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It’s Helped Over 6,000 People Create Breakthrough Confidence in The Last 14 Years..


For A Limited Time, You Can Test Drive The Most Proven, Extensively Researched Mental Toughness Formula For Breakthrough Confidence and Success Ever Created”

If You Could Discover Exactly How to Build Self Confidence — And Experience A Sudden Relief From Self-Doubt, Fear, and Procrastination — Accompanied by More Confidence And A Rapid Influx of Money, Love, And Career Success — Wouldn’t You At Least Want to ‘Test Drive’ These Changes?

The Intangible “Mental Toughness Factor”
Hardly Anybody Comprehends

Dear Friend:

If you isolate ONE THING about high achievers — the one thing that has put them at the peak of success, above anything and everything else, it is their inner game. Call it mental toughness, confidence, courage – it is the profound ability stay in control and triumph when facing setbacks, loss, disappointment, and challenges.

Those who possess this precious, intangible mental toughness factor know how to start from ground zero and build a lifetime of superior results against all odds–which is the foundation of genuine, lasting confidence.

It’s relatively easy to master the intangible mental toughness factor (if you know how to do it).

I’d like to help. You’ll discover the most proven, extensively researched formula for breakthrough confidence and mental toughness available today. You’ll also learn how to apply this formula to make more money, fast track your career, and win in love. This website will show you the best working techniques for:

  • Confidently selling your ideas in presentations and meetings to command high fees
  • Discovering your true career Purpose so you can pursue higher paying work
  • Realizing your inherent lovability and attracting passionate love
  • Staying secure and resilient when you are criticized
  • Gaining the personal confidence needed to start your own business
  • Being self-reliant in relationships, no longer held hostage by the acceptance or rejection of others
  • Defeating procrastination and becoming a person of action
  • Restoring peace of mind to yourself in times of trauma or depression
  • Discovering what the rich invest in (that the poor and middle class do not)

I want to give you a little quiz, then shock you with some facts.

The quiz: Guess what number of people out there set goals? Only 3% of the population has clear, measurable goals complete with an action plan displayed in their home.

Guess what number of businesses out there reach the $1 million mark? 85% of all businesses won’t even hit a million in revenue in their lifetime. And, only one in every 25 current business in existence lasts ten years.

Guess what percentage of marriages are expected to end in divorce by their 30th wedding anniversary? 37% of couples will divorce by by year 30 according to statistical divorce rates.

Guess what percentage of people will develop cancer during their lifetimes? 38% of women and 44% of men.

What does this tell you about your own realistic chances for success?

A lot.

For one, having a great ambition simply isn’t enough to provide you with consistent confidence and ensure your success will last.

The Cause of Low Confidence

I believe the single biggest challenge you face is lack of focus.

The average person is overwhelmed – either with work, with pressure from others, with fatigue, or confusion about what he wants.

The bottom line? You have to start doing these result-certain, performance proven things that generate 10-50 times greater outcomes. In short, without sounding trite, it really IS about working smarter.

For example, one client of mine got a promotion within the first 15 days of starting this online training with me.

Another earned her team a birth to the Olympics after just one consultation together.

A third client of mine was offered TWO senior management positions after just three weeks in this course.

Want to know what kind of person becomes financially independent, creates fulfilling relationships, and enjoys emotional and physical self-mastery? It’s someone who masters the intangible mental toughness factor. Hard work alone really won’t do it.

People who grow their success at work and home constantly, people who make more money than you, who enjoy more passionate relationships, or who are in peak physical condition — Do NOT work ten times harder than you.

They work smarter, certainly. But they learn a number of immediately applicable, fast, safe, “smarter” ways to achieve success for themselves. The thing you’re probably missing and the action you most need to take right now is to…

…master the intangible mental toughness factor possessed by the world’s top performers. If you want to catapult your life from good to great–to beyond, I’m inviting you to learn the quickest way to make this happen.

Now, I know you’re probably skeptical. That’s normal and healthy. Let me give you three good reasons I can back up what I claim.

Reason one: Do you know what infuriates me? It’s when I see someone read a few self-help books and then calls himself a ‘life coach’. Yes, some of the best coaches, especially in sports, were not always the best players, but there is no way you can help someone gain breakthrough confidence and success unless you’ve handled your own inner game first.

In fact, incompetent self help programs have caused many people to squander their money and time only to end up more discouraged.

Lisa Brown, Success, Relationship Advice, Confidence

…My Story

I started out 14 years ago as a struggling athlete. I was talented, but so inconsistent under pressure it was doubtful I’d ever reach my goals.

