Customer Feedback

Bret MacAulay
I saw a significant confidence change at the camp from the training session prior to yours to training session after. Thanks for the inspiration.Bret MacAulay
Alice Santos, University of Alberta
Wonderful course! One of the best ones I have ever attended! Alice Santos
Lori Smith
Lisa is an ideal role model for our girls in many many ways and as such, she may influence the team notedly. As a female entrepreneur, I feel she models professionalism, intelligence, high achievement, and integrity both on and off the ice. The fact that she is a national level Ringette player is a plus.Lori Smith
Magdalena (Medy) Dytuco, Enbridge Inc.
Mental toughness training allows us to see WHY we do the things we do so we can be more effective. In business, it is so important to have confidence and conviction in our actions. Mental toughness training gives you tools to develop these skills so you are more productive, effective, and motivated at work.Magdalena (Medy) Dytuco
Keri Polczer, Wend-Di Interiors Ltd.
I was delighted with the content of the course material. I walked away with a set of tools I can use in all aspects of my life – personal and career.Keri Polczer
Dominic Michiels, Shell Canada
This was a very worthwhile course. It was very practical and well-structured for getting results. I can develop and use the information immediately.Dominic Michiels
Katrina Beardow, City of Calgary
I went in with a great deal of trepidation because I knew it would be more ‘touchy-feely’ than I was comfortable with, but I had a tremendous experience and learned a great deal about myself in the process.Katrina Beardow
Anne Belzil, Calgary Parks and Recreation
This course has been life changing for me. It is extremely inspiring. Anne Belzil
Chantelle Clark, Suncor
The tools are immediately applicable to my life and work. Well done!Chantelle Clark
Maribeth Gates, Brewster Transport
Mental toughness is very effective. It helped me recognize that I have the ability to change my destiny to control my future. I will practice the skills immediately. Maribeth Gates
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