Let Go Of Doubting And Criticizing Yourself,
Selling Yourself Short, And Under-Estimating Your Talent.

I Will Show You How To Unleash Your Innate
Your T
rue Greatness, Increase Your Earning Power
and TurboCharge Your Career.

It’s Simple, Easy, And I Guarantee It!

Let go of doubting and criticizing yourself…selling yourself short and underestimating your talents…second-guessing your ideas…procrastinating on your dreams…stressing over possible failure…exhausting yourself with people pleasing and perfectionism…enduring intense performance anxiety – and finally learn the astonishingly easy secrets of DEEP MENTAL TOUGHNESS. Note: It does NOT mean years of study and affirmations or countless therapy sessions! If you just want to wipe your self-doubts and fears off the map (and turbo-charge your career or business at the same time), you will LOVE my new program…

From: Lisa Lane Brown, M.A.

Head Mental Toughness Fanatic, the Courage to Win®

Throw out your expensive self-help library – and the phone number of your expensive therapist too, for achievers like Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison did not unleash their true greatness by reading hundreds of self-help books and going to therapy for years.

Modern personal development “experts” and even some psychiatrists have messed up everyone’s thinking about fear so bad you just think you need more books, courses, therapists and “one more lesson” to finally get the confidence and mental toughness you need to succeed in your goals… when the TRUTH is, the secret has been under your nose all the time!

Here’s what this discovery is all about: 16 years ago, before I became a mental toughness coach, I was an elite athlete. Back then I really struggled with extreme confidence swings and self-doubt. One week I was invincible…the next my confidence came crashing down, especially after losing, and my self-esteem would bottom out. It really hurt me all the time. So I shelled out over $3,000 for courses and churned my way through thousands of books, but none of it helped me much. I just figured I was a  hard luck  case, destined to under-achieve even though I was talented. It never occurred to me I could wipe out my fears and self-limiting beliefs and start reaching my goals within weeks or even days.

Then I met a fascinating sports coach named Wally Kozak. Wally is among the top ten hockey experts in the world and he knew about my struggles because his daughter, Stacey, also played my sport. I guess he was tired of watching my performance go up and down like a yo-yo because what he shared with me one day changed my life forever…in a few short hours, Wally helped me master the secret of how to…

This letter gives you the chance to:

  • Deliver astonishing, explosive, flawless performances under pressure, no matter how intimidating your event is
  • Create unshakable confidence in the hour before your event and maintain this confidence right to the finish despite distractions, setbacks, and adversity
  • Transform yourself into a tough competitor with the will to win, able to crush opponents even without special advantages like speed, great technique, or stamina
  • Break free of your self-limiting beliefs so you can go from good to world class in your sport
  • Remain in a cocoon of concentration throughout your event so you stay focused and dominant

Sport mental toughness coach Lisa Brown lovin' life in the iceMy name is Lisa Lane Brown and I’m an athlete too (in the Canadian ice sport of ringette, similar to ice hockey). I love my sport, but for the first 14 years of competing I was what you’d call a ‘mental marshmallow.’

I had wild confidence swings from one game to the next…I never knew why, and it hurt me all the time. Even when I practiced and prepared with 100% intensity, I’d often find a way to choke in big events.

Other times, I’d start out totally confident, only to face problem after problem – such as a poor start, an opponent who was ‘on fire’, or bad officiating. Pretty soon, I’d get a sinking feeling in my stomach that today wasn’t my day and it would go downhill from there.

My worst moment was losing the National Championship in 1991 with one second left on the clock. If you’ve ever worked hard to reach a goal–only to fail at the very end, you can guess how devastating this was. I had definitely choked in the biggest game of the year.

My coaches and friends said things like, “You just need to believe in yourself,” and “Don’t worry about it. You’ll do better next time.” But no matter what they said, these failures really ate me up inside.

Secretly, I knew that my failures had something to do with my mental game, and not just my circumstances. I seriously considered quitting for good.

Eliminate Self-Doubt, Fear, and Procrastination
With Stunning Speed Using Deep Mental Toughness

No endless affirmations, no cognitive thinking exercises, no exhausting therapy sessions. What Wally shared with me that day is the exact same mental toughness and self-mastery secret of legendary, high achieving men and women…and I had no difficulty learning the very same inner game secret of “deep mental toughness.”

