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The Courage to Win®
Catapult Yourself to Breakthrough Confidence and Success
in 30 Days with Lisa Lane Brown

Welcome to The Courage to Win®: Catapult Yourself to Breakthrough Confidence and Success in 30 Days. We congratulate you for joining us in this exciting adventure and look forward to working with you to realize your potential.

The entire focus of this fast-paced, private home study program is applying the revolutionary Courage to Win® formula to the key areas of your life that will have the most impact on your career, your relationships, your finances, and your confidence.

To begin your training, you will need to download the following files to your hard drive and save them. Please note that your bonus gifts are also here for you to download.

1. Training Instructions
2. Lesson 1: The Ultimate Secret to Self Mastery

Here’s how to save each document. Click on the link. Once the file opens in Acrobat Reader, you can go to “File” and then “Save As.” Enter the name and location of where you want to save the file and press Save.

If you do not have Acrobat Reader, download it below:

Acrobat Reader

Please review your training instructions carefully. The most important element of this program is that you complete the Mental Toughness Action Assignments contained in each of your weekly Catapult Lessons.

3. Your Catapult Lesson 1: Weekly Action Training Audio DVD featuring Lisa Lane Brown link is below. It is a streaming video file. You access it by clicking on the following link:

We recommend that you print out Lesson 1 and follow along with it as you listen to the Catapult Lesson 1: Action Training Audio DVD.

4. You will receive another email in seven days which includes the files for week two of your training. In addition to receiving a new lesson, you will also receive Lisa’s Weekly Coaching answers to your Mental Toughness Action assignments based on work with over 6,000 clients in the past 14 years. Please review the coaching in Lisa’s Answers to see what may apply to your own life.

5. Your FREE Bonus Gifts are below. Please note that they include unlimited phone and email support throughout the course. Please email questions to You can call 403-261-2726 for phone support.

To your success,

Lisa Lane Brown &
The Courage to Win® Team


The Courage to WinFree Copy of The Courage to Win®
Book Peronally Autographed by
Lisa Lane Brown

Money, relationship, and career struggles all share the same root cause. Finally, the antidote to painful life problems — and the formula for self-mastery and high achievement – has been discovered and is now being released.

In The Courage to Win®, you’ll learn how to move to the next stage of your evolution and realize your highest self, and attain abundance. Whether you want to get a promotion, make more money, get someone to pursue you for love and affection, get fit, or simply conduct yourself with more confidence – the Courage to Win® formula is going to help make your goal a reality.

A $37.00 value, yours free.

Your softcover copy of The Courage to Win® will be mailed to you immediately. However, please feel free to download an electronic version below.

Download your copy now, CLICK HERE


The Courage to Win® in Relationships:
Make Yourself Irresistible CD

Make Yourself Irresisitble CDDuring this powerful session, you will learn exactly how to get the love, respect, and appreciation you deserve at home and work. What’s unique about this CD is that it goes beyond traditional rhetoric about ‘trust’ or ‘communication’. It will teach you exactly what to do and say to the important people in your life to succeed with them.

Note: This CD is not designed to entertain you.

It is extremely fast-paced, hard-hitting, and for people who genuinely want new results in their relationships. For more info, please click the CD on the right.

A $37.00 value, yours free.

The CD is split into 2 parts.

Use these links to download your CD: Part One | Part Two

*To save the CD, right click the link and choose “Save Target As…”


Private Tele-Seminars
with Lisa Lane Brown every 3 months
Online Consultation

A 60 minute tele-seminar series — EVERY 3 MONTHS you’ll participate in a private forum featuring live Q & A with Lisa. She will answer your most pressing questions on high achievement, relationships, motivation, performing under pressure – you can ask her whatever is on your mind.

In each tele-seminar, you can cherry-pick the most profound strategies for self-mastery and personal confidence–and send Lisa your questions in advance…Lisa’s 14+ years of applied coaching experience will help you resolve any challenge you are facing in a few minutes. Lisa will hold nothing back.

This is an opportunity to scoop up over $1,000 worth of mental toughness and success coaching per call… free by enrolling in The Courage to Win®: Catapult Yourself to Breakthrough Confidence and Success 30 Day Program.

A $129.00 value, yours free.

You will be given 2 weeks’ advance notice for each teleseminar.

Self Improvement

Lisa’s Picks: The Best in
Self-Improvement Ebook

One of the most frustrating aspects of pursuing success is figuring out who can give you the most effective strategies for improving your life. Over the past 15 years, I have found that only 5% of so-called ‘experts’ actually give you methods that work in areas such as wealth-building, career success, fitness and health, spiritual enligtenment—you name it.

I’ve waded through the maze of research, cut through it all with laser-like precision, and created a Dream Team directory that reveals the best of the best resources.

For easy reference, I’ve put them in categories for you: health and fitness, spiritual enlightenment, financial mastery, leadership development, relationship effectiveness, sales and marketing, and career success.

The combination of my course and this directory will set you up for life. Anytime you are facing a challenge, the answer will be at your fingertips—ready to implement in minutes.

A $32.95 value, yours free.

Download this Ebook here

Breakthrough Golf

Breakthrough Golf! Ebook

Lower Your Score Now Using the Mental Secrets of Professional Athletes

Golfers must understand how to stay calm and confident on the course. This book shows you how to manage frustration, quiet your mind, and bring out your best. Whether you’re an advanced golfer or just trying to get through your company tournament without embarrassing yourself, this book will help you lower your score and have fun.

A $24.95 value, yours free.

Download this Ebook here


Order right now and you’ll receive an EXCLUSIVE 10% discount on my private seminars.

A $150 value, yours free.

To receive your discount, please call our office when enrolling in a Courage to Win® private seminar.


Lisa’s Famous Mental Toughness
Wisdom Ezine

Mental Toughness E-Zine
You’ll immediately begin receiving Lisa’s
well-known mental toughness articles which are used by people all over North America to take their lives to the next level. Topics include:

  • You Can Laugh at Negative Emotions if You     Follow This Simple Plan
  • How to Double Your Earning Power Using     Mental Toughness
  • Take Pressure Off Yourself Before Big Performances

A $120.00 value, yours free.

You will automatically receive Lisa’s Mental Toughness Wisdom Ezine beginning the day of your enrollment.


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