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Jeanie Markin, TransCanada Pipelines
I am very grateful I had the opportunity to take the mental toughness program. I process every day situations much easier and feel so much happier with myself. I feel very confident with my decisions…I’m on the right track! Jeanie Markin
Anne Belzil, Calgary Parks and Recreation
The tools are immediately applicable to my life and work. Well done! Anne Belzil
Barb Biggs, Executive Director, Alzeimher’s Association of Calgary
The thing I valued was the focus on now: what can we do now to address this? Mental toughness is incredibly solution-oriented and always brings an orientation of ‘It’s possible to overcome this problem’. I found this very inspirational.Barb Biggs
Monica Brinck, TransCanada Pipelines
This program gave me the ability to deal with adversity. Instead of being devastated by negative news, I have a clear set of goals and plan of action to achieve them. I feel very confident about my future.Monica Brinck
Brenda Staniforth, Coach, Canadian Olympic Women's Softball Team
Mental toughness training allowed us to turn our focus on the game itself. It is a practical approach based on real experience...she even helped me become a better coach to my athletes.Brenda Staniforth
Kirsten Swan, University of Calgary Women's Basketball Team
Doing mental toughness training with Lisa has made THE difference in my athletic career it's the reason I'm still a successful, competing athlete today. Mental toughness training completely changed my ability to perform AND my confidence level.Kirsten Swan
Brooke Harris, 1998 Canadian Jr. Badminton Doubles Champion
With mental toughness I discovered some underlying thinking patterns that were keeping me from getting the results I deserved in competition. I got in touch with my desire, my motivation to win, and 'the dream'. I was able to focus intensely in training and realized how much I love my sport. Brooke Harris
Joanne Siptka, Finalist, Olympic Women's Curling Trials
Mental toughness training provides a distinct advantage over those who don't do it. I enhanced my ability to focus on the right things so I had consistent peak performance. We learned how, when and why we were performing well so we could figure out exactly what to do to be successful. We were able to totally prepare for big competitions by planning and problem-solving. Joanne Siptka
Ron Meyers, Former Director National Curling Development Centre
You can have everything all the skill it takes but you will never achieve your goals if you don't have mental toughness... it is a must for anyone interested in excelling at a high level. The way she teaches mental toughness allows you to understand it and apply it practically in a short period of time.Ron Meyers
Hubert Owens,Home Depot
I've gone from being pessimistic about starting my own business to feeling dynamic, sure, and proactive regarding it. I've taken dramatic action every day I move toward the goal. I can see it happening! Hubert Owens
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