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Accepting Yourself Unconditionally – The Cure for Low Self Esteem

Have you ever wanted a cure for those low self-esteem days?
Check out this article on how to accept yourself unconditionally,
whether you are having a good day or a not-so-good day.

AcceptingYourself-UnconditionallyBy Lisa Lane Brown

A profound way to accept yourself unconditionally is to experience your fears and frustrations without resistance.

Most of us are quite dismal at this.

We judge, condemn, and rebuke ourselves any time we aren’t 100% confident and happy.

We tell ourselves to ‘get over it,’ not let others ‘get to us,’ and that fear is a sign of weakness.
Tremendous relief comes from self-acceptance, because you do not having to pretend, cover up, or suppress your fears about life challenges.

You enjoy an inner relaxation that is heavenly.

And there is even more good news.

When you accept yourself, it’s easy to drill down and discover WHY you feel anxious, stressed, or frustrated.

Such self-awareness is powerful.

It allows you to DIAGNOSE the cause of your stress so you can PRESCRIBE a solution for it.

“DIAGNOSE before you PRESCRIBE” is as old as time itself.

It’s also central to mental toughness and high self esteem.

Why? Because to have high self esteem, you need to trust yourself. You need to know that you can solve challenges, problems, and setbacks.

And “DIAGNOSE before you PRESCRIBE” is what enables you to solve them.

For example…

You binge eat.

You pretend it’s about pleasure. But when you tune in, you realize that you only binge when you’re forcing yourself to do work you despise.

You get cranky when you spend money.

You tell yourself it’s because the economy is tight. But when you pay attention, you admit to yourself that you feel clueless about how to earn more money.

You get annoyed when your boyfriend tunes you out.

You think it’s because he’s being lame. But when when you’re honest with yourself, you realize he’s genuinely not enjoying your chatter, and you can’t understand why.

You’re procrastinating on a big report.

You think it’s because it’s a tough project. But when you listen to your stress, you confess that that you haven’t thought through the issues and don’t know what to recommend.

Breakthrough Confidence and Success

The Inner Barrier to Self-Acceptance

Of course, the reason we find it so hard to accept ourselves (and tune in to our emotions) is that sometimes we are not the person we would like to be.

When we dislike something, we resist it–and the fears that come with it.

Consider any money, relationship or career problem you have.

Is your attitude towards it one of acceptance or resistance?

You may be wondering, “What if I despise something about myself? How can I accept it? And IF I accept it, am I stuck with my poverty, my upsetting boss, or my weight problem?”


I am not asking you to accept an unsatisfactory situation.

I am merely asking you to listen your fear about it so you can DIAGNOSE what’s scaring you.

The courage to accept your fears–and yourself–always paves the way for change. That’s why I’ve created a Special Report on gaining courage, confidence, and mental toughness.

It’s called, 3 Steps to Breakthrough Confidence and Mental Toughness. Inside I explain the three ugly mistakes most people are making to sabotage their self-esteem and how to avoid them.

You can download it here:

Breakthrough Confidence and Success

Check it out, and let me know what you think.

Your friend,
Lisa B.

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