At Last Someone Has Unlocked The Secret
To Total Confidence

How To Eliminate Fear, Build Unshakeable Confidence, And Achieve Any Goal Using The Secrets Of Deep Mental Toughness

Lisa Brown

From: Lisa Lane Brown 
3-time World Champion  

Dear Friend,

A quick, true story that will help you determine whether or not to read my unusual letter…

Seventeen years ago a woman named Mary sought help for her intense fear of water from psychotherapist
Dr. Roger Callahan.

Mary’s fear of water was so great that she could not look at water on television, nor could she take baths with very much water. She had constant nightmares about water ‘getting her’ and this fear was seriously limiting her ability to enjoy life.

After a couple of years of traditional therapy, Dr. Callahan had gotten Mary to the point where she could actually sit by a pool (although this caused her to suffer greatly).

At that time Dr. Callahan had been doing research into the energy system of the body, which today we know is the source of our ability to eliminate negative emotions. 

He asked her to try a brief therapeutic technique based on this energy system. After only a few minutes of treatment, he was startled when she got up and started running towards the pool.

Dr. Callahan panicked and called out to her, “Mary, look out!” fearing she would drown herself. Mary stopped, laughed, and said, “Don’t worry, Dr. Callahan, I know I don’t know how to swim.” 

From that day on, Mary’s fear was gone and has never re-surfaced.

This incident began sixteen years of research into the secrets of total confidence and deep mental toughness. And now, these secrets are here for you to enjoy.

If you can use unshakeable confidence…and I mean the kind of confidence that allows you to squash any fear and overcome any challenge in life, I’ve got wonderful news for you.

Now there’s a powerful new way to cure negative emotions such as the fear of failure and rejection, procrastination, underachievement with your goals, low self-esteem, depression, chronic anger, and relationships problems such as love pain, fear of abandonment, and divorce trauma.

Think of what this means. Instead of ‘working hard’ to try and change old patterns of thinking and feeling, you can eliminate these feelings at their root  permanently.

Whether you want to double your income, find your true purpose, attract your soul-mate, or rescue a relationship, the basis for success is always emotional self-mastery. 

The end result is oodles of confidence and the ability to truly fulfill your potential.

Now, I know this might sound a bit incredible, especially if you’ve tried to overcome negative emotions and create confidence using traditional methods such as positive thinking, talking to a friend or therapist, or attending motivational seminars. 

But I assure you that once you have all the facts, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is.

The COSTLY TRUTH About Traditional Approaches…

Have you ever noticed that sometimes despite your best efforts to change something about yourself, you find yourself reverting back to the same patterns of behaviour?

Do you ever feel negative emotions (fear, anger, depression) that seem out of proportion to what’s happening to you but aren’t going away no matter what you try?

Have you ever struggled to feel really happy with yourself even when you’ve achieved many goals and successes?

If you’ve had any of these experiences, you’re probably convinced that breaking through them–and other barriers to happiness–is a long, drawn out process involving an expensive therapist.

I believe we think this way simply because traditional therapies do not remove our fears, bad habits, and frustrations. They mainly just help us cope with stressors and negative experiences better.

As a result, we’ve accepted the idea that changing is pretty tough, takes a lot of money, and requires tons of work. And even then, there are no guarantees.

However, nothing could be further from the truth.

Regardless of whether you want to stop procrastinating, fix a relationship crisis, remove a fear of failure or rejection, cure your performance anxiety, become more self-assertive, or heal from a negative emotional experience, you must remove this problem at the root. 

Talk therapy, positive thinking, or motivational seminars rarely provide permanent, lasting relief for these problems.

Fortunately, there is an answer. You may not know this, but just as there have been amazing advances in technology in the last century, astounding discoveries have been made in psychology, the science of achievement, and curing destructive fears.

This may surprise you, because so little of this information is available in the mainstream.

Most of us haven’t received even as much as one day of training in emotional self-mastery–and yet we expect ourselves to be confident, proactive, disciplined, and courageous every day.

