How to Create Wealth and Financial Freedom, Land Your Dream Job or Business, Win Friends and Influence People, and Double Your Time Off

You Will Finally Discover The REAL Secret To Reaching
the Pinnacle of Career and Business Success,
Because No One Has Ever Shown You The Truth.

Introducing Lisa Lane Brown’s


Dear Friend,

If you’ve ever been broke or stressed about money, such as not being able to retire when you want, or worried about taking care of your family, or longing for financial freedom…

If you’ve ever had a job you hated and suffered the nagging feeling that you AREN’T doing what you were put on this earth to do (or working with people you actually like)…

If you’ve ever felt insignificant – or even bullied – at work and wondered how to really influence and motivate people so they hang off your every word, line up to promote you or buy from you, and actually start working together…

If you’ve ever had a fantastic business or a business idea, but felt confused and frustrated about to how to make it the massive success you know it could be…

If you’ve ever felt exhausted, like a rat on a treadmill, or just plain burned out…

Then you know how gut-wrenching it can be to feel like your dreams are slowly slipping through your fingers while you stand by, helpless.

I want you to know that you are NOT alone – and that it’s much easier than you think to get back on track and start living your dreams.

In the next few minutes, I’m going to show you how to make an additional $100,000 (or more) every year, create your dream job or business, win friends and influence people, and double your time off.

(A caveat: it is not necessary to leave your current situation to do it! In fact, many people make the career mistake of assuming the ‘grass is greener’ and chop and change too much. You can turn a good situation into a DREAM situation using the principles I’ll share. Of course, you can also fire your boss and move on if that’s what’s right for you).

But first, let me explain the one KEY to business and career success…

The one KEY to Career and Business Success

Lisa Brown
Lisa Brown

My name is Lisa Brown and since 1993 I’ve worked with over 7,200 people in North America to help them accomplish amazing things.

In that time I discovered that there is one key to reaching the pinnacle of career and business success, and it’s this: the skill of how to ARRIVE.

The skill of how to ARRIVE is the ability to do work
you LOVE for people you like while creating
incredible wealth and personal freedom.

You can have more talent and experience than everyone around you, but if you don’t learn the skill of how to ARRIVE, you will never make the money you deserve, do what you love for people you like, or create incredible wealth and personal freedom for yourself.

And that’s only PART of the story.

The truth is that without the skill of how to ARRIVE, it’s virtually impossible to develop your personal greatness in the first place – I’m talking about the kind of impressiveness that makes you the ‘go-to’ person in your field who can command any price, accept only the best projects working with the best people, and set your own schedule.

On the other hand, when you learn the skill of how to ARRIVE, some surprising things will start to happen…

CheckMark3You will finally manifest the wealth and financial freedom you deserve, because you will be one of the most sought after people in your field, able to command an obscenely high price in the marketplace while setting your own hours.

With wealth comes security for you and your family – no more worrying about bills, debt, or retirement. You have utter control over your life and time… no more punching a clock, being controlled by clients or bosses you dislike, or burning yourself out just to make a few extra bucks.

When you have wealth, your relationships also magically transform. Your spouse, friends and in-laws respect and revere you and you are able to work with people who ‘get’ your genius.

CheckMark3You will know the exact system for creating your dream job or business – one that makes your heart sing, expresses your gifts, and gives you a genuine sense of fulfillment and contribution.

In your dream job or business, catapulting yourself to the top of your field is like child’s play, because motivating yourself and getting results is as natural to you as breathing.

You also STOP working in projects or jobs that are destined to fail because they are simply wrong for you.

CheckMark3You become a person of true INFLUENCE, able to persuade people to eagerly embrace your ideas and services. People will line up to promote and hire you, start working together in the right direction, and treat you with the respect you deserve.

Never again will you be taken for granted, bullied, or feel ineffectual in the workplace. People will hang off your every word, clamor for your opinion, green-light your projects, and scramble to buy your products or services.

Old fears of rejection will fade away, and you will find it easy to get people to ‘Yes,’ shine in meetings, and resolve conflicts.

