access to an online course? 

Technically, yes, but it's SO much more than that. 

Anyone can offer that. 

What I am offering you is the wisdom I have accumulated over the past several decades. 

Wisdom gained from 3 world championships and from bitter losses too. 

Wisdom gained from working with thousands of private clients in almost every imaginable circumstance.

Wisdom gained from life and communicated to you in a way that is clearconcise, and actionable

I have to say, I think Live Your Dreams is worth its weight in gold! 

But I had to set a price. 

So I consider the "normal" price points.

What would the course be worth if I delivered the content to you one-to-one?

Answer: $14,000

I knew that was not going to work, so I very carefully considered all price points I considered reasonable. 


The way to choose was to look in the mirror and say to myself "Lisa, what would YOU consider to be a fair price to pay for the course knowing what you know?"

The answer came immediately: $3000

But I want to do better for you, so I'm not going to charge $3000. In fact, I'm going to slash that number by a bit more than 90% and offer you the entire Live Your Dreams system for $297!

To be clear, that's NOT $297 per month (which would be fair) or a year ... it's a ONE TIME payment of $297. 

And I can't promise I'll keep it at $297 very long. After all, like you, I have bills to pay, a business to run, and dreams of my own. 

But today, right now, you can have unlimited access to Live Your Dreams for one payment of only $297. 

Let me be clear, $297 is the price. But what I want for you is to experience the amazing VALUE of having these skills in your toolkit. 

Of knowing what to to, when to do it, and how to do it, to actually Live Your Dreams. 

This is not some self-help course that seems exciting at first and then fades with time. Live Your Dreams is an evergreen, living course that will help you realize your true destiny. 

And that's what you really want, right?

I believe in changed lives because I have seen them up close. And because I am living a changed life.

And that is due to knowing what you will soon know, so you can change your life too. 

If you are ready for change, even if you are a little scared, now is the time to take action. 

You are here by design. Take the next step with me and let's see where it leads!

There Is ZERO Risk To You!

Order Risk Free Today!

Live Your Dreams is designed for one purpose - to help you go from where you are now to where you want to be as quickly and easily as possible ... no matter what stage of life or success you find yourself in at the present. 

And Live Your Dreams is designed to deliver results quickly. Many members report feeling better about their lives and dreams on the first day! Others report measurable changes in the first week. 

Because I want you to access Live Your Dreams without any sense of needing to rush, I've decided to let new members take a full 30 days to use the course completely risk free. 

We simply don't have anyone who quits the course. In fact, as I write this, I can't recall a single case of Live Your Dreams not working for a person who put in the effort. 

That said, if you need a refund for any reason, or no reason, you are covered for a full 30 days from the date of your order. 

No jumping through hoops. No shenanigans. Just let us know and we will process your request immediately. 

But I know you won't need this because I know in my soul that Live Your Dreams is going to help you do just that ... Live YOUR Dreams!

Your Moment Of Decision
Has Arrived

The ball is in your hands. It's time to take the shot. What will you do?

You can win the game of life. In fact, if you are reading this right now you are meant to be here, meant to move ahead, and meant to win!

Winning always involves action, so let me share the three actions you need to take right now. 

  1. 1
    Place you order by clicking here or using the button below. This will give you instant access to the entire Live Your Dreams membership area. Your access is permanent. There is no monthly or annual renewal. 
  2. 2
    Make sure you can and do login.You will see the registration page when you complete the order process. It is very easy and you are going to do well. Just to make sure it goes smoothly, I'll send a reminder email to follow up. 
  3. 3
    Contact me and let me know you are in. I know it sounds silly, but I want to make 100% sure you are in so just drop me an email saying "I'm in!!" and I'll sleep better knowing you can access what you need. Plus it's a great chance for us to say "Hi" to each other!

We've come a long way together. 

You now know your dreams are alive and well and waiting for you to help them become your new reality.

And you know that there is a formula for you to get there. No guesswork. You take the steps and you get the result. 

And you know that I'm here to support you every step of the way. 

So now is the time - you are the person for whom this is meant - just use the button below and you WILL begin to not only have dreams but begin to LIVE YOUR DREAMS. 

See you inside,

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