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The Secret Reason People Fail in Career and Business

Discover the secret reason most people are failing in career and business and put yourself on the fast track by never making this mistake again.

careerby Lisa Lane Brown

There’s a secret cause of failure in career and business that no one will ever tell you.

It’s this:

Your behavior must be CONGRUENT.

Congruent with what?

Congruent with the behaviour of people already achieving the goals you want to achieve, according to Dan S. Kennedy, author of No B.S. Wealth Attraction in the New Economy.

He says: “Consider a goal to lose 40 pounds. Dropping by a doughnut shop every morning is incongruent behaviour.

Taking the elevator to the second floor instead of walking is not congruent…if you get your behaviour congruent with the behaviour of others who have achieved your goals, it is an absolute certainty that your wealth will come flowing in.”

When we fail, it’s because we’re not taking action that’s congruent with our goals and dreams.

It seems so simple. Problem solved!

Not so fast. Here is where it gets tricky.

As soon as we start taking action, we will encounter setbacks.

With setbacks comes learned helplessness. Speaker Brian Tracy has a great little story that explains this phenomenon:

In ancient times, when a merchant needed to train his baby elephant, he’d wrap a rope around the elephant’s leg.

Then he’d tie the rope to a stake and pound it into the ground. The baby elephant would struggle and strain against the rope, but he could never escape it.

Later, all the merchant needed to do was tie a rope around the grown elephant’s leg.

The elephant would instantly freeze and stay in one spot.

The adult elephant was strong enough to bulldoze an entire house to the ground, but he would stand there as long as a rope was tied to his leg.

The elephant had LEARNED to be helpless.

One breakthrough discoveries of psychologists in the 20th century is that we are just like elephants.

The moment we encounter a setback, most of us become helpless.

When I was competing as an elite athlete, it happened to me all the time.

If I didn’t score in my first few shifts, I’d lose my confidence, and wam!

Hello slump.

Breakthrough Confidence and Success

My teammates and coaches knew it.

They’d roll their eyes and say, “She’s done now.”

It happens to all of us.

You try to make a sale, get a promotion, change careers, get help from your co-workers, pitch an idea to your boss…
…and you FAIL…
…and you’re suddenly infected by learned helplessness.

But, you don’t know it.

All you know is that you feel numb.

Learned helplessness is the secret cause of failure in career and business.

It’s a giving up response.

Most of the time, you’re not even aware it’s happening.

You’re still going through the motions, but something is off.

Your edge, your confidence, and your motivation are slipping away from you, and you can feel it.

You may not feel SCARED (although sometimes you do).

You just feel blah.

And you’re worried.

Because blah is not going to get you winning and keep you winning. You cannot take consistent, congruent action as long as you are feeling blah.

This is where courage comes in.

When I talk about courage, I’m not talking about traditional ‘save a child from a burning building’ courage.

I’m talking about the Courage to Win: the power to reverse learned helplessness, and take congruent action on your dreams despite fear, rejection, or intimidation.

In my Courage to Win ADVANCED 30 Day Training Program, you uncover the hidden courage formula in your mind.

Your courage formula is how you have been programmed to deal with fear, both consciously and unconsciously.

That’s why you can be very skilled, talented, and educated, but if your courage formula is not fine-tuned, then happiness and success will elude you no matter how hard you work.

Imagine trying to drive a car with the emergency brake on. You know where you want to go and you’re pressing on the gas, but you can feel an internal force blocking you.

It’s the same when you’re struggling with a problem in career and business.

The internal force blocking you is fear and learned helplessness. That’s why simply working harder to solve the problem doesn’t help, because you’re just pressing on the gas.

Instead, you need to remove the brake by mastering your fear. For this, you’ll need to fine-tune your courage formula using my advanced tutorials, methods, and strategies.

Check it out the Courage to Win ADVANCED 30 Day Program here.

Your friend,
Lisa B.

Breakthrough Confidence and Success

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