CheckMark3You will literally double your time off. Gone will be the days where you feel like a rat on a treadmill with no time or any work/life balance.

Finally, there will be time for what matters – your family, friends, health, and passions. The people in your life will love your newfound freedom…Plus, your time off will be utterly ‘stress free’, because your top priorities are 100% handled. This about this for a minute: not only are you doing work you love, but you also have ample time off for what matters. It’s the ultimate combination.

CheckMark3Being a person of greatness and a true ‘superstar’ will feel completely natural to you, no matter what your past, because of the powerful, unstoppable self-image imbedded deep inside you.

Conflict, setbacks and mistakes that used to rattle you will suddenly become non-issues, even to the point of not bothering you at all! Instead, your personal confidence and motivation will always be there, inside you, ready to carry you to success.

Sadly, the skill of how to ARRIVE is not something
you can snap your fingers and just “decide” to have.

We must learn it from the most successful
who have ever lived.

Right now you might be saying to yourself, “Aw, come on. All I need is a little better time management…to think more positively…maybe take a communication course.”

That’s certainly what MOST people out there think – and so they TRY, but all they are doing is putting “band-aids” on the issue – so they make little, if any, progress.

Now, please don’t misunderstand me – there is nothing wrong with time management, positive thinking, or good communication. They are nice. They are very nice.

BUT, if you are prone to procrastination, self-sabotage,
low confidence or tend to avoid rejection, failure
or change – these techniques will be nothing
but sterile, superficial fixes.

They simply will NOT give you the skill of how to ARRIVE at massive career and business success.

In fact, without the right guidance, it can take years of trial and error to build up your career or business even 10-20% more…and it’s easily wiped out if you’re not careful.

If you REALLY want to make incredible wealth,
create your dream job or business, win friends and
influence people, or just double your time off, you
must learn this key skill.

You need to learn the skill of how to ARRIVE.

Luckily, through my own research and personal study, I’ve discovered ways any person can make stunning, potent changes that skyrocket his career virtually overnight.

And here’s the most shocking part…

It is so easy to master the skill of how to ARRIVE that you will soon clue in to something you have suspected for a long time:

Most career or business training has gotten totally
messed-up because so-called “experts” would have you
believe that it has to be a long, painful struggle to ARRIVE.

The exciting truth is that once you learn the skill of
how to ARRIVE, success is FUN, easy, and as natural
to you as breathing.

Here’s what this discovery is all about.

The skill of how to ARRIVE is drawn from the simple but little-known secrets of the highest achieving men and women who have ever lived.

I got interested in these secrets because I know what it’s like to feel utterly dejected about your career.

In my early 20s, I fell into a depression because while I knew what I wanted to do with my life (be a speaker + life coach), I had NO IDEA how to make it a reality.

After I graduated from school, I got a research job.

Everyone else seemed to love it, but the day just crawled by for me.

After three years I started to get really scared.

It’s not just that I felt I wasn’t making a contribution or doing what I was put on this earth to do.

It’s that deep down, I knew I was chickening out.

On some level, I was scared to put myself out there.

I remember sitting in the parking lot at 9:30 in the morning (because I never got there early), looking at the door to the building with my head on the steering wheel, thinking, “What’s the matter with you? Why can’t you get out of here?”

That was actually the worst part – doubting myself at a core level.

That was many years ago, and I’m very grateful that change was possible for me. Since then I’ve worked with over 7,200 achievers in 1300 seminars in North America and learned the exact ingredients for reaching the pinnacle of career and business success.

There are four elements to the skill of how to ARRIVE. You must: a) love your work, b) take action and follow through, c) become a master of influence, and d) believe in yourself on a profound level.

The vast majority of people only have one or two of these handled – they ‘dabble’ in the rest.

Why? Because modern “experts” have convinced them that to ARRIVE, they need to start over at the bottom, go back to school, or toil away for years first (not to mention leave their current job or business).

Ah, no.

The four elements skill of the skill of ARRIVING are not only ridiculously simple and easy, but they’ve been under your nose the entire time!

Oprah FIRED!?

