Customer Feedback

Rachel Ewert, Norampac Inc.
The Courage to Win® program has been a real awakening for me. It's allowed me to focus on and change repetitive ways I used to respond to things...I am far more positive in how I deal with situations as a parent and an employee! Rachel Ewert
Karen Jordan, Alberta One-Call Corporation
Mental toughness training has been the key to survival for me--both personally and professionally. I'm better at my job I have a better relationship with my customers and I know I'm a better communicator. Mental toughness training is the best investment I've ever made in myself.Karen Jordan
Debbie Zimmer,Canadian Occidental Petroleum
I highly recommend this program for anyone interested in being successful. Debbie Zimmer
Shelley Gierman, Nova Gas Transmissions
Mental toughness training is beneficial for everyone. We can all use it, and we all need it Shelley Gierman
Lisa Hargreaves
Outstanding principles for people who are ready to take control of their lives.Lisa Hargreaves
Kim Wright, Director of Marketing and Sales, Global ISN
I had a goal that I was just not taking action on. All I could see were the barriers to that goal and I was pessimistic that I would ever be able to achieve it. Today I'm in a completely different place about it...I've gone from a state of inaction to where I feel I can move forward. I know I can handle everything that lies ahead of me without fear!Kim Wright
Carolyn Gruchy, Calgary Health Region
Taking this course has turned my thinking around. Instead of feeling trapped and powerless to change my life, I am committed to goals that are inspiring to me. I am more accepting of myself and my emotions. I’m more optimistic and self-confident as I experience success in my goalsCarolyn Gruchy
Sara Foster, Numac Energy Inc
Since mental toughness training I have made two major breakthroughs with key people at work. I already feel more powerful. This training was like the kick in the butt I needed. Not only am I being accountable but I am really inspired.Sara Foster
Judy Turner, Alberta Women’s Enterprise Initiative
‘Informative, Insightful, Entertaining, and Motivational.’ Your mental toughness presentation was informative, insightful, entertaining and motivational.Judy Turner
Jean Silzer, Dreambuilders Conference Coodinator
It was a great success. Your seminar at our Annual Dreambuilders Education Conference was a great success. Evaluations have been very positive. You willingness to share your expertise provided participants with a valuable, practical learning experience. Jean Silzer
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