Customer Feedback

Debbie O’Flynn, Enmax
I had a professional goal but what I took away were powerful tools that can be used in all aspects of my life. This session was powerful and very much reached me in so far as self examination.Debbie O’Flynn
Pat Archer, Enmax Power
Lisa, you are a great instructor! Please never stop instructing. Your course is great and the way you present it is outstanding. Pat Archer
Darryl Durrent
Mental toughness is a very good course for tapping into your strengths and learning how to deal with negativity. It’s excellent for building self-esteem and confidence.Darryl Durrent
Christine Cartier, Water Sanitation
This course should be mandatory for all people. It would make this world a better place to live.Christine Cartier
Colleen Biondi, Catholic Family Service
I thoroughly enjoyed the two days, learned skills I can practice immediately and met some fine people. Can life get any better?Colleen Biondi
Pete Mierau, Pengrowth Corporation
Really enjoyed the two days as they provided some sound techniques for improving my mental approach to problems I was having difficulty with. Pete Mierau
Diane Lemire, Alberta Pensions Administration Corporation
I enjoyed that the class was interactive involving all course participant. It resulted in a warm, nurturing environment that made it safe to explore deep, personal issues. Diane Lemire
Arlene Oliver, Weatherford A.LS.
The course was excellent! I totally enjoyed the two days. I learned techniques, tips, and ideas that will really help me. I have learned that I have to start with myself and then I can do a better job with the people around me. Arlene Oliver
Rob Losing, Market Research, Edmonton Sun
The course was excellent and very timely for me personally. It was very enjoyable and it gave me some very useful tools that are good for all aspects of life.Rob Losing
Paul M. Gahun, C.N. Rail
The program deploys excellent and practical methods of delivery towards anyone who wishes to achieve both their personal and professional goals and objectives. Paul M. Gahun
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