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The Last Day You Ever Choke in Sport

Learn how to cure overwhelming nerves and performance anxiety so you can perform your best under pressure in sport.

The Last Day You Ever Choke in Sportby Lisa Lane Brown

Whenever I would choke, my coach, Dad, or sport psychologist would tell me that all I need to do was believe in myself.

They would say things like, “You’re a great athlete, why are you second-guessing yourself like this? Just go out there and play the way you KNOW you can.”

Sound familiar?

If so, you know how ridiculously superficial and UNHELPFUL this advice is.

Fortunately I refused to give up on figuring out the sports psychology mindset needed to win under pressure.

What I soon realized is that rather than ignore the fact that you’ve choked, you need to ask yourself WHY you choked.

Here’s a typical case study from a real athlete I worked with:
“Lisa I won the first match and was up 18-12 in the second. I just needed three points to close it out. But I got anxious. I hit the bird into the net and then out. He got momentum, I got frustrated, I ending up losing the tournament. Lisa I need more mental strength.”
–Branden, badminton player

Can you see Branden’s MAJOR problem?

What he’s missing?

He’s doing what 97% of athletes do. He’s thinking about the fact that he got nervous and choked.

And he’s putting himself down for choking.

He forgot to ask WHY he got so nervous.

If you try to fix your sport mental game without answering this question first, you’ll spin your wheels forever.

So I asked my badminton player the one question he WASN’T asking: “What was happening in this match that made you so nervous?”

Turns out his opponent was a long time rival.

Branden beat him five months ago by moving him around the court.

See, Branden’s a smart player. He’s quick. He specializes in exhausting the other player so he can’t get shots back.

That’s how he won five months ago.

But then the inevitable happened.

After he got beat, Branden’s rival got mad.

Then he got better.

When he saw Branden again, he was returning Branden’s shots.

This unnerved Branden, who counts on his opponent not being able to get the bird back.

And here’s the truth: There’s a story behind every match, every game, and every race.

There are physical, technical, and tactical REASONS why one side wins.

There aren’t many flukes in sport.

That’s why it’s so sweet when you win.

But Branden forgot to dig up the story.

My guess?

He didn’t want to face the story.

But that’s how you prevent choking, my friend.

When you get scared, you need to figure out WHY you’re so scared.

There’s usually a very good reason, and it’s often technical, strategical, or physical.

Something is happening out there that’s making you scared.

Once you know what it is, your power is back. You’re now in a position to solve the problem.

Ignore the problem, and your nerves will only get more intense.

That’s why you need to learn the psychology in sport you need to emotionally prepare yourself for every scenario.

Using the Courage to Win in Sport, you will have an answer for every challenge.

You replace fear with determination, smarts, and confidence. You finally begin realizing your potential.

The Courage to Win in Sport System gets you there quickly. You can even try it out FREE for seven days before deciding.

Check it out the Courage to Win in Sport System here.

mind3If you are ready to make yourself a champion, I strongly recommend you do some mental toughness training for sport. It will allow you to stay the course through the obstacles and setbacks you must forge through in order to become a true superstar, winning, champion athlete.

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Your friend,
Lisa B.

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