Feb 13

How to be yourself – fifty shades of courage

Before we can live an extraordinary life, we must first be authentic.

How to be yourselfWe must be 100% willing to be ourselves.

Yet for most of us, “being ourselves” is incredibly difficult.

Dale Carnegie himself confessed that this problem is as old as human history and as universal as human life.

He quotes the book 6 Ways to Get A Job, which says: “‘The biggest mistake people make in applying for jobs is in not being themselves.

Instead of taking their hair down and being completely frank, they often try and give you answers they think you want.’

But it doesn’t work, because nobody wants a phony. Nobody wants a counterfeit coin.”

This is where courage comes in, because you need courage to be you who really are.

Courage to take action on your dreams.

Courage to believe in your inherent worth despite fear, rejection, or intimidation.

Courage to choose a career that fulfills you.

Courage to offer your unique wares and services in the marketplace.

Courage to risk rejection and be vulnerable in love.

Courage to disagree with authority figures.

Courage to take the podium and let your ideas be known.

Courage to make mistakes, publicly.

Courage to speak your mind and defy the pressure to fit in.

Courage to ask for what you need to feel loved.

Courage to fire employees, friends and family if they are destructive to you.

Courage to walk away and start over.

Courage to heal yourself of loss.

Courage to ask for help when you’re stuck.

Courage to stand for the truth alone, if necessary.

Courage to assert your wants and needs.

Courage to take control of your time in the face of massive demands.

Courage to shrug off unwarranted criticism.

Courage to forgo approval.

Courage to show off your brilliance, even if it makes other people uncomfortable in their own skin.

These are all part of the Courage to Win, and they come naturally when we’ve fine-tuned our ‘courage formula’ for dealing with setbacks, adversity, loss, and challenges.

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