We’ve been brainwashed to believe that it’s virtually impossible to get paid a fortune to do what you love.

In reality, it usually takes only one or two simple tweaks to get there.

Case in point: Did you know that Oprah Winfrey originally wanted to be the black Barbara Walters, interviewing people on the news? Oprah actually did get a job as a news anchor, but since she was not an academic or educated in world affairs, she was fired after just eight months.

Instead, Oprah started interviewing people on a daily talk show and her career took off. A slight tweak took Oprah from unemployed to one of the most successful and admired women of the 20th century, doing exactly what she loved.

When you learn the skill of how to ARRIVE, you will know exactly how to tweak your current job, business, or skill set to attract work you love that pays you handsomely.

Becoming A Billionaire?

The next piece of the ARRIVING puzzle is taking consistent action on your goals. The myth we’ve bought into here is that we need countless books, courses, and therapists to learn how to do this consistently.

Another load of bunk!

Taking action is easy once you know the secret to doing it.

You’ve probably heard of Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook and the youngest billionaire in history. What you may NOT know is that the key to Zuckerberg’s success was indeed taking action.

Once he got the idea for Facebook, Zuckerberg spent 39 days consecutively building the program, beating everyone else to the punch (in the software business, speed is everything).

Research shows that the average person has at least one idea per week that would make him a millionaire if he followed through. But we sell ourselves short, procrastinate, and wait for someone else to validate the idea. By then, the moment has passed.

Using the skill of how to ARRIVE,you will unleash your natural ability to take action and reach any goal you set for yourself, making it possible to live your life on your own terms.

Mastering Influence

How did Nelson Mandela dismantle the legacy of apartheid and lay the foundation for democracy to South Africa?

How did Mother Teresa, a poor nun, build homes for orphans and nurse thousands of sick people?

How did Mahatma Gandhi lead India to independence and inspire movements for civil rights across the world?

They became masters of influence. Influence is life’s most powerful skill because it allows you to take charge of your life – rather than following the will of others. It also wipes out the fear of rejection and failure utterly, because you can get people to ‘Yes’ with amazing speed.

Yet, few people have this marvelous skill. They assume that if they were not ‘born with it’, mastering influence is a long, pain-staking process.

Nothing could be further from the truth. When you learn the skill of how to ARRIVE, you’ll discover how to become a master of influence simply by being yourself. The process is not only painless, but fast: you will not have to spend any extra time to get twice the results (in fact I don’t want you investing more time – I want you investing less).

Breakthough Confidence & BELIEF in Yourself

Remember tennis champion Pete Sampras?

Pete won fourteen Grand Slam tennis titles and is recognized as one of the greatest players of all time.

But Pete did not start out believing in himself. In fact, when Sampras lost to Edberg in the 1992 U.S. Open, it really ate away at his guts. He kept thinking, “If he didn’t play well, and I didn’t play that well, why did he win?”

Finally Pete came up with the answer: “For the first time, I understood and could articulate the truth: I lost because I had packed it in. And it was part of a pattern.”

Most of us are in the same boat as Pete. We really don’t believe in ourselves. But that’s not the worst part…the worst part is that the ‘experts’ have told us that it’s impossible to learn how…we’ve been told it’s a mystery that only a precious few champions have ever solved.

Before we know it, mediocrity has become a PATTERN. Then we beat ourselves up for our lack of results, crushing our confidence more, and the cycle repeats itself.

I have to confess that this myth burns me up the most. After working with people on this very topic in over 1300 live mental toughness seminars, I can tell you with utter certainty that developing breakthrough confidence and BELIEVING in yourself is quite easy once you know how to do it.

What you are going to do is master the four elements
of the skill of how to ARRIVE.

You will gain the ability to do work you LOVE with people you like
while creating incredible wealth and personal freedom.

Introducing Lisa Lane Brown’s


In ARRIVE, you’ll participate in an eight week training program featuring audio, video, and written sessions that will give you the skill of how to ARRIVE. Here are the details:

Eight Week Home Study Program
Featuring Lisa Lane Brown

Over the course of an eight week training program with me, you’ll be privy to my never-before revealed proven system for putting your career or business on overdrive.

