Aug 19

Do You Get Superstitious On Game Day?

One of the keys to winning in sport is having a
fantastic GAME FACE routine.

GAME FACE is a routine that gets you psyched up
the day you compete.

Most athletes don’t have a great GAME FACE routine.

All they’ve got is superstition.

Let me give you a couple of examples…

In tennis, you’re not supposed to wear yellow
and step on court lines.

In hockey, it’s considered bad luck for
sticks to lie crossed.

In golf, any ball with a number higher than 4 is
said to be bad luck.

Most athletes use superstition because
they’re trying to get a sense of control over
their day.

Problem is, if your GAME FACE routine consists
only of superstitions, you’re taking a major risk.

Success at the highest levels of sport is
as thin as a razor’s edge.

It’s not the best athlete who wins on game day.

It’s the athlete who performs the best that wins.

Now I’m not saying you should abandon your
favourite superstitions.

If you think something works, it works.

And even the superstars have their rituals.

Michael Jordan always wore his blue
North Carolina shorts under his Chicago Bulls
uniform for good luck.

Wade Boggs used to draw a symbol that means “To Life”
in the dirt before every at-bat.

I’m saying you should never leave your GAME FACE
up to chance.

You need to be 100% prepared for stressors.

You need to be calm, confident, and ready.

You need to believe in your strategic game plan.

If you don’t have a great GAME FACE routine,
I will help you get one.


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Light it up out there,

Lisa B.

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