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My name is Lisa Lane Brown and discovering these secrets made me a three time World Champion in my sport. I also found out the reason why virtually every tennis athlete, coach, and sport psychologist does not know about them. When you discover the reason, you will shake your head in amazement that you did not think of it first.

But one thing is for sure: you are going to have a radically new view of tennis psychology and how you can use it to skyrocket your game, crush opponents, and win today.

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Lisa Brown

Lisa Lane Brown, M.A.

Author, The Courage to Win®

Mental Tennis Tips

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“My “champion” was fully there! My coach saw me and said he saw a “different me” – one he always knew was there!”

Frank van Lerven, 3rd Ranked Dutch 60+ Tennis Player
Frank van LervenLisa,

I played a practise (1 ½ hr) match with a promising Swiss 14 yr old at our club. He hits the ball hard, wants to become a professional etc etc. I have played him a few times. The last time was a year ago. He beat me then. And, of course, he gets better every year.

I decided to put my pre-match routine in practise, even though it was not a real match. Just to have the experience.


I played inspired, energized from the start.

I also had adopted a “winning” attude. To meet him blow-to-blow on velocity and aggression, come to the net when I could etc etc. Not to wait till he would start to make mistakes or mentally break down.

It was terrific. I played well from the start. But it got to 0-3 15-40. I hang in, kept believing and the tide started to turn. By 4-4 he started to change tactics (as he could not keep up with me at the back of the court!!), throwing balls in the air and so forth. I had the upperhand. I made mistakes too but on the deciding point (a running volley) to get me to 6-6 I played the volley with confidence (visualised before). It was then time. He rather did not want to play the tie break..

I felt great and the champion was fully there. My coach saw a bit, and said, he saw a “different me” on the court. One he always had know was there!

To me it felt Easter Sunday came today!!Frank van Lerven

“I am 47 years old. Since I was a kid I liked to play tennis but at that time was expensive for my parents and they couldn`t afford it.”

Dany Urriza, Tennis Player Tierra del Fuego, Argentina
Dany_GuadaI am 47 years old. Since I was a kid I liked to play tennis but at that time was expensive for my parents and they couldn`t afford it. Two years ago I had the chance to start having lessons, I thought that for this kind of sport you must start when you are a kid, but I was wrong. Soon I started to play matches and now I am playing in local tournaments.

I have to play to 18 years old kids sometimes, and at 47 this is very tough but I like the challenge. Today against all predictions I won a tough match and I know your book helped me do it. I was most of the time down in the score, but I won anyway 4-6, 7-6, 7-6. For the first time I was able to maintain focus in the important moments in a very long match. Thank you very much!

-Dany UrrizaDany Urriza

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