In these intimate webinar trainings, you will create a detailed, paint-by-number roadmap for doing work you love with people you like while creating incredible wealth and personal freedom.

Each session will be approximately 45 minutes in length and include a video tutorial, a Q and A session, an audio recording, and accompanying handouts.

Here is a glimpse of just some of the principles we’ll cover in the ARRIVE training program:

Financial Mastery & Freedom
3 Skills to Creating the Wealth You Deserve

To create the wealth you deserve, there are three essential skills you must master: attracting, saving, and investing money.

CheckMark2Design Your Financial Destiny. You will re-train your mind in the ‘millionaire mindset’ that makes attracting money as easy as a magnet attracts steel. The more you internalize this mindset, the easier it becomes to bring more and more wealth into your life.

CheckMark2Skyrocket Your Earning Power. Discover the foolproof three step process for doubling or even tripling your income in the next twelve months, whether it means getting a raise, landing a promotion, or shifting your business into high growth mode.

CheckMark2The Power of Money Focus. How to put 25% more money in your pocket in the next 60 days without raising your income by one cent (no matter what you do for a living).

CheckMark2What The Rich Invest In That The Poor and the Middle Class Do Not. We will peel back the curtain and reveal the specific investments you must become savvy in to secure your financial future.

Mastering Influence
How to Win Friends & Influence People

CheckMark2Get Connected. You will learn how to open doors and opportunities for yourself by establishing relationships with the ‘movers and shakers’ in your field with astonishing ease.

CheckMark4The Hush-Hush Trade Secret of Top Leaders. You will discover the real trade secret of top leaders, and it’s this: the rare ability to motivate and coach people to new heights of performance. You will develop an extraordinary coaching power that will allow you to bring out the best in people so they are accountable, motivated, and working together.

CheckMark2Powerful Presentations. Turn the heat up on your career by learning how to persuade people to green-light your proposals and initiatives. You will discover how to design and deliver flawless, powerful presentations that are actually fun to do.

CheckMark2Communication Mastery. Say good-bye to the days of feeling bullied, taken advantage of, or simply not assertive at work! You will be privy to a foolproof process for negotiating win-win outcomes that dissolve workplace conflict once and for all.

CheckMark4How To Handle Difficult or Moody People. Your environment affects you…which is why you need to know how to handle moody clients, bosses, and colleagues in your environment. You will get a step-by-step method for so you can stay calm, confident and in control no matter how others are treating you.

Do What You Love
Live Your True Purpose and Passion

CheckMark4Your Passion: What Makes Your Heart Sing? ‘Go inside’ and uncover who you really are, including what makes you passionate. You will create a career or business vision that reflects your authentic self so you can channel this desire into motivation so powerful it revs you up like a jet engine.

CheckMark4Find Your Major Definite Purpose in Life. (Even if there doesn’t seem to be one right now). This is an extremely sensitive and critical part of living your dreams. If the Big Goal you’re pursuing right now doesn’t fill you with excitement, you’re already at a profound disadvantage. Learn to FOCUS on the high leverage goal that will bring you success.

CheckMark2The Aladdin Factor – Uncover Your True Gifts. You’ll learn how to recognize your hidden strengths, talents, and genius and use them to catapult to the top now.

Double Your Productivity,
Double Your Time Off

CheckMark2Become A Person of Action: How to Erase Procrastination and De-motivation. How to erase procrastination, de-motivation, and even depression from your life using action rituals that make your more productive than you ever thought possible.

CheckMark2The Paradigm of the New Rich. How to free yourself of the dead end programming that keeps you working 50+ hours per week. Learn and embrace the philosophy and lifestyle practices of the New Rich so you can enjoy the lifestyle that you dream of now.

CheckMark2Eat That Frog. The quick and easy way to multiply your personal effectiveness at work and home so you can start enjoying life now, not later….and no, it has nothing to do with traditional time management.

