Announcing Lisa Lane Brown’s
The Courage to Win® Coach Power Training Program

Become A Courage to Win® Coach And Get Paid To Teach Others How To Eliminate Fear, Build Deep Mental Toughness, And Achieve Any Goal– Even If  You’ve Never Been Asked For Advice In Your Life!

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From: Lisa Lane Brown, M.A.

Hi, it’s Lisa Brown here and in this letter I’m going to show you how to teach anyone to eliminate fear, build deep mental toughness, and achieve any goal—and create an additional income stream for yourself in the process.

Think I’m kidding?

I’m not. As President here at the Courage to Win® headquarters, I’ve been giving clients precious “insider” information about eliminating fear using the intangible mental toughness factor– strategies, secrets and tactics you would never uncover on your own, regardless of how long you hunted for answers.

The only reason I’ve been able to do it is because after 16 years in the field of personal development, I finally “cracked the code” and discovered the world’s most natural formula for deep mental toughness. Call it mental toughness, confidence, or courage – this is the profound ability to stay in control and triumph when facing setbacks, loss, disappointment, and challenges.

Then, I let you and others “in” on these secrets. That’s how the Courage to Win® was born.

Well, I think it’s high time I did you another serious favour.

You see…most people who come to the Courage to Win® want to eliminate fear so they can achieve a “big” goal. They want to achieve personal greatness, become wealthy, turbo-charge their careers, and attract enduring love…just like they see their role models doing.

And we oblige.

But I also love teaching others how to coach clients, employees, and others in the secrets of deep mental toughness…because helping others reach their potential is hands down the most thrilling thing you will ever do.

And the gratitude and respect you get is the long-lasting kind. People tell their friends and family about you before they meet you. They start to revere you, because you are the one person who can actually transform their lives in a few short minutes.

And there’s even more good news…

$1,000 Per Month In Your Spare Time

It’s relatively easy to earn an extra $1,000 per month coaching in your spare time (if you know exactly what to do and how to do it).

Imagine sitting at home watching T.V. when you receive an email from a client asking for a session with you. You take the booking and before the week is out, you’ve helped someone change his life and you’ve been well-paid to do it.

Can you imagine the feelings of satisfaction you get when someone calls you and tells you that you’ve transformed his life? I have had the good fortune of having had this experience thousands of times, and I want you to experience it too.

Coaching can be done part time or full time. You don’t have to quit your job – you can coach from your home with no overhead or even by telephone if you wish. And you can go full-time when you feel the time is right.

But you don’t need to start a business to get the benefits of being a great coach, because coaching is also…

The Hush-Hush Trade Secret of Top Leaders

If you know me, you know my background is in sports.

It’s where I discovered the real trade secret of top leaders, and it’s this: the rare ability to coach people to new heights.

In 30+ years of competing, I only had TWO coaches with this ability. Both spurred me on to performance levels that astonished me. They made me so confident and motivated, I wanted to be around them all the time and so did my teammates. Needless to say, they climbed the ladder of success quickly while everyone else fought over the scraps.

It’s the same in business. Most people aren’t achieving a fraction of what they could be at work simply because they don’t have a good coach. Leaders, managers, and supervisors who can actually elevate the performance of their team are as rare as a clock in a casino …which is why you will be one of the most sought-after, highly respected individuals in your organization simply by learning this skill.

But here’s the kicker: you don’t get phenomenal opportunities in life, incredible respect, internal satisfaction, and extra income by winging it.

Nope. You get it by…

Having An Extraordinary Coaching POWER That
Transforms People Quickly And Easily

Few people like to hear this because deep down, they know they don’t really possess this type of coaching power. Sure, they may know how to listen…inspire trust…they may even give good advice from time to time…

But they can’t get clients, employees, and others to actually overcome their fears, take action, and reach their potential.

Why not, you ask?

It’s taken me a long time to realize this, but I’ve finally uncovered the #1 obstacle to having
extraordinary coaching power.

The #1 obstacle to having extraordinary coaching
power is not being able to eliminate FEAR
in the person you’re coaching.

Eliminating fear is absolutely the KEY, because it is fear that holds us back from reaching our potential. Fear is, and always has been, the great enemy of human achievement. You can cajole or pep talk people all you want, but if you don’t show them how to eliminate their fear, they will stay paralyzed forever.

But…here’s the rub… there’s very little information out there on eliminating fear that actually works.

I learned this myself first-hand years ago. After testing virtually every self-help technique (cognitive therapy, NLP, hypnosis, meditation, positive thinking, energy medicine, goal-setting, journaling) I realized none of them work very well to eliminate fear.