Here are just a few of these discoveries:

  • Dr. Nathaniel Branden, the pioneer of the modern self-esteem movement, has shown millions of people how to raise their self-esteem by becoming more self-accepting, more self-assertive, more self-aware, and more goal-oriented. His techniques for accomplishing this are simple and you can use them right away
    for results.
  • Tim Gallwey, a master of the science of achievement, has recently revealed how we can eliminate performance blocks in sports, business, and the performing arts including perfectionism, fear of failure, and performance anxiety. His performance practices are available for you to apply to any upcoming challenge.
  • Dr. Roger Callahan’s newly released Thought Field Therapy, hailed by experts as the ‘power therapy’ of the 21st century, is phenomenally successful in wiping out people’s emotional distress from traumas (negative experiences), and phobias (irrational fears). Thought Field Therapy is easy to learn and you can produce rapid emotional healing for yourself.
  • John Ruskan has successfully uncovered the secrets to awakening self-acceptance and reducing fear, anger, and frustration. His easy-to-learn practices will allow you to become emotionally strong by increasing your resilience to trauma, stress, and problems.

My job is simple: I wade through the complicated maze of research, cut through it all with ‘laser like’ precision, and then share with you the best techniques available for your specific challenge or goal. In fact, I’ve been trained in all these approaches (and many more) and I can help you determine which strategy is the best one for you.

What Exactly Am I Offering You?

I’m giving you the chance to kickstart one area of your life

I’m offering the FIRST TEN PEOPLE who respond to this letter the chance to conquer a challenge or reach a specific goal by learning the secrets of deep mental toughness in my coaching program.

Whether you want to double your income, find your true career purpose, attract your soul-mate, rescue a relationship, stop procrastinating, or simply gain rock-solid self-esteem, my secrets of deep mental toughness coaching program is the answer for you.

Here are the powerful advantages you’ll gain in my
coaching program:

  • This approach works FAST. I specialize in practical, short term engagements so you see results sooner rather than later.
  • The techniques of deep mental toughness are EASY to learn, so you can use them to cure guilt, fear, anger, frustration, sadness, jealousy, love pain, procrastination and disappointment when they are not serving a productive purpose in your life.
  • Because you will be skilled in curing your fears, you will learn to act swiftly on your goals and reach your potential. No longer will fear stop you from doing what you know you should do.
  • Since you will know how to cure negative emotions for yourself, your ability to cope with stress at work will increase dramatically, causing your effectiveness on the job to skyrocket.
  • Because you will be able to deal with people with total inner security, all aspects of your relationships will improve–including your ability to communicate with others.
  • As your emotional self-mastery grows from using these techniques, so will your inner security and self-confidence.

Now, about me, and why I’m qualified to make you this offer. My name is Lisa Lane Brown and I’ve been a high performance coach to executives, athletes, and business owners for sixteen years.

I started out using the secrets to peak performance as an elite athlete in the sport of ringette, in which I was fortunate enough to win three World Championships.

The same formula that led me to three World Championships and nine National Championships.

In 1996 I opened my firm and made deep mental toughness and high achievement the focus of my research and work. 

Since then I’ve given more than 1300 seminars and worked with over 7,200 people to help them accomplish their most cherished goals. 

In 2008 I distilled the secrets of deep mental toughness, confidence, and courage into a step-by-step formula in my book, The Courage to Win®: A Revolutionary Mental Toughness Formula, which earned rave reviews. Entrepreneur magazine called it, “A straight to the problem guide, highly recommended.”

“Hold on to your dreams of a better life and stay committed to striving
to realize it.”

- Earl G. Graves, Sr.

“Genuine confidence is an absolute necessity if you want to reach your potential. I've worked with Lisa as a personal mental toughness coach and have accessed Lisa's talents in training teams I have coached. Lisa's work is very effective because she delivers the training at the level the clients need...and it's the type of training that you take with you and use on a daily basis towards success.

-Shannon Miller, Olympic Coach, Women's Hockey 

What Does My Coaching
Program Entail?

First, you fill out my unique Assessment Questionnaire, which pinpoints your goal so you are totally focused in our work together.

Second, we will have four 30 minute phone consults over a 30 day period. In these consults you will discover the exact strategies needed to cure the fears or self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back. 

You will also create and implement an action plan for your goal. These consults will be recorded (if you wish) so you can use them as a powerful, ongoing resource.

Maybe so. But it wasn’t until I dug deep into the subject that I realized just how much fear we have when training and competing.

Third, you complete specific mental toughness assignments – some will educate you, while others are action assignments based on
your goal. 