Breakthrough Confidence & Self-Esteem

CheckMark2Infuse Your Life with Breakthrough Confidence. Shatter and dissolve the fear of rejection and failure and replace them with breakthrough confidence that propels you forward with the power of a runaway locomotive.

CheckMark4The Art of Persistence. Most people “fold” as soon as they face setbacks such as trying to change fields, get a promotion, lead a sales call, deal with a moody person, or shine in presentations. You will discover a simple, three step method to banish mental storm clouds and restore total composure to your mind and body.

CheckMark2The Power of Self-Trust. Experience the inner workings of self-trust that will explode your self-esteem and makes your performance soar because you are finally making decisions based on your instincts.

CheckMark2The Greatness Mindset. Most people are trapped inside their Comfort Zone, afraid to take chances and express their true greatness. You will discover how to break free of the Comfort Zone and use this courage to fast-track your career.

CheckMark2How to Leave Mistakes Behind. The specific method for eliminating the fear of making mistakes. You’ll approach each day motivated, relaxed, and ready to take the calculated chances needed to succeed.

CheckMark2The Power of Self-Acceptance. The step-by-step process for curing the perfectionism and low self-esteem that rob you of your confidence – so you can be happy with yourself and stay motivated whether you have a good day or a not-so-good day.

ARRIVE Bonus Gifts

My ARRIVE Career Success Training Program is undoubtedly the most comprehensive and life-changing program I’ve ever created – which is why I want to make it completely painless for you to try it.

Here’s the massive collection of FREE Bonus Gifts I’ve gathered together for you that will help you create incredible wealth, do what you love, double your time off, and win friends and influence people.

Giant FREE Gift #1
Lifetime Membership in the
ARRIVE Private Members Inner Circle

You will receive LIFETIME access to my “Inner Chamber” where the massive career and business breakthroughs occur.

When you become an Inner Circle Member, you automatically enter my “circle of trust” too. Here are the two colossal benefits you gain from that:

Free Coaching / Consulting Call In Days

Four times a year (sometimes more), I will host Open Call In Days exclusively for my Inner Circle members. You’re given my Skype and a special telephone number for this reason and may call during specific hours.

Once you get through, you will have 20 minutes of time with me personally where we consult about YOU and your goals.

Product Discounts!

You’ll get a Discount Coupon Code to use online to get 20-30% discounts all year long on my catalogue of premium information products.

One on One Personalized Support –
Twelve E-Consults

You will be given a special email address that gives you direct access to our expertise through e-consults once a month. You can ask questions about any element of your career or business goals and get timely, personalized answers every month for one year.

This component of the membership is literally PRICELESS, because achievers who get our personalized advice tend to take a no-holds-barred quantum leap in their income, career/business, and ability to influence people immediately.

Private Members Website & Career Resources

In our special Resources section, you’ll get access to my personal rolodex of elite coaches, and consultants in areas such as financial investments, business building, job searches, resume writing, interviewing, getting promotions, workplace productivity and efficiency, leadership and supervision, motivating people, and much more.

I’m actually going to give you the contact information of the people I use in my network when I need an expert.

This will save you a massive amount of time when you are seeking a professional, because I gave already “vetted” them for you. It’s one thing to have access to the information, but it’s another thing to have access to the PEOPLE. I don’t get any kind of kickback from this…it’s just who I use.

Retail value: $1200.00

Giant FREE Gift #2
The Courage to Win®
Coach Power Training Program

LisaPhoto3Become A Courage to Win® Coach And Get Paid To Teach Others How To Eliminate Fear, Build Deep Mental Toughness, And Achieve Any Goal– Even If You’ve Never Been Asked For Advice In Your Life!

Imagine sitting at home watching T.V. when you receive an email from a client asking for a session with you.

You take the booking and before the week is out, you’ve helped someone change his life and you’ve been well-paid to do it.

Can you imagine the feelings of satisfaction you get when someone calls you and tells you that you’ve transformed his life?

I have had the good fortune of having had this experience thousands of times, and I want you to experience it too.

Coaching can be done part time or full time.

You don’t have to quit your job – you can coach from your home with no overhead or even by telephone if you wish. And you can go full-time when you feel the time is right.

