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The Courage to Win Book by Lisa Brown, Success, Relationship Advice, Confidence





The Mental Toughness Formula for
Self-Mastery and High Achievement Revealed

You are about to discover a revolutionary, practical formula for dismantling fear and fulfilling your deepest desires. For the first time, there is a proven, step-by-step mental toughness formula for conquering life’s elusive challenges.

Here is why: Struggles in money, career, and relationships all share the same root cause. Finally, the antidote to these painful life problems – and the formula for self-mastery and high achievement – has been discovered and is now being released.

The Courage to Win formula has been 14 years in the making. It has been researched, developed, and tested in applied work with over 6,000 people for proven results. Two solid years were spent refining its inner workings. It was then painstakingly revised 23 times and presented in over 1300 live seminars. When the dust settled, approximately $258,000 had been invested in research and development on this revolutionary formula.

In The Courage to Win, you’ll learn how to move to the next stage of your evolution and realize your highest self, and attain abundance. Whether you want to get a promotion, make more money, get someone to pursue you for love and affection, get fit, or simply conduct yourself with more confidence – the Courage to Win formula is going to help make your goal a reality.

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In this book, you will learn:


– What the rich invest in that the poor or middle class do not
– The key skill to making more money (as an employee or entrepreneur)
– How to escape survival fear and create a prosperity mindset


– How to make yourself irresistible and get people to pursue you for love and friendship
– How to move people to action–even when they are resisting you
– How to rise above past hurts and repair troubled relationships
– Exactly how to stop your spouse or lover’s rejection


– How to break free of self-alienation and discover your true purpose
– How to kickstart a stalled career
– The key to creating focus and commitment with your goals
– How to get your boss and colleagues to treat you with respect


– How to eliminate addictions, mild depression and de-motivation
– The root cause of all underachievement
– The process for removing self-limiting ideas such as ‘I’m unlovable’, or ‘I can’t.’
– How to raise your self-esteem
– A deceptively easy method for performing flawlessly under pressure

In this special pre-publication offer, you can immediately own a downloable copy of The Courage to Win for just $24.95. The Courage to Win will be delivered to you in an Adobe Acrobat file (.pdf) format. Almost all computers have Adobe Acrobat Reader pre-installed. Adobe Acrobat is compatible with all PC and Macintosh computers.

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Today is the dawn of a new era for you. Your courage will grow, your actions will transform, and your problems will fade. You will think that life is easier, but it will be you who has changed.

Lisa Brown
Lisa Brown is a professional speaker, author and coach who helps people win using mental toughness. Lisa is the author of The Courage to Win formula, which she has taught to thousands of achievers in business and sport. Lisa actually lives the practices of mental toughness. She is a veteran of more than 1,100 presentations in North America and Europe, and is the president of her own motivational publishing corporation. A world class athlete, Lisa learned mental toughness first-hand when she scored the winning goals in three World Ringette Championships.