• HowToEnjoyYourJob2

    How To Enjoy Your Job – Three Simple Steps

    Most people want to enjoy their jobs, and for good reason – we spend more than forty hours a week there. But what can you do to enjoy your job more, even if you don’t like it?

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  • Winning

    The Last Day You Ever Choke in Sport

    Have you ever such overwhelming nerves and performance anxiety in a big competition that you just KNEW you were going to choke? Prevent this from happening to you ever again by discovering the Courage to Win sports psychology mindset you need to bring out your best.

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  • Optimistic

    In A Slump? Avoid This Deadly Mental Game Mistake

    For years I was messed up because I thought the way out of a slump was to think positively. by Lisa Lane Brown Everyone who knew something about sports psychology told me this – my coach, my friends, and even a couple of sports psychologists. […]

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  • HowToCalmYourNerves1

    How To Calm Your Nerves and CRUSH IT In Try Outs

    If you want to truly reach your potential in sport, eventually you will have to face being evaluated and judged. This Courage to Win article explains how to conquer this distractions so you can be mentally tough and shine in try outs.

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  • SpeakinginPublic2

    You Could Be Wrong About Speaking in Public

    If you want to turn the heat up on your career or business, I suggest you master the art of public speaking. This article exposes the myths that make you afraid of public speaking and explains how to enjoy taking the microphone in presentations and meetings.

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