But you don’t need to start a business to get the benefits of being a great coach, because coaching is also the hush-hush trade secret of top leaders.

Most people aren’t achieving a fraction of what they could be at work simply because they don’t have a good coach.

Leaders, managers, and supervisors who can actually elevate the performance of their team are as rare as a clock in a casino …which is why you will be one of the most sought-after, highly respected individuals in your organization simply by learning this skill.

Using this extraordinary coaching power, you will gain phenomenal opportunities in life, incredible respect, and internal satisfaction – not to mention extra income.

In this program, you will receive:

CheckMarkEight Online Video Trainings with Lisa Lane Brown

CheckMarkYou’ll have direct access to eight audio teleconference trainings led by me personally.

CheckMarkIn addition, you’ll interact with me one on one via email to address your personal goals and coaching challenges.

CheckMark4During your eight week training you’ll work through each coaching module and blueprint with videos and templates,following a step-by-step proven system for becoming a masterful, powerful Courage to Win® Coach.

CheckMark4All of the teleconferences are recorded and available in your Private Members Area so you can review them in case you miss one or wish to go back and absorb it later.

Courage to Win® Coach Power Training
Training Modules & Blueprints

Along with your online video training sessions, you’ll receive eight Training Modules & Blueprints.

Each Module is a self-contained training session that teaches you step-by-step building blocks for Courage to Win® coaching mastery using audio, video, and written tutorials and detailed action challenges.

Each Blueprint is exactly that – a set of scripts, templates, and methodologies you use with each Module to create
the coaching results you want.

Retail value: $697.00.

Giant FREE Gift #3
How To Make Yourself
Irresistible Audio Program

RelationshipCDOf course, when it comes to career success, it’s not what you know, but who you know.

That’s why you need advanced relationship skills, which I give you in my “How To Make Yourself Irresistible” audio program. In this powerful program, you will learn:

Work Relationships

  • Exactly how to get a moody boss or colleague to treat you with respect
  • How to prevent employees from taking advantage of you
  • The formula for neutralizing the office bully in meetings or other forums
  • How to get a domineering boss to listen to your ideas
  • A quick and easy way to turn around a complaining customer or boss (and make him happy instantly)

All Relationships

  • The #1 relationship mistake and how it leads to you feeling rejected and unappreciated (it’s not what you think)
  • The source of all conflict in relationships
  • How to master the inner game of relationships, including your abandon

Personal Relationships

  • How to turn around romantic rejection and re-connect with an ex-lover or spouse
  • The exact steps to rescuing a passionless marriage
  • How to handle family members who rebel and ignore your requests
  • A proven method for dealing with self-absorbed friends
  • Specific steps you must take if you discover your spouse has been unfaithful
  • How to gain more consideration, kindness, and listening from your spouse and children
  • A proven method for making your spouse more enthusiastic about housework, childcare and anything else he or she is resisting
  • How to stop your partner or spouse (or anyone else) from criticizing you

In addition to getting the audio program, we will include the never-before-released written transcript of this program. Both the audio program and the transcript are downloadable and immediately accessible upon enrolling in the ARRIVE Career Success Training Program.

Retail Value: $39.97

Giant FREE Gift #4
Emotional Clearing Book
Releasing Negative Feelings and
Awakening Unconditional Happiness

EmotionalClearingBookEMOTIONAL CLEARING is the means for you to go DEEP into self-understanding and emotional release work so you can attract abundance.

You will learn why irrational fear is the number one cause of all money worries and insecurity and how to release it. Learn how suppressed, unreleased fear can self-perpetuate and actually attract conditions of scarcity and lack.

You will learn why loving yourself (which is not simply trying to generate loving thoughts about yourself) is the one of the most powerful ways to reach your potential and how to do it .

Learn how to handle relationships so that you can use conflict to advance personal growth instead of spiraling downward into blame and mistrust.

You will receive a downloadable copy of Emotional Clearing immediately upon enrolling in ARRIVE.

Retail Value: $20.00.

