Aug 19

Stop Coddling Yourself And Break Through

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.

Few athletes train hard enough to discover how good they could truly be.

Most athletes are training at 60% capacity and think they are working too hard.

But, a few actually GET what quality training is.

They are the ones that break through.

Take Muhammed Ali.

Ali was known for his staying power against stronger, tougher opponents.

Yet Ali didn’t like training at all.

He just knew how to motivate himself. He says: “I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion’.”

Then there’s Brian Urlacher, who started out as an above-average high school football player in Lovington, New Mexico.

At the urging of strength coach Jamie Quinones, Urlacher began weight training.

In less than two years, he grew 5 inches and gained 60 lbs. of pure muscle. Amazingly, instead of losing speed, quickness and agilty, he increased in all areas.

When football season began again, Urlacher had become a beast, and his skills proved too valuable to keep him at one position.

Besides wide receiver, the coach used him at running back, return specialist, linebacker and defensive back.

Lovington rolled to a perfect 14-0 season and won the New Mexico state 3-A championship.

Despite Urlacher’s accomplishments, only two Division 1 Universities offered him scholarships.

Urlacher enrolled at New Mexico and, showing the same work ethic, went back into the weight room and made himself even bigger.

The fall of his junior season, a new position was created for Urlacher, the “Lobo-Back,” a hybrid linebacker/free safety who roams the field from sideline to sideline.

In the 2000 NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears selected Urlacher. “I learned in junior-high that just having the skill isn’t enough,” Urlacher says. “One thing that keeps me going is realising that my opponents are working just as hard as I am, and I’m determined to outwork EVERYONE.”

To reach your potential as an athlete, you need dramatically increase the quality of your effort in training or practise.

Right now, you’ve developed ways of training that are familiar to you, ways that you KNOW you can handle.

In fact, the way you train probably shows off your strengths.

Instead I want you to challenge yourself every day to go beyond.

Extend to the wall physically the entire time.

This will develop your mental game tremendously, because you stop coddling yourself.

You crush your opponents by digging deep every day BEFORE competing.

So go to practice today with your new mentality – one that pushes you further.

This kind of fortitude is just one of the mental toughness strategies superstars use on a daily basis to rise above.

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Light it up out there,

Lisa B.

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