“How to Create Instant Focus”

Astonishing WINNING Focus and Concentration
Method Allows You to Get in the Zone, Deliver
Peak Performance, and WIN Consistently
–With No Extra Effort or Training


Lisa Lane Brown’s
Instant Focus Method

instantfocusmethodEquipped with this potent method, you will be able to become the peak performing, star athlete you’ve always had the potential to be.

You will ascend to the top of the league, command oodles of playing time, and inspire your fans…you will win accolades, get voted MVP, claim your choice teams and scholarships, and strike fear and dread in the hearts of your rivals.

Best of all, you will finally be able to get and stay in the zone during your biggest events – even at ‘crunch time’ rather than watching victory slip away from you in disbelief and horror.


Dear Friend,

In sport, winning is usually decided by a very tiny margin that can almost always be traced back to a lapse in concentration and focus, especially at those critical ‘crunch time’ moments.

A few months ago I interviewed a group of golfers. I asked them, “What is your biggest mental challenge?”

Almost all of them said something like…

“When I screw up the shot, it’s because my mind drifts,” or “It’s hard to stay focused. I get distracted and then I RUSH,” or “I over-think it after hitting a bad shot. Instead of hitting it I’m thinking of technique.”

Every athlete can relate. The truth is that without the ability to focus and concentrate in your biggest events, it’s virtually impossible to realize your dreams in sport – whether you want to win that big championship, climb the rankings, be voted MVP, or simply perform your best under pressure.

What’s more, the higher you go in sport, the bigger the distractions – the kind that can really cripple your concentration and focus.

And while every athlete knows the joy of being able to really focus and get in the zone, the sad truth is that up until now, only a precious few have known how to get into it deliberately.

Finally you can learn how to crush any performance and WIN using my powerful method for getting in the zone and achieving extraordinary focus and concentration under pressure in sport.

This method gives you the chance to finally:


Stop over-analyzing and over-thinking everything – and let go and finally trust your skills, right from the beginning of the event.


Stop “switching off” at crucial moments and instead raise your game: score winning goals, close out matches, achieve personal bests, and break records.


Let go of anxiety, fear, and negativity so you can go for it at ‘crunch time.’


Stop dwelling on errors and easily re-gain your confidence and momentum instead.


Start your event focused and flying right from the start so you can intimidate even the most talented opponents.


Eliminate the question, “Am I good enough?” so you can stop being haunted by it and finally perform with your genius on autopilot.


Break free of obsessing about winning and losing (which makes you lose focus) so you can remain in a cocoon of concentration throughout your event.

Unfortunately, focus and concentration isn’t something
you can get just by “wanting” to have it.

Unfortunately, intense focus and concentration isn’t something you can do just have by “telling yourself” to focus and get into the zone.

Right now you might be saying to yourself, “Aw, come on. All I need is a bit more discipline and to really bear down a bit more when it counts.”

That’s certainly what MOST athletes out there think – and so they put band-aids on the problem and make little, if any, progress.

If you REALLY want to manifest more focus, concentration, and better performance, you need to learn this amazing method.

You need to learn the Instant Focus Method for yourself.

Luckily, through my own research and personal toil I’ve developed a magical method for instant focus and concentration. Ladies and gentleman, please welcome…

An Astounding Winning Focus and Concentration Method
That Will Allow You to Deliver Peak Performance
and WIN Consistently

I’ve discovered a method any athlete can use to make to transform his ability to focus and concentrate overnight…and it won’t take you years, months, or even weeks.

What’s even better is that you’ll never again have to worry about ‘losing your concentration’ and wonder where it went.

My new program is calledThe Instant Focus Method.

In it, I am pulling back the curtain and revealing my INSIDER, never-before-spilled secrets for getting and staying in the zone in your biggest events.

The vast majority of athletes do not even know
this method exists.

Here is what this discovery is all about.

To truly focus and deliver winning peak performances, you need to be able to stop paying attention to what’s going on inside your head and get your focus absorbed your event instead.

Most athletes know this, but as soon as they are hit by a setback or a weird distraction, they starting obsessing about winning and losing, or technique, or whether or not they are good enough.

The moment this happens, they start getting more and more focused on what’s going on inside their minds instead of what’s going on around them.

Before they know it, their performance starts to go downhill, which causes them to lose their focus even more, and the cycle repeats itself.

How To “Get in the Zone” and Eliminate
Mental Habits That Are Killing Your Performance!

What we are going to do is program you to focus, concentrate, and get
in the Zone no matter what’s going on around you.

Golf PlayerUsing the Instant Focus Method…

You can be confident, relaxed and stay in the zone.

