Aug 19

Why You Underrate Yourself And What To Do About It

I’m always surprised how much athletes underrate themselves.

They like the idea of developing an incredibly strong, confident, powerful self-image.

…but they never make an unequivocal commitment to BELIEVE in themselves all the way.


Secretly, most people worry about becoming an insufferable braggart.

The poster child for this fear is Muhammad Ali.

Ali was legendary for his psychological tactics.

He nicknamed himself the Greatest, and he’d praise himself to anyone who’d listen.

Before fighting Sonny Liston, Ali said he would “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.”

Then he declared Liston would lose because “Your hands can’t hit what your eyes can’t see.”

Despite what Ali did, the path to a strong self-image is NOT acting superior or being obnoxious.

It’s discovering your true self as an athlete and bringing your self-image in line with it.

Once you do that, believing is easy.

Here’s a simple test you can try.

It’s from Dr. Nathaniel Branden, the father of the modern self-esteem movement.

When his clients are at their lowest, Dr. Branden surprises them.

He accuses them of secretly LIKING themselves.

And they always admit he’s right.

Here’s the test:

When in your sport do you like yourself the most?

Write down anything that comes into your mind.

Your answers might surprise you.

They are the starting point to finding your true self …which is the precursor to a powerful self-image.

This brings me back to Ali.

Underneath Ali’s braggart exterior was a man of unusually strong convinctions.

In fact Ali gave up six years in the prime of his boxing career by refusing to fight in Viet Nam.

You may agree or not with Ali on Viet Nam. It’s a personal choice.

But here was a guy who knew his true self.

I suspect it was the real source of Ali’s psychological strength.

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