That’s why I went on a mission to “crack the code”, which eventually led to the discovery of the Courage to Win®, the world’s most natural formula for gaining deep mental toughness.

So here is my gift to you: I’ve recently developed an easy and effective way for you to coach others using the Courage to Win® mental toughness formula to achieve any goal —and create an additional income stream for yourself in the process.


I’ve just created the ultimate coaching program that will teach you how to shift people to unprecedented levels of deep mental toughness and success. This program is called The Courage to Win® Coach Power Training Program and it will give you the power to:

Teach Anyone How To Become Unstoppable
Using Secrets of Deep Mental Toughness

And, yes, if you wish, you can easily create additional income for yourself in the process– either by making yourself far more valuable to your organization or providing coaching services to others.

In the past 16 years as a success coach, I’ve discovered you need two things to transform people:

1. A Fear-Busting, Mental Toughness Formula

You need a proven formula that cures the root cause of fear in anyone you coach. This is the genius of the Courage to Win® coaching system. It’s why I’ve been successful coaching over 7,200 people in the past 16 years to massive success in business, relationships, and sport (and have the testimonials to prove it).

In The Courage to Win® Coach Power Training Program, you get a comprehensive set of templates and step-by-step blueprints in how to use our natural formula for eliminating fear and developing deep mental toughness.

These blueprints take you by the hand and gave you the scripts, steps, and outlines for coaching a person to achieve his most cherished goals. In a series of LIVE trainings with me personally over eight weeks, you will build your coaching power exponentially by learning how to systematically help people defeat their fears and gain deep mental toughness.

2. Masterful Coaching Skills

Next you need masterful coaching skills so you can shift people from fearful to confident while teaching them the exact steps to succeed.

There are only two states: where a person trusts you and becomes motivated to act or where he distrusts you and remains indecisive and paralyzed.

When you have maestro-like coaching skills, you create the first state in every person because you easily and quickly fill them with self-acceptance and self-trust.

The bottom line?

First you shift the person from fearful to confident.
Then you “teach a man to fish” and show him
how to do it for himself.

That’s it.

These two things are the essence of a massively powerful coaching presence.

If you have one but not the other, you’re not going to succeed. You must have both to succeed.

In my experience, most coaching programs train you in the skill of coaching but leave you high and dry when it comes to mastering fear. They don’t provide BOTH elements in one potent, comprehensive program.

The Courage to Win® Coach Power Training Program is built completely around these two areas using the detailed scripts, templates, and methodologies I’ve created and will share with you in our live trainings together.

By the way, here’s a little tip for you. There are two big mistakes to avoid when coaching people.

1. NOT Walking The Talk.

Do you know what makes me mad? It’s when I see someone who reads a few self-improvement books and then calls himself a coach.

Yes, it’s true that some of the best coaches, especially in sports, were not always the best players, but when it comes to coaching there is just no way you can help someone else unless you’ve accomplished a goal or two yourself.

The key to being an extraordinary coach is authenticity. You MUST “walk the talk” or you’re not worth a plug nickel to anyone.

My own mission began 15 years ago as a struggling athlete. I was talented, but so inconsistent under pressure it was doubtful I’d ever reach my goals.

That’s when I vowed to learn what other top performers knew about mental toughness I didn’t.

Using the mental toughness techniques I learned, I scored the winning goals in the dying minutes of three World Championships. I used the same strategies to build a successful speaking and coaching business making thousands of dollars per seminar and accepting only the best clients.

I’m not telling you this to try and impress you. I’m trying to impress upon you that these mental toughness strategies can be learned by anyone to reach any goal within 30 days.

2. Selling Yourself Short.
The second mistake is selling yourself short. I meet people every day who could be masterful coaches (and make a lot of money doing it) but they hold themselves back. “Why would anyone want my coaching, let alone PAY for it?”

This idea is just flat out wrong. In fact, the opposite is true. The world needs more of us to step up and bring out the best in others. Self-help is a 13 billion dollar industry and increasing at approximately 10% per year according to one estimate. Personal and corporate coaching is a 100 million dollar field and rising. Our society is literally starving for passionate leaders who are qualified to help others succeed.

I’m going to teach you how to avoid these two mistakes. Using the Courage to Win®, you will find it easy to achieve your own goals and use your coaching talents to transform the lives of others.

Here Are The Details Of The Courage to Win® Coach Power Training Program

The Courage to Win® Coach Power Training Program is an eight week program delivered entirely online so you skyrocket your skills immediately and take yourself through the program at you own pace and speed.

