How To Smack 250 Yard Drives
Straight Down The Fairway On Every
Hole Starting Tomorrow, Guaranteed

Rogue Golf Guru Reveals Dead-Simple Trick
That Unlocks Your Best Possible Swing WITHOUT
Messing With “Technique”

Dear Friend,

If you’re sick and tired of embarrassing slices and high scores that simply don’t reflect all the time and effort you’ve spent trying to improve your game…

If your heart pounds with fear when you walk up to the tee because you know your shot could go ANYWHERE but where you want it to…

…then I want to tell you right now you are NOT alone, and it’s not your fault.

It’s Time To Fight Back

As you know, the golf industry is a racket making billions of dollars off the lie that fixing your “technique” will give you the results you want..

In the next few minutes, I’m going to show you a truly “stupid-simple” trick I’ve only shared with my own students that allows you to smack the ball 250+ yards down the fairway with absolute consistency WITHOUT messing around with “technique.”

I’m talking hole after hole, game after game, year after year MASSIVE improvement.

The Easiest, Most Fool-Proof Drive Fixer Is Right Here

reportYou can continue to limp along, stewing inside after yet another embarrassingly high score, hoping that somehow, someday you’ll finally drop that handicap that’s been dogging you all these years…


Read this simple 27 page report that will show you EXACTLY what you need to do to smack 250+ yard drives on each and every hole in one easy 20 minute read.

No fluff and NO B.S.

Just get the raw information and step by step instructions you need to put this simple yet powerful tactic to work for you the very next time you play.

Here’s Just a LITTLE of what you’ll discover…

A simple 10 second exercise that “unlocks” the long straight drives you’re already capable of, on demand.

Why PRESSING is killing your ability to drive the ball 250+ yards

The secret of E.V. and why every single successful golfer I know does this. Without E.V. you will NEVER achieve the distance or accuracy you’re looking for

The #1 REAL reason your drives aren’t as straight and long as you’d like them to be (it’s NOT what you think)

What 90% of golfers focus on when driving the ball–and why this completely screws up your shot

A simple way to cure your hooks and slices so you can hit your ball with stunning, pinpoint accuracy

I Can’t Take Credit For This Method

I wish I could tell you I came up with this method myself. But the truth is that I found it in a completely different sport, “stole” it, and applied it to golf. The results for the 21,234 golfers I serve and teach has been astonishing.

I’ve seen first-hand how this simple approach has revolutionized the game of every single golfer I’ve shared it with… even and ESPECIALLY when they’ve tried everything else out there.

Don’t let the small size (just 27 pages) fool you. HUNDREDS of hours of research went into this project.

The method outlined in the report truly is THAT simple, plus it’s fast and easy to learn so you can start using this information immediately.

Stop Struggling To Figure It Out On Your Own

How much frustration is your golf game causing you? How well are all those “technique”-based books and videos working out for you?

Think of how much easier it would be to stop the madness and just copy this proven method I’ve already figured out for you.


Walking up to the tee with quiet confidence, KNOWING your ball will fly straight and true down the fairway

Actually ENJOYING the game of golf again because you don’t have to worry about humiliating yourself in front of your buddies

The feeling you’ll get when you drop 10 or even 20 points on your very next game

Why It’s Just $7

I’m only charging $7 for this report, and not giving this report away, for 3 reasons:

$7 puts the report within reach of the vast majority of people. It’s not too expensive for even the humblest beginner.

Any golfer who’s not serious enough about their game to invest $7 into this report isn’t going to take the time to read about the secret laid out in the report anyway.

Anyone who is serious enough to put down the price of a fast food dinner and buy this report has the opportunity to massively improve their golf game.

If you’re thinking, “$7 is so cheap! What’s the catch?” There is none.

I’ve devoted my life to helping golfers unlock their true golf potential and I know everyone needs this vital report so I’m willing to do this for you.

So if you’re serious about hitting the long straight drives you’re capable of and would like to have an expertly written report that explains the method to you in plain English, click the “Buy Now” button below.

If you need to justify the expense, skip going to McDonald’s for dinner once this week and it’s paid for.

My “Double You’ll Love It” Guarantee

guaranteeGuarantee #1 If for any reason you think my report isn’t the best $7 you’ve ever spent, just send me an email and I’ll gladly refund you a whole 7 dollars.

Guarantee #2 If you actually DO what I recommend for you to do in the report and your results aren’t great, I’ll actually refund TWICE your money. All I ask is that you give me an honest effort.

How is that for fair?

I’ll Only Sell 500 Copies At This Price

Time is very much “Of the Essence”… I can’t stress the time-sensitiveness of this offer enough.

Not only will the 500 copies go quickly (at which point the $7 discount will expire) but trust me, you don’t want to miss it…

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WARNING: You Will Make Mistakes

A man who represents himself in court has a FOOL for a lawyer and we all know that people who don’t read the instructions SCREW things up.

I would hate for you to go another DAY with a lame duck swing you KNOW isn’t your best. And really, there’s no reason you should put up with it when there is a proven method for fixing it the very next time you play. The report you’re just seconds away from reading will show you exactly what to do.

This tiny $7 report is the only thing standing between you and those 250 yard drives you’ve been trying for all these years.

P.S. Remember, there is more actionable real information in this tiny report then you’ll get watching a dozen videos… the system in this report has worked for other golfers just like you… and it’s 100% guaranteed so you can’t possibly lose. It’s a no brainer.

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Here’s What My Students Say…

“You got me away from analyzing myself DURING my swing”

John Smith, Sydney, Australia
Hi Lisa, …Golf was always frustrating for me because I spend too much time on the technical aspects of the game and over-analyzed my swing. You got me away from analyzing myself DURING my swing, and I never felt so enlightened on the golf course. You showed me the weaknesses in my mental game, allowing me to dramatically lower my score and enjoy golf at the same time. I am having a blast out there!… Thanks for all your great drills and ideasJohn Smith

“Your book has helped me out tremendously in only 1 week.”

Robbie Huston, TX
How are you? Doing great here. I ordered Breakthrough Golf last week. I read through it and picked out what I thought would be best for my game. I realized my problem was definitely mental. I practiced the mental approaches on the range and the putting green and I noticed a difference almost immediately. I have since played 2 rounds and the first one I shot an 83 on a pretty easy course from the white tees. The second I shot an 81 on a tougher course that was over 6900 yards from the championship tees. Yes I played from the championship tees. I was able to stay in the zone even after a bad shot and my putting was awesome. I 1 putted 5 holes unfortunately only 1 was for birdy. Last summer I had trouble getting it under 90. I am starting to keep a handicap and it is 7.3. Your book has helped me out tremendously in only 1 week. I can only imagine what it will do for me over a year. My goal is to shoot par and I know I can do it with your approach to the mental game. Thank you so much. Robbie Huston, TX

“Since buying her book, I find myself naturally applying her techniques”

Maureen Mallmes
So much time is spent on the technical aspects of golf...perfecting the grip, the stance, the swing. Lisa's approach is entirely unique-one that uses your best instincts to improve your game. Since buying her book, I find myself naturally applying her techniques with no extra effort-and getting the results I want! Maureen Mallmes

Click on the “Add To Cart” button below to get instant access to “Breakthrough Drives” risk-free for just $7…

Click Here to Claim Your Copy of the “Breakthrough Drives!” for only $7
To order the Breakthrough Drives! using PayPal, please click here