How To Perform Flawlessly Under Pressure

How to Perform Flawlessly Under Pressure Get Rave Reviews When Speaking in Presentations, Meetings, and Sales CallsIn this Ebook, How to Perform Flawlessly Under Pressure – Get Rave Reviews When Speaking in Presentations, Meetings, and Sales Calls, you will learn the secrets of shining under pressure.

Being mentally tough when speaking to people is about one thing: how to handle fear and performance anxiety in your most important presentations and meetings.

Not everyone knows these techniques. However, these are simple techniques, strategies, and principles that anyone can learn and use. They are not complicated and can be learned in a matter of minutes. The confidence you gain from your newfound mental toughness will allow you to pursue your true career purpose and make the kind of money you deserve.

You’ll learn:

  • The 7 exact stressors that distract you from being your most powerful, confident self right at the start of a presentation or meeting (and how to defeat them)

  • How to discover your unique “rock” – the #1 thing that causes you to lose confidence, choke, or under-perform when speaking in public

  • A simple mantra you can use to reduce the fear of failure–from Muhammed Ali, who was voted the most successful athlete of the last century

  • My proven 5-step method for taking the content of your presentation from mediocre to “red-hot” in just 30 minutes

  • A method for laughing at performance anxiety–from John Molo, professional musician (that he learned playing at the Grammy awards!)

  • How to get your audience or colleagues to take the pressure off you in so you can be articulate and smooth

  • The specific, pre-performance routine Olympic diver Sylvie Bernier used to capture an Olympic gold medal in swimming (it will surprise you!)

  • The fear of ‘selling’ demystified–eliminate the HUGE mistake that can psyche you out when trying to sell an idea, product or service

  • 3 simple techniques you can use to calm nerves, focus your concentration, and have fun while speaking to a group

  • The secret of “E.V.”- every single successful professional speaker I know does this – without it you will NEVER achieve the performance breakthroughs your looking for

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“This course has been life changing for me.”

Shelly Rue, Nominations Analyst, Oil & Gas
Shelley_RueI’ve learned that there are answers to my problems there are ways for me to be successful! This course has been life changing for me.Shelly Rue