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Thinking About Winning in Sport Is NOT Jinxing Yourself

Worried that thinking about winning will jinx you? Discover what to think about in the weeks leading up to a major competition when you feel nervous, including when to focus on winning.

ThinkingAboutWinninginSportby Lisa Lane Brown

“This is the only race of my life where I just felt I was going to win. I used to think it was bad to think about winning, that I was going to jinx it.”
–Ashleigh McIvor, Olympic Gold Medalist, Ski Cross

It’s time to clear up the confusion out there about how you can JINX yourself before a big event (including what mental toughness training to do).
…and please listen up, because this is important.

You will never jinx yourself by thinking about winning BEFORE an event.

Thinking about winning is only a problem if you focus on it DURING your event.

That’s because you cannot control winning.

If you could, you’d always win.

In classic sports psychology terms, if think “outcome” during an event – about winning or performing well, you’ll probably tighten up.

It’s called PRESSING, and we’ve all done it.

When you’re PRESSING – thinking outcome – you stop focusing on what you need to do to win…such as nailing landings, getting a good start out of the blocks, moving your opponent around the court, or driving to the net.

When you focus on outcome, you lose awareness of what’s actually happening in your event, and make tiny mistakes.

So when do you think about winning?

You think about it every day leading up to your event.

In training, in practice, even as you’re falling asleep at night.

In fact, visualizing yourself winning is exactly what you should do.

But once you’re event starts, you get into the Now.

You’re busy.

You’re concentrating.

You’re focused.

You’re completely absorbed in what you’re doing.

Winning — and performing well – takes care of itself.

Besides, you’ve already programmed your mind for success.

It’s handled.
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mind3If you are ready to make yourself a champion, I strongly recommend you do some mental toughness training for sport. It will allow you to stay the course through the obstacles and setbacks you must forge through in order to become a true superstar, winning, champion athlete.

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Light it up out there,
Lisa B.

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