Jul 30

Beat The Odds With Superior Tennis Concentration

Tennis6Many tennis players fail because they are big babies.

Before you accuse me of being harsh, let me explain.

Most players have a program in their minds about what’s supposed to happen in a tennis match — and when things don’t go their way, they get very upset.

They are so busy feeling sorry for themselves, they lose their concentration.

I learned this from a surprising source: a very rich professional gambler.

I’m talking about the kind of guy who needs mental toughness because he lives in Las Vegas and routinely bets $60,000 a hand in blackjack.

The Gambler says:

“I am often surprised at how easily people get upset. They get upset if they don’t hit the jackpot. When they hit a secondary jackpot, they get upset that they didn’t hit the top jackpot. And when they hit the top jackpot, unless it’s something in the millions, they get upset about why they didn’t hit it sooner.”

According to The Gambler, successful gamblers make their money by out-waiting the casino. If they lose a spin in roulette, they double their bet.

If they lose a second time, they increase their bet.

If they lose a third time, they bet even more.

They know that statistically, it’s impossible to lose every spin. Eventually, their numbers are going to hit.

So they wait…and beat the odds.

Gamblers who posses this level of patience are the best of the best.1

Tennis Mental Game Tip –
Patience Leads To Concentration

Tennis champions are a lot like great gamblers.

They use the tennis mental toughness weapon of PATIENCE. They use it to create superior concentration, even when the match is falling apart around them.

They don’t expect to ace every serve, win every point, or smoke their opponent 6-0. They don’t pity themselves when they lose a game…they don’t worry about not getting to a shot….and they don’t constantly obsess over fluctuations in their game.

How about you?

Are you patient? Can you take the long view when things aren’t going your way? If so, you’re headed for some major victories.

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Light it up out there,

Lisa B.

1 Personal conversation with Victor Royer, author of Powerful Profits, 2004. Before you quit your day job and start hanging out at casinos, I want you to know that I’m not advocating gambling. I am merely pointing out that some people have become so skilled at patience that they regularly exploit the casino’s weaknesses and win.

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