The results? I scored the winning goal in the dying minute of the World Championships less than three weeks later…and I did the exact same thing in two more World Championships (with 1:25 minutes left in 1992 and 5:35 minutes left in 1996). I became a consistent, mentally tough athlete and lived my dream of becoming captain of Team Canada for many years.

What’s really shocking is that… it was so easy to “get” this deep mental toughness mastered! Wally demonstrated something I’ll bet you, too, have suspected for a long time: Namely, that self-help got totally messed-up somewhere between the simple, pure powerful mental toughness mindset shared by high achieving pioneers… and today, where (if you believe the “experts”) you think you NEED a $3000 year-long cognitive behavior therapy engagement just to master one fear and accomplish a single goal.

Well, I’m here to tell you…

Most Self-Help Experts Are Just Plain Incorrect!

Once you’ve rediscovered the “pure” mental toughness secret of legendary top performers who know the natural way to overcome fear and self-limiting beliefs… you can literally ignore the litany of over-hyped self-help and psychology resources and courses out there and still consistently overcome fear, self-doubt and procrastination to achieve total confidence and mental toughness! (Heck, using this secret you will gain more personal power and accomplish more in 7 days than the entire 365 days before that, simply because you are no longer held hostage by the dead-end programming in your own brain).

You won’t hear this from anyone with a stake in selling you long, drawn out therapy programs… but the simple truth about overcoming fear is…

You Already HAVE Innate, Deep Mental Toughness
…You Just Need To Unleash It!

Let me explain: Now I don’t want to get super-technical on you… but all high achievers know there are two basic elements to success: The technical element (where you master certain knowledge and skills)… and the mental toughness element (your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and attitudes). These are called the  intangibles  and they are the most highly paid and sought after traits in the workplace today because they govern how effective you really are.

The vast majority of people never experience how great they can truly be, because they are consumed by fear and self-doubt. Abraham Maslow, the renowned psychologist, said that the story of the human race is the story of people selling themselves short. People are constantly criticizing themselves, second-guessing their ideas, procrastinating on their dreams, stressing over possible failure or rejection, or consumed with performance anxiety.

Because of these tendencies, people settle for far less from life than they are truly capable of. Many people are spinning their wheels in careers or business where they should be moving onward and upward. Many put their real goals and dreams on hold, only working on their knowledge and skills, waiting for the day when their fear and self-doubt magically disappears (which never comes).

Well, I have a newsflash: Your technical skills – right now, today – are just fine.

What we are going to do is unleash your DEEP MENTAL TOUGHNESS by developing your confidence so you can express your true greatness. See, high achievers trust themselves. They aren’t over-thinking or over-analyzing everything they say or do, and they aren’t mortified by mistakes.

Trusting your innate greatness – that sixth sense that creates your true genius – is the very essence of mental toughness and personal confidence. When you trust yourself, you know in a moment what has to happen, what doesn’t, and where to make adjustments.

In sports, this is known as being in the zone.

Remember Nadia Comaneci?

She was the Romanian gymnast who won three Olympic gold medals. She was also the first gymnast ever to be awarded a perfect score of 10 in an Olympic gymnastic event.

Nadia trusted her great jock mind. If Nadia started a gymnastics movement and felt that it could not be completed right, she would change to a different movement in 1/100th of a second, wiping out her initial error. She could improvise anything and no judge could guess what her first ‘thought’ was, because 1/100th of a second is not a time frame where THINKING is possible.

It’s the same for you. Making a sales call? You’ll trust yourself to respond to objections persuasively. Giving a presentation? You’ll trust yourself to relax and connect with your audience. In a meeting? You’ll trust yourself to raise the issues. Managing people? You’ll trust yourself to correct performance problems effectively. Writing a report? You’ll trust yourself to create a compelling argument.

When you trust your mind and unleash your Deep Mental Toughness, you are capable of the most marvelous achievements.

We’re going to eliminate your tendency to interfere with doubt and criticize yourself, sell yourself short, second-guess your ideas, procrastinate on your dreams, stress over possible failure, exhaust yourself by people pleasing and perfectionism, and endure intense performance anxiety.

The best part is that cultivating Deep Mental Toughness will be the SIMPLEST thing you’ve ever done.

It will not only resolve the problems you’re having today, it will make work fun again, because you’re actually relaxed the whole time.