Online Video Trainings with Lisa Lane Brown

You’ll have direct access to eight audio teleconference trainings led by me personally. In addition, you’ll interact with me one on one via email to address your personal goals and coaching challenges. During your eight week training you’ll work through each coaching module and blueprint with videos and templates, following a step-by-step proven system for becoming a masterful, powerful Courage to Win® Coach.

This hands on, intimate training with me will literally skyrocket your coaching skills and confidence by giving you a detailed, paint-by-number roadmap for coaching people.

All of the teleconferences are recorded and available in your Private Members Area so you can review them in case you miss one or wish to go back and absorb it later.

Courage to Win® Coach Power Training Training Modules & Blueprints

Along with your online video training sessions, you’ll receive eight Training Modules & Blueprints.

Each Module is a self-contained training session that teaches you step-by-step building blocks for Courage to Win® coaching mastery using audio, video, and written tutorials and detailed action challenges. These tutorials are easy to absorb, entertaining, and inspirational.

Each Blueprint is exactly that – a set of scripts, templates, and methodologies you use with each Module to create the coaching results you want. Here is an overview of the content contained in the Courage to Win® Coach Power Training Modules & Blueprints:

Weeks 1 & 2
Emotional Self-Mastery
Mental Toughness Modules & Blueprints

These Modules and Blueprints reveal how to stay in control and triumph when facing setbacks, loss, disappointments, and challenges.

Those who possess this precious, intangible mental toughness factor know how to start from ground zero and build a lifetime of superior results against all odds–which is the foundation of genuine, lasting confidence.

Here is a glimpse of the highlights contained in these teachings:

  • The 4 Inner Game Errors. The four typical, GIANT inner game errors 97% of people make when trying to eliminate fear. Correcting these four errors alone might literally make you more mentally tough than you’ve ever been.
  • The ONLY Real Way To Cure Fear. The world’s most natural and effective way to overcome fear, anxiety, self-doubt, hesitancy, or procrastination to quickly and easily to restore confidence and motivation. What I reveal to you here will dramatically improve your results because you will finally stop analyzing fear and melt it away instead.
  • Letting Go. The specific elements of letting go. You see, for many it is anger, regret, and shame over past failures and broken dreams that keeps them trapped in a life of quiet desperation. I have the simple process for flipping shame into pride, giving you true grit.
  • Solve The Mystery of Depression. What you need to know about solving the mystery of depression. Think about this: Virtually person who seeks out coaching is secretly suffering from bouts of mild depression that are both confusing and unnecessary. What I have to share with you about depression alone will be worth your investment in the program.
  • Commitment, Commitment, Commitment. The three-step advanced technique for moving someone from ‘wanting’ a goal to having a staunch, unwavering 100% COMMITMENT to it.
  • Inspirational Goal-Setting. An in-depth look at EFFECTIVE goal-setting, including the hundreds of little “nuances” for creating goals that stir, inspire, and arouse heartfelt passion.

Weeks 3 & 4
Relationship Mastery
Mental Toughness Modules & Blueprints

These Modules and Blueprints reveal how to eliminate fears of abandonment and rejection to unleash your natural ability to get the love, respect, and passion you deserve in relationships.

Here is a glimpse of the highlights contained in these teachings:

  • Breaking Free. My famous protocol for BREAKING FREE will show you how to become self-reliant and secure in all relationships–no longer held hostage by the rejection or disapproval of others.
  • Stop Rejection Now. Insider, pro strategies for stopping romantic rejection, realizing your inherent lovability, and attracting passionate love.
  • Trade Secrets of Pro Leaders. Become a masterful, commanding leader who inspires action, trust, and ‘team’ in the people around them.
  • Ooze Charisma. Insights into adeptly “oozing charisma” so people hang onto your every word and pursue you for quality time.
  • Restore Passion. The special phenomenon that, once you master it, will permanently set your romantic union up for sustainable passion and admiration.
  • Stand Up For Your Life. How to stop being taken advantage of, say “No”, and negotiate without arousing hostility (even with difficult people or alpha-dogs).

Weeks 5 & 6
Career & Financial Mastery
Modules & Blueprints

These Modules and Blueprints reveal how to eliminate fears of failure and poverty so you find your purpose, turbo-charge your career, and skyrocket your income.