The program is intense and results oriented so you make progress in the shortest time frame possible. You may have occasion to exchange emails with me between sessions as well.

Fourth, as a premier coaching client, you will receive access to the most relevant, inspiration Courage to Win® online training materials in our archives – yours for the taking, FREE.

Man Climbing

The Courage to Win® 
Secrets of Deep
Mental Toughness

Fear-Busting Formula

In our work together you will be privy to a very specific, three step formula you can use to master fear, create courage, and reach your potential in business, relationships, and money.

In a warm and friendly environment, I will teach you this powerful new approach so you can accomplish any of the following:

Emotional Self-Mastery

What’s Stopping You? Uncover your limiting fears and beliefs and zero in on how and they have been keeping you trapped in an existence far below your potential.

Stop Procrastinating. Stop procrastinating and become intensely action-oriented, able to produce extraordinary results in record time.

The Power of Self-Trust. Experience the inner workings of self-trust so you can explode your self-esteem and makes your performance soar because you have destroyed the self-doubt keeping you paralyzed.

Eliminate Depression. Solve the mystery of depression and mood swings so you are not longer at the mercy of them and instead tap into the powerful reservoir of energy inside you.

Build Breakthrough Confidence & Self-Esteem. Shatter and dissolve the fears that had an iron grip on your life and replace them with breakthrough confidence that propels you forward with the power of a runaway locomotive.

Career & Business Mastery

Fashion A Shining Future. Create a golden vision that reflects your highest self and causes your deepest aspirations to come alive like a sunny day.

Fulfill Your True Purpose. What makes your heart sing? Go ‘inside’ and uncover who you really are, including what makes you passionate on a daily basis.

Commitment, Commitment, Commitment. Find the Big Goal (even if there doesn’t seem to be one right now) and learn how to go from ‘wanting’ it to having a staunch, unwavering 100% commitment to it.

Trade Secrets of Pro Leaders. Become a masterful, commanding leader who inspires action, trust, and ‘team’ in the people around you.

The Aladdin Factor. Recognize your hidden strengths, talents, and genius and use them to catapult yourself to the top now.

Eat That Frog. Multiply your personal effectiveness so you eliminate work stress and have the time to start enjoying life now, not later.

Perform Flawlessly Under Pressure. Master performance anxiety and shine in meetings, presentations, and job interviews.

Wealth Mastery

Take Control of Your Financial Destiny. Free yourself of the dead end programming that keeps you working 50+ hours per week at a
job you hate. Enjoy the lifestyle that you dream of now without guilt.

Money, Money, Money. Eliminate survival fear and put 25% more money in your pocket in the next 60 days without raising your income by one cent (no matter what you do for a living).

Design Your Financial Destiny. Re-train your mind in the ‘millionaire mindset’ that makes attracting money as easy as a magnet
attracts steel.

Relationship Mastery

Attract Love/Stop Rejection Now. Insider, pro strategies for stopping romantic rejection, realizing your inherent lovability, and attraction passionate love.

Breaking Free. Become self-reliant and secure in all relationships – no longer held hostage by the rejection or disapproval of others.

Restore Passion. Permanently set your relationship up for sustainable passion, admiration, and enduring love.

Stand Up For Your Life. Stop being taking advantage of, say “no,” and negotiate without arousing hostility (even with alpha-dogs).

Breaking Free. Become self-reliant and secure in all relationships – no longer held hostage by the rejection or disapproval of others.

The fee for the Secrets of Deep Mental Toughness coaching program is just $697.

I’ll Even Sweeten The Pot By Making It
Totally Risk Free

I know you may doubt that this is possible, so I’ll make it virtually impossible to turn down: If you do not get the unique fear-conquering strategies and action plan needed to for you to achieve your goal, you do not pay. 

That’s right. I will give you an immediate refund if you are not absolutely capable of achieving your goal using these methods.


Why? Because I’m not interested in charging you for my time. I only want to you to pay for results. I am placing my personal and business reputation on the line because I believe in the work I do and I am convinced I can help you get what you want.

Why Am I Doing This?

My accountant thinks I’m crazy to make you this offer. She says that it’s ridiculous to charge only $697 to give you self-mastery in the area of your choice when it’s probably worth at least 10 ten times that amount to you…especially when you consider that no one else has the confidence to make you this offer (and there are dozens of therapists in town who will charge you thousands of dollars for a heck of a lot less in terms of results).

