The #1 Golf Instruction Lie

Here’s The Dirty Little Secret “They”
Hope You’ll Never Learn

If you’re over the age of 55 and feel like no matter HOW much you work to improve your swing… no matter how many swing clinics you go to… no matter how many instructional golf videos you watch…

If despite all your efforts you STILL end up humiliated by that same old unreliable swing you’ve been fighting for years…

…Then you are one of the millions of victims of the biggest lie in the history of golf instruction.

I’m here to tell you today that you are NOT alone, that it’s NOT your fault… and that there is a better way.

When I ask golfers, “Why do you think your drives are inconsistent?” they almost always say, “I need to fix my swing.”

And that is EXACTLY what the golf instruction industry has brain-washed golfers to think, because this is the line of thinking that gets people to sign up for their swing clinics, coaching packages, and home study courses.

In other words… your obsession with technique is making the golf instruction industry rich!

The LIE goes like this: “Let us show you what’s wrong with your swing (often using fancy names like “death moves” or “swing killers”)… then let us show you how to “fix” these moves… and voila! Your swing problems are solved!”

Except… they’re not.

The TRUTH is that this “technique” based approach to golf would take thousands and thousands of practice shots on the driving range to make even TINY improvements to your golf swing performance (especially if you’re over the age of 55)… because of this pesky little thing called “muscle memory.”

In a nutshell, the older you are, the more “set in stone” your golf swing becomes… and the harder it is to change it. It’s like a bad habit: the longer you have it, the harder it is to break.

Sure, you can make SOME improvement, but it’s like trying to break through the earth’s gravitational field: it requires tremendous amounts of “thrust” and effort… and it actually interferes with your natural ability to execute.

PGA pro John Daly said it best:

“The average golfer steps up to the ball and starts thinking a mile a minute: ‘What’s my target line, how’s my grip, where are my elbows, take it back low and slow, remember to pivot, cock my wrists, bring my shoulder down and through…’

…with all that thinking going on, it’s a wonder every swing doesn’t end up a whiff.”

Maybe you can relate.

The bottom line is that trying to improve your game by “fixing” your swing will almost never give you the quantum leap in swing performance you’re looking for.

“So… I’m just an old dog who can’t learn new tricks?”

Not at all!

I’ve seen tremendous results showing my students a radically different approach to improving their swing performance.

Instead of trying to “fix” your swing, we focus on the ONE “forgotten” aspect of your game that has exponentially more leverage than “technique…”

It’s the one aspect of your game you have complete control over, and once you master the simple steps it requires, you will finally achieve the true breakthrough swing performance you’ve been looking for.

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