Here is a glimpse of the highlights contained in these teachings:

  • Discover Your Purpose. Conduct an analytical examination of what makes your heart sing so you can create a career vision is intrinsically motivating and reflects your authentic self.
  • Stop Procrastinating. How to stop procrastinating and become intensely action-oriented, able to produce extraordinary results in record time.
  • Income Boosters. Hundreds of “little tricks” that will bring your skills into the top 3% of the population and give you high-paying positions and roles.
  • Perform Flawlessly Under Pressure. A five-step protocol for mastering performance anxiety and performing flawlessly in meetings, presentations, and sales calls.
  • No More People-Pleasing. A simple procedure makes it easy to cast off the shackles of destructive perfectionism, stop people-pleasing, and express your natural talents.
  • More Money Now. The guerrilla warrior approach that will put 25% more money in your pocket in the next 60 days without changing jobs (no matter what you do for a living).
  • Eat That Frog. Four rules that will multiply your personal effectiveness so you can start enjoying life now, not later….and no, it has nothing to do with traditional time management.

Weeks 7 & 8
Coaching Excellence
Modules & Blueprints

These Modules and Blueprints reveal the superior coaching techniques you need to create breakthrough results with clients consistently.

Here is a glimpse of the highlights contained in these teachings:

  • Real Life Coaching Sessions. You will be privy to powerful, real life coaching sessions conducted by me where I will hold nothing back – nothing. Every speck of my 16+ years of coaching experience will be laid before you.
  • Diagnose Before You Prescribe. Like the whiz T.V. physician House, you will ferret out the bona fide root of a client’s problem so you can prescribe the exact antidote for it (using my unique proprietary process).
  • Getting Commitment. The three-step advanced technique for moving someone from ‘wanting’ a goal to having a staunch, unwavering 100% COMMITMENT to it.
  • Melting Resistance. For every client who acts, there are ten who almost change…but back away instead. I have the answer for flipping non-action into action and melting their resistance to change like an ice cream cone inside an infra-red sauna.

These modules are available 24 hours a day and organized easily and simply. There is no need to hunt around trying to find the answers in a different module or section. We designed them to be completely self-contained in the Private Members Area of your Coach Power Training website.

Courage to Win® Coach Power Training
Private Members Website

When you join my Courage to Win® Coach Power Training Program you’ll be given 24 hour access to a customized Private Members Website.

In the Private Members Website, my staff and I will answer your personal questions and help you apply my strategies and techniques to your coaching. If you get stuck on a topic, or need feedback on how to use a blueprint or deal with a client… just ask…and we’ll be there to answer your questions for you.Being able to ask us questions about your distinct challenges is one of the most valuable aspects of this training program.

Bonus Gifts

Here’s an overview of the three irresistible Bonus Gifts that accompany the Courage to Win® Coach Power Training Program:

Marketing Mastery for Coaches

Lisa Brown

This bonus provides brilliant marketing training that will help you choose and dominate your coaching market through intelligent and effective marketing.

Here is a glimpse of the highlights contained in these teachings:

  • The Power of Focus. The precise method to choose and target highly receptive, hungry niche markets for coaching tailored perfectly to your experience, skills, and temperament.
  • Coaching Services & Packages. Pro strategies for setting your fees and creating coaching packages including sample industry packages.
  • The Guerrilla Warrior Launch Technique. How to launch your coaching business on a cheapskate budget using inexpensive, foolproof advertising tests.
  • Advertising Magic. How to write magnetic, compelling ads or sales copy that converts prospects into paying clients with astonishingly high rates – including Lisa’s $5000 online campaign.

Retail value: $497.00

TWO Free Tickets To the Courage to Win® LIVE!

Sport Ebook

I will reserve TWO FREE tickets to my upcoming LIVE Courage to Win® Event (exact date and location to be announced).

You can use these tickets or gift them to someone else who may benefit.

Retail value: $1,497.00

Audio of Lisa’s Mental Toughness:
Training for Success Seminar

Training For Success Seminar

You’ll receive the never-before-released unedited and uncensored audio recording of my flagship seminar, Mental Toughness: Training for Success. You’ll have access to examples, examples, and more examples that demonstrate the “rocket science” of the Courage to Win® approach, hear precise coaching answers to dozens of typical client problems, and pick up hundreds of little nuances in how to move clients into an empowered, motivated state for crushing their problems like a bug on a picnic basket.

Retail value: $297.00

Eight Email Consults with Lisa Lane Brown

Lisa Brown

As your ultimate inspiration, you’ll be privy to an email consult every week with me as you go through the training. I will review your unique goals and give you coaching, suggestions, and individual help. If you are going in circles with a specific person and need a breakthrough…if you need to make extra money immediately…if you need an urgent injection of confidence…we’ll trouble-shoot and solve the challenge together.

An $997.00 value, yours free.

Your Investment

The Courage to Win® Coach Power Training modules and blueprints have taken me over 16 years and $300,000 to learn and we’ve sold them for up to $1,000 in separate programs. These, combined with the value of the LIVE trainings at $2,000, puts the value of the entire program at $6,000.00 (the ACTUAL value is way above that, which you’ll see when you use it).

