• SpeakinginPublic2

    You Could Be Wrong About Speaking in Public

    If you want to turn the heat up on your career or business, I suggest you master the art of public speaking. This article exposes the myths that make you afraid of public speaking and explains how to enjoy taking the microphone in presentations and meetings.

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  • Coach Or Opponent Killing Your Confidence

    Teammate, Coach or Opponent Killing Your Confidence in Sport? Here’s What To Do

    If you want to reach the pinnacle of success in your sport, sooner or later you’re going to have to deal with toxic teammates, coaches, and opponents. This Courage to Win article will give you a fool-proof recipe for staying strong when there is toxic person in your competing environment.

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  • ThinkingAboutWinninginSport2

    Thinking About Winning in Sport Is NOT Jinxing Yourself

    Have you ever been confused about what to think before a major competition? Do you worry that thinking about winning will make you too nervous or actually jinx you? Read this Courage to Win article to discover the exact mental toughness training to do leading up to a big event.

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  • Bosspicking2

    Boss Picking On You? Here’s What To Do

    Have you ever felt as though you couldn’t do anything right at work? If your boss is picking on you, chances are your motivation is at an all-time low. Read this Courage to Win article to discover how to pull yourself out of your funk, restore your self-esteem, and resolve your stalemate with the boss.

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  • Relationship1 1024x6802

    How To Cure Your Need For Approval in Relationships

    Are you overly sensitive and easily hurt? Do you worry what people think of you? Learn the surprising reason why people reject you and how to get over the need for approval once and for all, even in a relationship or marriage.

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