With all due respect to her, no one ever said that accountants understand coaching. I’m making you this offer for one simple reason: My mission is to get as many human beings on the planet as possible using the secrets of deep mental toughness.

Plus, if you accept my offer and achieve your goal, you will likely provide me with a success story, which in turn promotes my business.

However, I should warn you that I’m only making this inexpensive offer to my current clients. When I open it up to the general public, the fee will be 3 times this price. 

Also, I urge you NOT to procrastinate. As you can imagine, with an offer this good, the program will be full within seven days.

Secrets of Deep Mental Toughness Coaching Program Bonus Gifts

Bonus Gift #1

Catapult Yourself To Breakthrough Confidence And Success Home Study Program

Retail value: $297

Your foundation for lasting success starts with your inner game.

To create this rock-solid inner game, you use my complete guide to total mental toughness, “Catapult Yourself To Breakthrough Confidence And Success 30 Days” Home Study Program.

Imagine having a proven, step-by-step mental toughness formula for conquering low confidence, depression, love pain, career underachievement, and money stress.

In this program, you get four private Courage to Win®Lessons Delivered to You Online Once a Week – This program is THE personal success manual of the 21st century.

You get Action Training Audio DVDs Featuring Lisa Lane Brown – An audio series that guides you step-by-step through your training and mental toughness action assignments.

You get Lisa’s Weekly Coaching Answers to your Mental Toughness Action Assignments — Access to the exact same behind-the-scenes coaching, advice, breakthrough insights Lisa has given to over 6,000 clients.

This 30 Day Home Study Program will provide you with the inner game foundation you need to handle stressful challenges. It is completely downloadable and you will be able to access in moments, with no wait time.

Bonus Gift #2

LIVE Monthly Teleseminars with Lisa
–Lifetime Membership

Retail value: $397

Having someone stand over your shoulder and walk you the process of solving life challenges can make the world of difference — and can save you countless hours of frustration.

You are unique. That’s why Lisa will work with you one-on-one in her monthly teleseminars to help you dismantle fear and manifest your most cherished aspirations. You will receive personal feedback on questions like these:

  • Why isn’t my spouse more helpful around the house?
  • Why does my boyfriend turn off when I’m attentive to his needs? …
  • I’m feeling blah about life…nothing specific, just a meaningful discontent. How come?
  • I’m gaining weight and feel out of control. Help!
  • How can I fast-track my career and get a raise now?
  • I just don’t handle criticism and setbacks well. What do I do?
  • My boss won’t listen to me. What do I say to him?

On these calls, Lisa will be an inspirational teacher who will de-mystify any issue you are struggling with, motivating you and making you accountable for results while preventing you from feeling overwhelmed
with information.

The best part about these teleseminars is that simply by enrolling in Lisa’s coaching program today, you get an automatic lifetime membership into these teleseminars.

By submitting your questions ahead of time, you can ensure that Lisa will address them on the call. Whether you’re dealing with a difficult colleague, money challenges, a spouse who is not treating you right, a boss who under-appreciates you – or simply trying to motivate yourself and increase your income – Lisa will give you the solutions to these problems in an easy format so you can implement them easily and quickly to your life…only minor adaptation is necessary.

Frank Landi

“Can’t get out of your own way? Neither could I… Until I started working with Lisa. It is by no means an exaggeration to say Lisa is the most forthright, insightful and challenging life coach anyone could ever dream of. Lisa remembers things about me even I forgot. She will never let me lie to myself. She helps me understand and focus on my goals, and make consistent progress toward them. I succeed far more than I fail, and I owe a great deal of that success to my relationship with Lisa."

-Frank Landi, President and CEO, NSI International INC

What Do Lisa’s Clients Say?

Rick Grafton

"I’m crazy at fifty"

I’m loving the Courage to Win®. I feel like a kid again. 

What I enjoy most is the inner confidence. 

It makes me appreciate who I am and how great life can be. ”

-Rick Grafton
President Grafton Capital Corp

"I got control of my time and my life. I feel like a winner!"

"My struggle was time management. There was never enough time to do everything I had to do, let alone what I wanted to do.

I felt swamped... miserable and confused. I am very impressed how quickly I started to see results.

In Lisa's 30 Day program, I learned how to work through the obstacles one by one. I feel energized and know what is truly important in my life.