Giant FREE Gift #5
Think and Grow Rich Book
by Napolean Hill

ThinkandGrowRichThis classic originated when Napoleon Hill dedicated 20 years of his life by studying and 500 of the most successful people at the time, including Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and Andrew Carnagie.

The result was a book called Think and Grow Rich, which went on to sell 20 million copies. As stated on the cover, “This book could be worth a million dollars to you.”

Retail Value: $9.99.

How Much Is the ARRIVE Career Success
Training Program Going To Cost?

Nothing, if you consider it as an investment in your career, business, and financial success rather than an “expense”.

In my view, an investment is something that gives you something back in return when you invest your money in it.

Investments are expected to pay off dividends and financial gains down the road. I consider your investment in my training program to be wise decision in planning for the future growth of your career, financial future, and evolution as a person. Having said that, I want the program to be accessible to most (and not a ‘rich get richer’ program), so I have economically priced it at $297.

And I’m willing to back the program up with my…12 Month Iron-Clad “No Hassle or Aggravation” Guarantee.

12 Month “No Hassles or Aggravation” Guarantee

guaranteeIf you know me, you know that I always attach a 12 month, iron-clad, “no hassle” results guarantee to my coaching programs. If you are not happy with your results, I will keep working with you until you have a rock-solid, inspirational plan for your career or business that you are thrilled with. The only thing I ask (which I’m sure you’ll agree is completely fair) is that you complete your ARRIVE webinar trainings and assignments, and attend the live training.

Second, while this is an eight week program, I understand that life is full of interruptions and complications, which is why you get a lifetime membership to the Private Members Inner Circle.

ARRIVE Career Success Training Program + BONUS Gifts

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Space in ARRIVE is Limited.
Grab Your Spot While You Still Can

Lisa Brown
Lisa Brown

At this time, I’m only offering the program to my current subscribers (not to the general public). Once it’s filled, we will not be accepting any new applicants. Therefore, I urge you to click on the Add to Cart button below and fill out the brief application form.

See you on the other side,

Your friend,
Lisa B.

ARRIVE Career Success Training Program + BONUS Gifts

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Q. Lisa, I’m pretty busy. How much time does the ARRIVE Career Success Training Program take?

A. About two hours per week for eight weeks plus thirty minutes if you attend the BONUS Call In Sessions (this does not include the three day LIVE seminar). If you’re considering this training but are worried about your time, remember that most people watch between 30-40 hours of T.V. per week.
You’re probably not doing that, but here’s the exciting part: by reducing your T.V. time by just a couple of hours each week, you are going to learn how to make an additional $100,000 every year, do what you love with people you like, win friends and influence people and double your time off. After that, you’ll be able to write you own ticket and have ample time off.
Q. I already have a solid career making good money. Why should I bother with this training?
A.That’s great and many people envy you. It tells me that you are in the perfect position to reach for the stars. Remember, it is not necessary to leave our current job or risk the perks of your lifestyle to ARRIVE. All you need to do is tweak it for maximum wealth, fulfillment, and achievement.
Q. Lisa, I don’t have an unlimited budget for self-improvement. Your training costs more than a cup of coffee. How can I be sure I’ll get my money’s worth?
A.I don’t blame you for being skeptical or cost conscious. Lots of people are trying to sell vague information or ineffective coaching. That’s why I guarantee all our programs (something very few do) and treat every client the way I wish all businesses treated me. If you are unhappy with your training in any way, I will continue to work with you one on one until to accomplish the results you want. Also, make sure you take a moment to read the countless testimonials on this page. These are only a handful of comments from over 7,200 ecstatic clients who swear by the quality of our programs (most famous ‘gurus’ don’t have a fraction of the testimonials we do).
PS: Let me give you one final reason why I think this training is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL for anyone serious their professional ambitions.
The Gallup organization found was that more people die in our civilization at 9:00 am on Monday morning than at any other time. They also asked people a very simple question. “Do you love what you do every day?” Only 20% of people in the world said yes.
We spent the vast majority of our time at work, and for just a small investment, you can set yourself up for a lifetime of wealth and fulfillment and truly reach your potential. What could be more important?