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MentalToughnessTrainingThe Courage to Win® Reveals the Hidden Key to Success, Abundance, and True Greatness

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If you isolate ONE THING about high achievers—the one thing that has put them at the peak of success above anything and everything else–it is their courage to win. Those who possess this precious mental toughness intangible know how to start from ground zero and build a lifetime of success, abundance and true greatness against all odds.

“Tell me how you master fear, and I’ll predict
your success in money, business, and love forever.”

–Courage to Win founder, Lisa Lane Brown

LisaHow? By uncovering the unique mental toughness formula in your unconscious mind.

Each of us has a unique mental toughness formula for mastering fear programmed into our unconscious. This formula dictates our success, abundance, and happiness above all other factors.

That’s why you can be very skilled, talented, and educated, but if your mental toughness formula is not fine-tuned, then success will elude you (no matter how hard you work).

Fortunately you can quickly re-program your mental toughness formula to attain abundance in all that matters to you.

Now, for the first time, there is a proven formula for dismantling fear and fulfilling your deepest desires. At last, the antidote to painful life problems—and the formula for self-mastery and high achievement – has been discovered and is now being released.

In The Courage to Win® Mental Toughness Training for Success training program, you’ll learn how to realize your highest self and attain abundance in every area of your life. Whether you want financial independence, passionate love, or success in business, The Courage to Win® will make your goal a reality.

Here is a glimpse of what you will learn:

Your Mental Toughness Formula

Here is a glimpse of the highlights contained in these teachings:

Your Unique ‘Courage Formula.’ The three ways you have been uniquely programmed to deal with fear and how they are impacting your ability to take action on your goals and love yourself.

The Courage to Win® Formula for Mastering Fear. The world’s most natural and effective way to overcome fear, self-doubt, or procrastination to quickly and easily to restore your confidence and motivation.

Inspirational Goal-Setting. Inspirational Goal-Setting. How to do EFFECTIVE goal-setting, including six tiny “nuances” forcreating goals that stir, inspire, and arouse heartfelt passion.

Commitment, Commitment, Commitment. The three-step advanced technique for moving yourself from ‘wanting’ a goal to having a staunch, unwavering 100% COMMITMENT to it.

Breaking Free. The specific elements of breaking free of anger, frustration, depression, and anxiety and letting it go forever. For many it is anger, regret, and shame over past failures and broken dreamskeeping them trapped in a life of quiet despair. I have the simple process for flipping shame into pride, giving you true grit.

Solve The Mystery of Depression. What you need to know about solving the mystery of depression. Since depression is really suppressed fear, virtually every person is secretly suffering from bouts of mild depression that are both confusing and unnecessary. What I have to share with you about healing depression alone will be worth your investment in the program.

Relationship Mastery

You will discover how to get the love, respect, and passion you deserve in relationships. Here is a glimpse of the highlights contained in these teachings:

Relationship MasteryFear-Proof Yourself in Relationships. What you need to know about solving the mystery of depression. My famous protocol for BREAKING FREE will show you how to become self-reliant and secure in all relationships, no longer held hostage by the rejection or disapproval of others.

Stop Rejection Now. Insider, pro strategies for stopping romantic rejection, realizing your inherent lovability, and attracting passionate love.

Ooze Charisma. Insights into adeptly “oozing charisma” so people hang onto your every word and pursue you for quality time.

Restore Passion. The special phenomenon that, once you master it, will permanently set your romantic union up for sustainable passion and admiration.

Stand Up For Your Life. How to stop being taken advantage of, say “No”, and negotiate without arousing hostility (even with difficult people or alpha-dogs).

Career & Business Mastery

You will discover how to master the fear of failure and rejection so you find your purpose, turbo-charge your career, and achieve true greatness in business.

Here is a glimpse of the highlights contained in these teachings:

Career & Business MasteryDiscover Your Purpose. Uncover what makes your heart sing to create a career vision is intrinsically motivating and reflects your authentic self.

Stop Procrastinating. How to stop procrastinating and become intensely action-oriented, able to produce extraordinary results in record time.

