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Anne Otto
Anne OttoI am a lawn bowler of three years and have improved dramatically since purchasing these. I have had many comments on how well I am playing. One of the men at our club told me today that he loves the way I do it. He said every time I go out, I go out to play. How good is that! I won the two bowls singles internal Club tournament, beating the girl who has “always” won it. I am loving it!Anne Otto
Seham Taha, Fortis Alberta
This course is going to help me change my life at home and at work! I'm super-satisfied.Seham Taha
John MacNaughton, Quality Assurance
Mental Toughness exceeded my expectations particularly in the way of renewed trust in my co-workers and leaders.John MacNaughton
Doug Beaton, Contract Management
Mental Toughness is very effective. I will focus on my abilities to change what I can change and not waste my time and money on things outside of my control. I’d recommend this training because it provides a format and environment for one to analyze and evaluate your actions and methods.Doug Beaton
Cornell Pich, Business Development
I’ll use Mental Toughness in all aspects of my life. I’ll look at life from the two-sided coin perspective. This training was a great experience. Well taught!Cornell Pich
Malcolm Munro
This was a truly outstanding course that challenges conventional thinking on Team Building and interpersonal skills. Mental Toughness provides the basics for tackling those hidden fears that inhibit personal growth.Malcolm Munro
Dennis Kuklovsky, Naval System Support
Mental Toughness provided many valuable tools to meet the challenges of everyday life. I will use Mental Toughness to meet problems head on and to identify what I can control and what I can’t. You’ve provided great tools and methods for using them. Your belief in your program is refreshing.Dennis Kuklovsky
Eric Harrison, Airbourne Support Service
This program exceeds my expectations. Everyone would benefit from this training as it will allow better overall team dynamics.Eric Harrison
Francine Longpre, EnCana Corporation
Personally, some elements of the course will serve me for my whole life…I now have a tool to improve my emotional immune system.Francine Longpre
Darlene Gogal, ADT Security Services
Lisa, this has been the most challenging and rewarding course I’ve ever taken. You’re shed so much light on things for me that I will always be grateful. This has been a wonderful journey of self-discovery. Thank you with all my heart!Darlene Gogal
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