Virtually overnight.

…WITHOUT you having to do countless hours of journaling, affirmations, positive thinking, or talk therapy.

The cool part…your turbo-charged performance will fast track your career, increase your earning power, and build your business in record time.

I mean right away.

What’s more, you’ll be psyched to know THERE IS NO ADDITIONAL TRAINING TIME INVOLVED. I don’t even recommend it.

As soon as you recognize your current skills are adequate, you’ll have the big epiphany that all high achievers have figured out:

You Unleash Your Deep Mental Toughness
Using Visualization

Visualization has often been called the MASTER skill of success. Yet while virtually every person has heard about visualization, only 1 in 1000 ever harnesses its true power.

Oh sure, most people TRY visualization at some point. Some of them even use it regularly. But only a precious few ever harness it to create breakthrough confidence… to create a winning self-image… to transform their skills from good to great…and to stay composed under stressful circumstances.

That is…until someone who KNOWS lets you in on how to do it properly.

This is NOT about visualizing a job interview or a raise. It’s much deeper than that.

It’s about developing your genius at work – the organic instinct that governs your ability to think without thinking the way all superstars do.

The outcome: You are finally going to nail big goals and performances like a pro. No matter how intimidating the challenge, how formidable your circumstances, or how much pressure there is on you.

Intrigued? Then let me explain the exact elements of this program.

First let me say that I have designed this program so that activating your Deep Mental Toughness is easy for you.

I did this because I find it annoying when self-help experts and therapists over-complicate success and convince themselves that greatness is ridiculously hard.

Winning at work is only difficult if you are constantly getting in your own way.

…which is exactly what most people do. They over-think, over-analyze, and second-guess themselves.

Success IS hard if you never activate your Deep Mental Toughness and trust yourself…yet these secrets are not widely available, because it’s not in any superstar’s best interest to share this information.

(In fact, I almost decided NOT to let the astonishingly easy secrets of the Deep Mental Toughness out of the vault…because when you discover how simple it is to command your secret sixth sense – and develop your true greatness – I may never hear from you again. You’ll have your mental toughness mindset down  cold  and you just won’t need my coaching any more.).

But if you are willing to get out of your own way, you can quickly turbo-charge your career and skyrocket your earning power using Secrets of Deep Mental Toughness.

Here’s Exactly What’s Included in
Secrets of Deep Mental Toughness

Five Audio Recordings. Each Recording is approximately 27 minutes in length and includes an audio tutorial, a handout, and a visualization sequence. Here are the five Deep Mental Toughness Audio Recordings you get:

Audio Recording 1
Secrets of the Deep Mental Toughness – Introduction

Approximate length: 13 minutes. Here’s what we’ll cover in Audio Recording One:

CheckmarkWhat Deep Mental Toughness really is (and is not). Few experts have experienced this phenomenon first hand…so they stay quiet about it. I’m pulling back, the curtain, however, so you understand its true power.

CheckmarkWhy visualization is the Master skill of top performers…and how it profoundly affects every element of your inner game, including your confidence and self-image.

CheckmarkHow pioneers like Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein used visualization to develop true greatness rise to the very top of their fields.

CheckmarkWhy most people never develop Deep Mental Toughness – and how to avoid this pitfall.

Audio Recording 2
How to Conquer Fear, Self-Doubt, and Procrastination
& How to Become Bullet Proof to Criticism

Approximate length: 24 minutes, including the PDF handout and a visualization sequence. Here’s what we’ll cover in Audio Recording Two:

CheckmarkThe three undetected beliefs hiding in the unconscious mind of 97% of people – and how they create fear and self-doubt in you. By rooting out and eliminating these common (yet highly destructive) beliefs, you will flood yourself with confidence, determination, and poise.

CheckmarkYou will start to envision a more motivated, action-oriented you…a ‘you’ that is not burdened by procrastination or paralysis…a ‘you’ that can easily burst through any inner barrier to achieve extraordinary results with effort.

CheckmarkBanish procrastination permanently by learning how to identify good fear vs. bad fear. You will discover how to spot destructive, self-created, bad fear so you can rid yourself of it forever — and become a committed, energized, person of action instead.

CheckmarkDiscover the key relationship you need in your life to construct a powerful, unstoppable, winning mentality so you grow and bloom with a fresh, inspired confidence.

