Jul 30

Harness The Power of A Winning Tennis Self Image

Tennis3Without a winning self-image, you will never have the tennis career you want.

And here’s something you need to know.

To harness the power of your self-image, you need to be VERY careful about the messages you send yourself.

Here’s a classic example…

Ever hang with a negative tennis player?

One who is always complaining? Well, this player is probably trying to lower expectations so he feels less pressure. So he talks about his injuries, his unlikely chances of winning, how tough his opponent is, etc.

Tennis Psychology – The Need To Be Right

Here’s what Mr. Negative forgot.

He forgot that the most powerful psychological need we have is to be consistent with the past.

We need to be right.

Sometimes, we’ll even lose to prove it.

When tennis phenom Monica Seles played legend Chris Evert for the first time, this is exactly what she did. She says, “Chris was one of the greatest players in the history of the game…When I was seven years old, I watched her win her third Wimbledon title…Chrissie took the match in two sets, 6-2, 6-1. I was thrilled I hadn’t been shut out. My only goal at that point was not to throw up from nerves.”

Yet less than a year later, Seles beat Chris Evert.

How about you?

Do you see yourself rising to the top?

If not, you have some work to do on your mental game of tennis. You start by being very careful about the messages you’re sending to yourself.

No more, “I’ll probably lose.”

Or, “I’m too old.”

Remember: your mind will make you right. It’s time to take control and stop handicapping yourself with messages that don’t serve you.

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Light it up out there,

Lisa B.

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