I know how to prioritize tasks and eliminate roadblocks. I feel like a winner!

I'm a happier and more productive person."

-Penny Donnan
Mortgage Associate, Jencor Mortgage Corp

"I had NO idea there was a program out there that could completely affect my entire life!"

As a business owner for 14 years, I felt like I was on the spectrum of “successful” — I had some “wins” but more “losses”… but I would just
cover it up. And personally — in my relationship — I was “failing” a little
every day too.

I was never good enough, and it was a recipe for personal ‘napalm’. Enter Lisa Brown. I had no idea that an individual like Lisa Brown was out there and could completely affect my entire life… professedly and personally like she has done with me.

She professionally coached me on taking my corporate business from JV to Varsity level (legit terms). 

She is an instrumental part of elevating me as a professional but even more importantly, Lisa has influenced my personal entire life and relationship in a positive way. Both of which I am eternally grateful for and look forward to many more years of her guidance, support

-Lauren Colonna
CEO of OVIS Creative AD Agency 

"I was promoted to a senior management position!"

I was in a rut that I couldn't get out of. I'd been in the same job for 5 years and felt stuck.

After trying several strategies I finally tried mental toughness training
with Lisa.

Within 3 months I was offered a senior management position at my company! Lisa's strategies really work.

-Heath Miller
Bethany Care Centre 

John Janco

"I discovered my inner confidence again!"

This is an intuitive, wise, tough, kind, and deeply insightful program. It has helped me tremendously in so many aspects of my life.

Without this coaching I would doubtless have taken years to make the progress I have in much shorter time. 

I rediscovered myself at a core level.

It challenged me to examine my beliefs and confront my fears. The coaching process helped uncover the stories I had been accepting about myself and dispel the myths that caused self doubt and insecurity that I didn’t even realize I had been harboring.

-John Janco
Marketing Operations and Project Management at Atrium innovation

Stacy Wilson

"I learned how to play well under pressure – even at
the Olympics."

Mental toughness training gives you confidence.

It's helped me play well under pressure and cope with injuries.

I think it's essential if you want to perform to your potential.

You owe it to yourself to do mental toughness training, and Lisa Brown's work is so practical because she teaches you skills you can use right away.

-Stacy Wilson
Olympian, Women's Hockey 

"I discovered the motivation and fire within!”

I’ve learned so much in The Courage to Win® I don’t know where to start!

I learned exactly how to work towards my goals.

I know how my emotions impact my life, and what to focus on, and exactly how to manage setbacks.

-Darrell Ell
General Manager, Lethbridge Curing Club


"She helps me become a better version of myself after every one of our sessions."

I have met with Lisa for years now and she is the most caring, compassionate, and genuine person that I have had the pleasure to know.

The best part is that Lisa has given me the confidence to overcome adversity in my past and has given me the tools to build a successful future for myself and my children. Thank you Lisa!”

-Shannon Hart
Registered Nurse

Paul Burton

"The Courage to Win changed my life!"

I graduated from an Ivy League school, got my MBA from Harvard, was successful professionally, but have been aware since my earliest memories that there was an emptiness, a void, that impacted my self worth, and permeated all of my life experiences, in addition to impacting my personal, family and intimate relationships.

At 52 I came to Lisa searching for answers and solutions. Lisa carefully guided me into deep self discovery, and stood by me as I reached higher, meaningful levels of self acceptance. 

I achieved daily and weekly revelations that had true and immediate impact on my life. Lisa changed my life and I am forever grateful that she shared her gifts with me. 

Choose to work with Lisa and your life can be changed as well.

-Paul Burton
Director National Business Development, Great American Art 

How Do You Accept This Offer?

It’s simple. Just click on the Get Instant access now button below and enroll. Within a few
minutes you’ll receive your Assessment Questionnaire to fill out. Then we’ll schedule your
first consult immediately.

Or, if you have questions, email us at and fire away. However, I urge you NOT to procrastinate. As you can imagine, with an offer this good, the program will be full within the next seven to ten days.

Lisa Brown
Lisa Lane Brown

Your friend, 

Lisa Brown, M.A.
Author, The Courage to Win®

PS. Remember, I’m giving you the chance to achieve complete emotional self-mastery and success in all the critical parts of your life for only $697.

Have I finally lost my mind?

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