CheckmarkHow to build a powerful win-win abundance mentality filled with images of success and achievement. As you look around you, you’ll see how natural and normal it is for you to achieve your deepest desires with pride, joy, and a sense of team with the key people in your life.

CheckmarkHow to become bullet proof to criticism. Most people, the moment they sense rejection or criticism from anyone, shake with fear and dread – and immediately become unglued. You will develop rock solid self-esteem that makes you relaxed and immune to unjust criticism permanently.

CheckmarkHow to cast off the shackles of  perfectionism. Stop exhausting yourself with perfectionism and people-pleasing – and start expressing your natural gifts and talents so you can make work fun again.

Audio Recording 3
How To Create A Winning Self-Image

Approximate length: 19 minutes, including the PDF handout and a visualization sequence. Here’s what we’ll cover in Audio Recording Three:

Here is a glimpse of the teachings:

CheckmarkHow a weak self-image sabotages your success. Trying to succeed without a winning self-image is like trying to drive a car with the parking brake on – you can press on the gas all you want, but progress will be slow and limited. With just a few adjustments to your self-image you can put colossal amounts of confidence, focus, and determination into your goals on a daily basis.

CheckmarkHow to explore and your current self-image – you’ll dig deep into your undiscovered ‘master’ self-image that dictates your behaviour so you can uproot the weeds of failure, inadequacy, and fear.

CheckmarkYou will discover the step-by-step process for constructing a powerful, unstoppable, winning self-image so you grow and bloom with a fresh, inspired confidence.

CheckmarkYou will stop selling yourself short and instead BELIEVE in yourself. For the first time you will believe in your true greatness…you will cast off the shackles of doubt and inferiority and take your place among high achieving men and women by believing in yourself.

Audio Recording 4
How To Transform Your Skills From Good to Great

Approximate length: 29 minutes, including the PDF handout and a visualization sequence. Here’s what we’ll cover in Audio Recording Four:

CheckmarkHow to put your skills in the top 3% of the population, including why most people NEVER improve their skills more than 5% per year…understanding this one concept will help you naturally begin to manifest the greatness that is your birthright.

CheckmarkHow to break free of the chains of mental programming about work that makes it seem tedious…previous burdensome tasks will now will feel as light as a feather.

CheckmarkHow you can to effortlessly pursue greater and more ambitious goals because you have liberated yourself of the mindset 97% of people possess when setting goals…your mind will create such exciting visions for your future that your brain will suck up and destroy obstacles as quickly as an anteater in an ant farm.

CheckmarkHow to lock in your brand new greatness mindset and create higher and higher levels of motivation, self-trust, and faith.

Audio Recording 5
How to Perform Flawlessly Under Pressure

Approximate length: 56 minutes, including the PDF handout and a visualization sequence. Here’s what we’ll cover in Audio Recording Five:

CheckmarkHow to master the intense performance anxiety that previously crippled your confidence under pressure and how to relax naturally in meetings, presentations, and sales calls.

CheckmarkWhat most people are doing automatically to create massive nerves and anxiety before performing…avoiding this ONE error will obliterate fear and bring out your best self.

CheckmarkHow to use visualization to effortlessly and naturally release the proper focus under pressure leading to breakthrough confidence…you will be completely in the Now while performing…like a serene Buddha on a mountaintop.

CheckmarkHow to swiftly and wisely remove the effect of stressors and distractions (including past errors) by entering a “learning state” that will banish your previous struggles…so you can enjoy performing because you are filled with confidence and power. Composure under pressure will be as effortless for you as blinking.

Secrets of Deep Mental Toughness BONUS Gifts

BONUS Audio Recording

How to Heal Disappointment, Loss, and Failure
and Re-Kindle Your Motivation

Lisa Brown

Approximate length: 32 minutes, including the PDF handout and a visualization sequence. Here’s what we’ll cover in the Bonus Audio Recording:

  • Why a devastating failure has the potential to cripple your confidence and paralyze you with fear and self-doubt.
  • How to easily release a disappointment’s negative impact on your self-image and psyche immediately…like water smoothing over tracks on a sandy beach.
  • How to create genuine wisdom and insight from a loss so you can heal its potentially harmful effects and emerge refreshed and resilient.
  • The simple 2 step process for achieving genuine self-acceptance…you will dramatically boost your self-esteem and create lasting appreciation for yourself no matter what has happened to you in the past.