Perform Flawlessly Under Pressure. A five-step protocol for mastering performance anxiety and performing flawlessly in meetings, presentations, and sales calls.

No More People-Pleasing. A simple procedure makes it easy to cast off the shackles of destructive perfectionism, stop people-pleasing, and express your natural talents.

Trade Secrets of Pro Leaders. Become a masterful, commanding leader who inspires action, trust, and ‘team’ in the people around them.

Wealth Mastery

You will learn how to master the fear of poverty and risk so you can begin attracting wealth immediately. Here is a glimpse of the highlights contained in these teachings:

Wealth MasteryGetting Real. How to accept where you are financially so you can take control of your budget and eliminate spending problems forever.

Income Boosters. Hundreds of “little tricks” that will bring your skills into the top 3% of the population and give you high-paying positions and roles.

More Money Now. The guerrilla warrior approach that will put 25% more money in your pocket in the next 30 days without changing jobs (no matter what you do for a living).

Eat That Frog. Four rules that will multiply your personal effectiveness so you can start enjoying life now, not later….and no, it has nothing to do with traditional time management.

Multiple Ways to Wealth. How to determine your best options for generating wealth so you can start taking action today.

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Training System

There’s an old saying: “You can’t learn to ride a bike at a seminar.”

Why? Because of what Confucius said:

I hear and I forget.
I see and I remember.
I do and I understand.

Traditional seminar formats rely heavily (and sometimes solely) on lectures, powerpoints, and artificial role plays, which is why creating actual change is so rare in these environments.

We call The Courage to Win®: Mental Toughness Training for Success a “non-seminar” because it’s the opposite of a traditional seminar format. It’s an experience that actually creates permanent behavior change as you enjoy yourself.

We get you on the bike.

Participants Receive

CheckMark34Pre-program course instructions and guidance

CheckMark34A comprehensive program guidebook

CheckMark34Exclusive access to online tutorials and articles for leaders

CheckMark34The Courage to Win® Book by Lisa Lane Brown

Tuition Fees

The Courage to Win®: Mental Toughness Training for Success is a three day event that runs on a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The fee for the program is $697 per person. Click here for the current public schedule.

You may be able to book The Courage to Win®: Mental Toughness Training for Success for your conference or event. Fees vary according to the size and location of your event. Call us at 403.261.2726 for a customized quote.


Lisa Lane BrownLisa Lane Brown is the founder of the Courage to Win® and one of the world’s leading authorities on peak performance, coaching, and mental toughness for success. A three-time World Champion in her sport, Lisa has personally coached over 7,200 achievers to new heights and conducted over 1,300 live seminars across North America.

Lisa has been featured by major media including the New York Times and Entrepreneur Magazine, who called the Courage to Win® book a “straight-forward guide to success, highly recommended.”

Partial Client List

University of Calgary – Management Development Seminars
Raytheon Canada
Enbridge Pipelines
SunLife Financial
TransCanada Pipelines
Nova Chemicals
Colt Engineering
BP Canada Resources
Robert Half
Graham Construction Group Ltd.
Intercare Group Ltd.
Glencoe Club, Calgary
First Energy Capital Corporation
Alliance Pipelines
Canaccord Capital Corporation
University of Calgary Library Services
Alberta Worker’s Compensation Board
Alberta Energy & Utilities
Calgary Catholic School Board
Gowlings Law Firm
Bow Valley College
Canada Mortgage and Housing
Talisman Energy
Alberta One Call Corporation
Alberta Corporate Service Centre
Smart Technologies
Shoppers Home Health Care
RGO Office Products
APEGA Calgary, Red Deer, Lloydminster and Fort McMurray Chapters
Safe and Sound Safety Training
The Bob Niven Training Centre
The Glencoe Club
The Calgary Winter Club
The National Curling Development Centre
National Sports Centre, Calgary
The Olympic Oval High Performance Training Centre
University of Las Vegas Softball
University of Duluth Hockey
Alberta Gymnastics
Calgary Archery
Alberta Basketball
University of Calgary CIAU Program (all sports)
Canadian Curling Association
Cardel Place
Talisman Centre