Jul 30

A Deadly Tennis Mindset – Focus in The NOW

sportPerhaps the most deadly tennis mindset is to focus completely in the Now.

I’m talking about total focus in the present moment…the kind where you drive across town, get there, and suddenly realize you can’t remember the drive.

This impenetrable focus is very punishing to opponents. You get into such a deep rhythm with your tennis strokes that even tough shots become automatic.

Getting into the Now in sport heightens your genius. In the Now, you become aware of tiny nuances in competition that give you the edge. Without thought or effort, you can make subtle decisions like when to suddenly change the pace of shots during a rally – and mess up your opponent.

Lift Your Tennis Psychology By Focusing In The NOW

Helen Wills Moody, the American tennis legend of the 1930s had a simple mantra that brought her focus into the Now.

After every ball, she would recover her focus by repeating, ‘Every point, every point, every point.’

Simple, yet devastatingly effective.

Remember, there’s no point in making mental training more difficult than it needs to be.

Every point, every point, every point.

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Light it up out there,

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