You can re-focus when there is a break, when someone upsets you, or when you are tired so you can come back stronger than ever

You can raise your intensity and push your personal boundaries during ‘crunch time’ to prevail out there

You can overcome perfectionism and frustration and rise to the occasion, no matter what

You can let go of doubts, including wondering if you’re not good enough – once and for all.

How to Seize Victory at Crunch Time
– From Superstar David Beckham

To seize victory against Argentina in the 2002 World Cup, David Beckham had to stay focused in the face of three huge distractions.

Against a tough, intimidating Argentina squad, Beckham gets his chance to put England ahead.

He’s awarded a penalty kick.

Enter Distraction 1.

Who should take the penalty kick?

Both Beckham and teammate Michael Owen, who had just been fouled too, were eligible to take it.

Beckham dismisses Distraction 1 without a second thought and decides to kick.

Enter Distraction 2.

Next Diego Simeone of Argentina decides to play head games with Beckham.

He stands in front of Beckham, then walks past the ball towards offers Beckham his hand, expecting Beckham to shake it.

Beckham ignores Distraction 2. He looked through Simoene to the goal, blanking him out.

At this point, the only distraction left is the pressure.

Beckham then kicked the ball towards the goal as hard as he could.


It was the winning goal for England that day.

His secret?

Despite his nerves, Beckahm had the ability to concentrate and seize victory at crunch time.

When you learn exactly how to do the same, you’ll be able to do the most incredible things out there.

Creating Instant Focus will be one of the most empowering, exciting things you ever learn.

It is going to wipe out the frustration you’re having today. Whether you are not playing well in tryouts or evaluation situations, not showing your best in actual competitions, or just plain underachieving, you can eliminate these problems with record speed.

The best part is you will not have to spend extra time (in fact I don’t want you investing more time – I want you investing less).

You will immediately start performing up to your potential with surprising enjoyment.

The Instant Focus Method

The Instant Focus Method was born when I challenged myself to create the simplest, easiest method possible for getting in the zone. I set out the following criteria:

no1The Method had to be ridiculously simple.

no2The Method had to work for everyone who did it.

no3The Method had to provide you with the ability to get in the zone so you have impenetrable focus and concentration during your biggest events.

The result?

A proven, miraculous method that you can use to program yourself with instant focus with virtually zero effort on your part.

I use my proprietary “Visualization Audio & Video Training” – which totally removes the “work” on your part.

No endless studying or journaling.

No exhausting affirmations or trying to change your thinking.

In fact, all you need to do is hit “play” and you will program yourself for amazing focus and concentration whenever you need it.

It’s almost like pushing a button! It’s that easy!

Here’s a quick re-cap of the sessions you get:


Session One
The Instant Focus Method

In this session you will learn the astonishing WINNING focus and concentration method that will allow you to get in the zone, deliver peak performance, and WIN consistently–with no Extra effort or training.


Session Two
Getting in the Zone Right from the Start

You will program yourself to start your event focused and flying right from the start so you can finally trust your skills right from the beginning of the event and intimidate even the most talented opponents.


Session Three
Letting Go of Negativity, Errors, and Self-Doubt
& How to Focus at Crunch Time and WIN

In this session you program how to let go of anxiety, fear, and negativity so you can go for it at ‘crunch time.’ You will discover how to stop dwelling on errors and easily re-gain your confidence and momentum instead.

Rather than “switching off” at crucial moments, you will program yourself to raise your game instead: to score winning goals, close out matches, achieve personal bests, and break records.

You will also learn how to break free of obsessing about winning and losing (which makes you lose focus) so you can remain in a cocoon of concentration throughout your event.


Session Four
Visualization Audio
Improving Concentration and Focus

This special session is a unique visualization session called, “Awesome concentration and focus for peak performance: Learn how to control, aim and command your mind with using visualization.”

This visualization audio will program you to set aside negative thoughts and doubts about yourself and your performance, get yourself in the flow state of joy and optimal performance, embrace the challenge of competing, and heighten your awareness of everything around you so you can execute perfectly.

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Easy Delivery & Immediate Access

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The whole process takes just a few minutes and you’ll have your method in less than 5 minutes from right now.

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Tennis PlayerThe catch is that this price is for my loyal subscribers ONLY. When I release the program to the public over the internet, it will be at least three times that much.

I’ve devoted my life to helping people unlock their true potential and I know everyone needs this vital program so I’m willing to do this for you.

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Here’s What My Students Say…

“I played my best, even in the most high pressure moments.”

Laura Warner, Team Canada, Ringette
laura_warnerLisa's mental toughness online program made me a 2 time World Champion. I was ready to conquer every possible distraction in international competition. I played my best, even in the most high pressure moments.Laura Warner

“I am a more focused, driven, and prepared player”

Charmaine Reid, Olympian, Badminton
charmaineI am a more focused, driven, and prepared player because of the Courage to Win®. Charmaine ReidCharmaine Reid

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