Retail value: $19.95

How To Find Your Passion
and True Purpose


In this online tutorial with Lisa Lane Brown, you will go inside to find your passion and true purpose.

You will create a vision for your career that reflects your authentic self and motivates you.

You will also discover common obstacles to knowing who you really are at work.

Retail value: $39.97

Unlimited Email Support from Shawnee
Harle, Certified Courage to Win® Coach

Shawnee HarleShawnee Harle
Courage to Win® Coach

As your ultimate inspiration, you’ll be able to email Shawnee Harle with questions. She will give you coaching, suggestions, and individual help.

Having a Courage to Win® coach support you through the process can make the world of difference. Whenever you have a question or issue you cannot solve on you own, you can consult with Shawnee via email immediately.

Retail value: $149.00

Complete RE-PRINT Rights

Re-Print Rights Certificate

You get complete legal re-print rights so you can share this entire program with your family or team members, who will use it as a powerful, ongoing reference.

Retail value: $97.00

As soon as you order, you’ll have instant access to these recordings and be downloading the files yourself from our secure page in just a few moments, so there will be no wait time. The recordings are in MP3 format and the handouts are in PDF format, which are compatible with all computers. You can even download the recording to your Ipod or Iphone for instant access anywhere in the world!

Secrets of Deep Mental Toughness Re-Cap

Let’s re-cap all the elements of Secrets of Deep Mental Toughness:

1.  Five Audio Recordings featuring the voice of Lisa Lane Brown. These are:

  1. Secrets of Deep Mental Toughness – Introduction
  2. How to Conquer Fear, Self-Doubt and Procrastination & How To Become Bullet Proof To Criticism
  3. How To Create A Winning Self-Image
  4. How To Transform Your Skills From Good to Great
  5. How To Perform Flawlessly Under Pressure

2.  BONUS GIFT 1 – How to Heal Disappointment, Failure, and Loss and Re-Kindle Your Motivation Audio Recording. Retail value: $19.95.

3.  BONUS GIFT 2 – Unlimited FREE Email Support – Having a Courage to Win® coach support you through the process can make the world of difference. Whenever you have a question or issue you cannot solve on your own, you can consult with Shawnee Harle via email. Retail value: $149.00.

4.  BONUS GIFT 3 – Complete RE-PRINT Rights – You get complete legal re-print rights so you can share this entire program (in a non-profit capacity) with family members, friends, or employees, who will use it as a powerful, ongoing reference. Retail value: $97.00.

As soon as you order, you’ll have instant access to these recordings and be downloading the files yourself from our secure page in just a few moments, so there will be no wait time. The recordings are in MP3 format and the handouts are in PDF format, which is compatible with all computers. You can even download the recording to your Ipod or Iphone for instant access anywhere in the world!

12 Month “No Hassles or Aggravation” Guarantee


The special fee my new program, which includes Bonus Gifts worth $273.00, is just $97 $67. You don’t risk a penny of your $67, however. Take a full year to decide if you like what I’m teaching. If you don’t agree — and you never have to give a reason why — just call us and we’ll refund your money instantly.

We treat you the way I wish other businesses treated me: With total respect and the attitude that “the customer is ALWAYS right.” No matter what.

There’s just one small “catch”, however. You must order right away. We are only offering this pre-launch special price of $67 for the next 14 days.

Too many people out there are just convinced that work and success HAS to be difficult. And nothing we say will ever convince them. And it’s perfectly Ok with me if you believe that nonsense. It’s your life.

That’s why I’ve made such an irresistible offer, though. You risk nothing. You can take a full year to decide.

However, after 14 days, the offer is gone. So you need to hurry.



Light it up out there,

Lisa Brown

Lisa Brown

PS. Remember, you get access to these recordings IMMEDIATELY. And I want you listen to them right away. Then relax and go out and enjoy your work in a way you never thought possible.

I promise: You WILL be amazed at the difference you experience.

Literally overnight, you will be a totally new person at work. But, I want you to take a full 12 MONTHS to prove to yourself that this is the best mental toughness training for work you could ever receive. If it’s not, just return it for a complete, no-questions-asked REFUND of every penny you paid!

We can’t be any fairer than that. So go ahead and order right now. You have nothing to lose but more success, more money, and more enjoyment of your life!