That’s when I vowed to learn what other top performers knew that I didn’t.

Using the techniques I learned, I scored the winning goals in three World Championships. I used the same strategies to build a successful speaking and coaching business making thousands of dollars per seminar and accepting only the best clients. (I tell you that not to impress you, but rather to impress UPON you that the intangible mental toughness factor can be learned by anyone — by me, and by you.)

Just think what it would mean to you if you could achieve breakthrough confidence and realize your most cherished money, career, or relationship goal.

Reason two: Over the past 14 years I’ve shared these principles with thousands of people in seminars and my private coaching practice. I currently serve more than 21,234 clients in over 9 countries including New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain, and the United States. Olympic athletes and leaders in Fortune 500 companies have routinely paid $500 per session for private coaching. It’s been my lifelong career.

Over 14 years, I’ve discovered exactly what works and what doesn’t work when it comes mastering the intangible mental toughness factor for breakthrough confidence.

Reason three: I admit, I’m NOT cheap…my clients pay me hundreds of dollars per session for personal coaching.

Unfortunately, my time has become more and more limited…while the demand for my coaching has become greater and greater.

Thanks to the magic of the internet, I can now put all of my coaching wisdom…my easy-to-follow formula…and these step-by-step techniques into a simple, definitive guide you can access easily.

Since you found this website, I’m sure you already know that there is alot of self-help information out there. You’ve probably even invested in some of it. Did they provide the results you had hoped? Doubtful…because in most cases, it’s the same ideas repeated over and over again, repackaged differently by new “authors” every year. These programs rarely address the root cause of fear. Instead, they talk about affirmations, positive thinking, the law of attraction, and it’s all very exhausting. It pumps you up temporarily, but the moment you stop doing it, the fear and procrastination come back. And we both know that fear is what blocks us from enjoying breakthrough confidence and success.

The Courage to Win Revolutionary Mental Toughness Formula: A $258,000 Discovery

The Courage to Win mental toughness formula for breakthrough confidence and success has been 14 years in the making. It has been researched, developed, and tested in applied work with over 6,000 people for proven results. Two solid years were spent refining its inner workings. It was revised 23 times and presented in over 1,300 live seminars. When the dust settled, approximately $258,000 was invested in research and development on this revolutionary formula.

What – Exactly – Will You Learn?

Here are several key concepts in the Courage to Win formula for breakthrough confidence and success:

Erase Mild Depression, De-motivation, and Addictions. How to escape the standard ways most people handle fear, stress, and setbacks. Left to their own devices, people DO have habitual ways for dealing with fear that keeps them trapped in a destructive cycle of bad habits and procrastination. Let everyone else be governed by these tendencies—but not you!

Why We Have ‘Self-Limiting Ideas’ About Ourselves. If you are haunted by self-limiting beliefs such as ‘I’m unlovable’, ‘I’m not enough’, or ‘I can’t’, there’s a reason…and the antidote is within YOUR control.

NEVER Feel Trapped By Survival Fear Again. Instead, develop a genuine prosperity mindset about wealth. As the new, turbulent global economy threatens to overwhelm us with survival fear, you need new, more sophisticated strategies to master the game of money.

Magnetic Attraction Principles. You know the experiment–the animal is trained to associate a bell with food, so whenever a bell rings he salivates and comes running. Well, unknown to you, your spouse, employee, and boss are trained to have involuntary reactions to certain “magnetic attraction” principles…and all you need to do is communicate according to these principles, and you will trigger these involuntary reactions…and these people will immediately offer you love, friendship, and respect.

Are You A “Wage Earner” or an “Investor?” It’s common knowledge that the rich invest in radically different ‘wealth vehicles’ than the poor and middle class. Here, now, you can change your approach to money–and stop focusing on just ‘earning a wage’ and instead start investing
in assets that make money for you.

P-U-R-P-O-S-E. One key requirement for success is discovering your true Purpose in life. And so one very good question is: what makes your heart sing at work? Revealed: The two fastest ways to ‘know thyself’. Eliminate career confusion and frustration. Make more money by getting better, faster, at tasks that are easy and fun for you.

The Giant Relationship Mistake. Most people quiver with fear and become super-nice and overly accommodating whenever they sense rejection vibes from a friend, lover, customer, prospect, or boss. This is ALL due to a giant relationship mistake that can be fixed and need never occur. Your spouse, boss, lover, colleagues, and friends will pursue you and treat you and with deferential respect, if you learn to avoid this giant mistake.

