Congratulations enrolling in Breakthrough Drives! In this program, you will discover how to consistently hit 250+ yard drives with astonishing accuracy using amazing ‘jedi-mind’ secrets.

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Proceed go to the right hand side of this page and click on Module 1. Proceed to Module 2 and so on. For best results, do each module in order – do not skip around!

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Questions: As you go through this program, you may have questions about how to apply the concepts to your unique situation. It’s vital that you ask these right away – send them to me at

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If you need technical assistance or cannot access some portion of the program online, please pick up the phone and call us at 403-261-2726 or shoot us an email at While we try for rapid response, remember it may take us a little longer on weekends or holidays.

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Final Thoughts

This program will give you insights and success you have never experienced before. I am committed to you and your success. We’re in this together, so let’s knock it out of the park.

Please let us know we can serve you better in any way.

Light it up out there,
Lisa Brown Lisa Brown Lisa Lane Brown, M.A. Author, The Courage to Win®
Lisa Brown is the founder of the Courage to Win and is considered the world's leading expert on deep mental toughness for success in career, love, and sport. She has personally coached over 7,200 achievers to new heights and conducted over 1,300 live seminars on mental toughness across North America. She has been featured by major media including the New York Times and Entrepreneur Magazine, who called the Courage to Win “a straight-forward guide to success, highly recommended.”

Bonus Gifts

Bonus Ebook #1:
Putting Made Simple

Click to Download – Putting Made Simple

Insider, pro strategies for remarkably improving your putting overnight! (If you have a tee-time tomorrow…be sure to read this special report tonight. You’ll be amazed at how many putts you make).

  • ebonus1Payne Stewart’s ’signature move’ for relaxing his arms and hands before putting.
  • A little known, yet extremely powerful way to practice that will show you how to putt flawlessly under pressure.
  • Exactly what to do to get out of a putting slump. The key to managing short, downhill putts with ease
  • And much, much more!

Bonus Gift #2
Six Email Consults from Shawnee Harle, one of our certified Courage to Win® – Mental Toughness Coaches

As your ultimate inspiration, you’ll be able to email Shawnee Harle with questions. She will give you coaching, suggestions, and individual help.

If you are overwhelmed by performance anxiety…if you keep getting beat by the same oppenent and have a mental block…if you’re unpredictable in big events and sick of it…if there is a ‘demon stressor’ that causes you to lose your confidence and you don’t know how to conquer it…simply write to Shawnee and she will help trouble-shoot what’s going wrong.

Of course, Shawnee has a life, so don’t write her every two hours. But you’ll be shocked how quickly and easily Shawnee will be able to figure out what you’re doing wrong and correct it – just by asking you a few simple questions!

Send Your Emails To Shawnee at

A $149.00 value, yours free.

BONUS Ebook # 2:
Come Back MORE Confident Than Ever

Click to Download – Come Back MORE Confident Than Ever

You’ll discover the five proven methods for shooting the lowest score of your life AFTER a bad hole…plus, you’ll have the answer to all your most commonly asked questions about how pros like Tiger deal with the inevitable ups and “downs” of golf.

I’ve had so many golfers write to me and say, “I had my game completely under control until that one bad hole destroyed me”, or “I just couldn’t get over shooting such a bad score when I’d been doing so well this year.”

  • ebonus2How Tiger Woods prevents his negative emotions from taking over after a mistake.
  • How Dave Stockton avoids blaming himself for a missed putt and how you can do the same.
  • Lee Janzen’s special mindset ‘trick’ for focusing on the shot ahead of him instead of a bad break.
  • The mental “rule” that David Graham uses (without exception) after every bad putt.
  • Insider, pro strategies for remarkably improving your putting overnight!

You Will Receive Your Golf Members
Exclusive Tips Via Email

You’ll be privy to exclusive weekly tips via email chock full of strategies and tactics guaranteed to lower your score immediately. Here are just a few of the tips you’ll have access to:

  • ebonus3Fred Couples’ technique for mastering pitch shots.
  • U.S. Open Champion Jim Furyk’s remedy for “tight hands.”
  • How to deal with tricky shots like sidehill lies.
  • A radical approach to putting that can solve your putting frustration.
  • The biggest obstacle to improving your game according to Hank Haney, one of Golf Digest’s 50 Greatest Teachers
  • …and much more!
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