Right now, your investment for the entire program is a fraction of that price: just $697.00 (and a payment plan of six payments of $116.00 if you wish). This is an astonishing value when you keep in mind that many coaching schools are charging US$4,000 to US$15,000 for a purely theoretical program. With me, you are learning from a world class coach who has been paid real fees from real people to help them succeed.

I DO admit my reason for inviting you in at this outrageously discounted price is somewhat selfish: It is my experience that “early responders” are the ones most likely to take action and see massive results – and we want to use your results and feedback when we take this program to the public later next year.

That’s why it is absolutely critical to us that you get very real results that we can all brag about.

Do You Require A Guarantee?

Given the massive proof I’ve provided here on the quality of this program, I’m positive you can decide Yes or No without a guarantee. BUT: I am known for fanatical customer service. I treat you the way I wish every company treated me. Therefore I am giving you 7 days in this program to determine it IS indeed everything you ever wanted and more. If you aren’t wildly delighted (I’ll be stunned), you can still get a 100% refund. You are completely safe!

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To your success,

Lisa Brown

PS: After stumbling through my first practice session in 1993, I never would have dreamed coaching could be so very good to me.

I would really like to help you have the same thrilling experience to accelerate your goals, personal growth, and income. The next step is up to you.

Lisa Brown

Q. How much time does The Courage to Win® Coach Power Training Program take?A. About 2-4 hours per week. If you’re considering this training but are worried about your time, remember that most people watch between 30-40 hours of T.V. per week.You’re probably not doing that, but here’s the exciting part: by reducing your T.V. time by just a few hours each week, you are gaining a skill that will transform your life and the lives of the people around you — while increasing your income at the same time.

Q. What will I be able to help people with?

A. You will be able to help people with any and all of the following:

  • Curing Their Emotional Problems Fast
  • Improving Their Performance & Meeting Deadlines
  • Creating Breakthrough Confidence
  • Wiping Out Procrastination
  • Eliminating Mild Depression & De-motivation
  • Getting The Love, Respect & Passion They Deserve In Relationships
  • Becoming A Powerful, Influential Leader At Work
  • Mastering Their Time And Taking Control Of Their Lives
  • Boosting Their Income
  • And much, much more.

Q. I already have a solid career making good money. Why should I bother with this training?

A. That’s great and many people envy you. At this stage in your life you have the luxury of helping other people empower themselves and reach their potential. It is thrilling when you do this on a daily basis and I believe we are all happier when we are giving back.

Plus, most people have at least 1 or 2 people in their lives who are unhappy, negative, or floundering — but ejecting them from your life is just not appropriate or desirable. In these situations you should help these people overcome their fears and start truly living.

Q. Lisa, I don’t have an unlimited budget. Your training costs more than a cup of coffee. How can I be sure I’ll get my money’s worth?

A. I don’t blame you for being skeptical or cost conscious. Lots of people are trying to sell worthless or poor training without the proper experience. That’s why there are a few important things I want you to know about me.

Without bragging, I have a very strong reputation for being an excellent coach with a tremendous command of mental toughness strategies. I have personally coached over 6,200 world class athletes, business people, and performing artists to new heights and I have the testimonials to prove it. I have conducted over 1,300 seminars on mental toughness across North America. I have my own electronic magazine with over 11,000 subscribers. I am interviewed on subjects like performance enhancement by media such as Entrepreneur Magazine and The New York Times. I am not going to damage my professional reputation by selling you a bad training program.

Many people who take this training will be sponsored by their employers because it will immediately improve their productivity, leadership skills, and energy levels. We can invoice your employer for your tuition fee if you wish.

Q. Lisa when does The Courage to Win® Coach Power Training Program start? And when does the 7 day Guarantee begin?

A. Immediately. You gain access to your Coach Power Training Private Members Website, including your audio teleconference training sessions, as soon as you register. The Private Members Site will be available for a minimum of 12 months and I will continue to provide one on one support and answer your questions during that 12 months as well, so there is no rush. The 7 day Guarantee starts on the day you register.

Q. If I take the payment plan option, when is the second payment due?

A. It is due 30 days after your first payment is made.

PPS: Let me give you one final reason why I think this course is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL for anyone serious about helping themselves and others fulfill their potential.

There’s a famous quote: “A hero is a man who does what he can.”

I’m giving you the opportunity to elevate the happiness, success, and well-being of both yourself and everyone around you. To me, this is a noble and heroic cause, which is why I’m so excited about this program.