How To Exploit The Greatest Money-Making Skill Ever. This skill exists in EVERY job, every career, every business, and every presentation. Especially shrewd achievers multiply their incomes and business success by turning their attention to and mastering this core skill.

Whether you’re dealing with a difficult colleague, a critical family member, a spouse who is not treating you right, a boss who under-appreciates you – or simply trying to motivate yourself and increase your income – I’ve given you the solutions to these problems in an easy-to-follow formula so you can implement them easily and quickly to your life…only minor adaptation is necessary.

Please pay attention to this point, because just about everybody finds this mental toughness formula a very close match that literally wipes their problem off the map. You may go to a lot of seminars, hear a lot of speakers, and own a lot of books and tapes. Still, I outright guarantee you’ve never gotten your hands on anything quite as powerful as this mental toughness formula.

The Formula Creates Confidence, Self-Mastery and Success
For Everyone Who Applies It

Here’s a glimpse of more teachings contained in the Courage to Win – A Revolutionary Mental Toughness Formula:

Self-helpYou’ll learn the master skill of success shared by all top performers (it isn’t what you think). This one concept will put you in the top 3% of the population financially.

Self-helpYou’ll learn 3 simple strategies for reducing performance anxiety before important meetings, presentations, and negotiations so you can perform flawlessly under pressure.

Self-helpYou’ll learn the little-known truth about negative emotions (especially fear) so you can remove your inner barriers to success.

Self-helpYou’ll learn the mistakes behind every relationship breakdown (there are only five). Knowing how to avoid these mistakes will give you more joy in all your relationships.

Self-helpI’ll share the rare relationship mindset that genuine leaders possess. With this mindset you will to gain respect and appreciation from key people in your life.

Self-helpWant to know exactly what to do to stop your spouse or lover’s rejection? This magical formula will cause others to pursue you for love, respect, and attention.

Are you getting excited? There’s a ton more you’ll learn. Like…

Self-helpThe famous 10% harmony strategy that resolves conflict immediately. Using this technique, you will become an influential leader at work and home.

Self-helpThis definitive guide will allow you to remove self-created suffering from your life (recommended by the Dahlai Lama himself). You’ll free yourself from misery and move rapidly towards contentment.

Self-helpYou’ll learn 2 killer methods to move people to action at work. You’ll learn how to skillfully negotiate projects, meetings, and deadlines and pick up three special tips on how to (ethically) gain the respect of any team.

Self-helpI’ll teach you a profound method for enhancing your self-esteem so that perfectionism and self-criticism will become a thing of the past.

Self-helpYou’ll discover the purpose of life, including the relationship between success and happiness. By knowing how success contributes to happiness, you’ll have more contentment every day.

Self-helpI’ll share why positive thinking is overrated. By discerning the difference between positive thinking and harnessing the power of your emotions, you’ll move through previously unconquered fears.

What the Courage to Win Formula is NOT

Just in case you’ve tried self-help techniques that temporarily pumped you up only to let you down, let me quickly tell you what the Courage to Win is NOT:

It is NOT — Affirmations you repeat such as, “I like myself”
It is NOT — A review of the law of attraction
It is NOT — A treatise on positive thinking

The Courage to Win formula is NOT a lone “technique” such as positive thinking or how to get rich quickly. It is a proven, step-by-step mental toughness FORMULA that, when applied correctly, reverses the root cause of fear and underachievement-–flooding you with confidence and transforming you into a person of action who knows exactly how to win.

Never Revealed Before.
Not Talked About Or Taught Anywhere Else,
By Anybody Else.

In the thousands of books and thousands of hours of seminars and training I’ve attended….on confidence, high achievement, and success…..over nearly 14 years…I’ve never encountered anybody laying it all out as in this formula. My team and I had to figure it out and piece it together from a myriad of applied work with top performers over many years. Nor is there anybody as studious and obsessed with it, as conscious and strategic about it as we have been, so there’s nobody else who could lay it all out!

So What Are We Offering You Today?

We’re offering you EXACT Courage to Win revolutionary mental toughness formula that 6,000 other people have used to create inner self-mastery, breakthrough confidence, and extraordinary achievement. This formula has been laid out for you in a simple, step-by-step practical definitive guide on confidence. Here’s what’s included in The Courage to Win Definitive Guide:

Self-helpAn indepth description of the Courage to Win revolutionary mental toughness formula for breakthrough confidence

Self-helpEXACT instructions and a step-by-step action plan on how to apply this formula to your life

The Courage to Win Book, Success, Relationship Advice, Confidence

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Not everyone knows these techniques. However, these are simple techniques, strategies, and principles that anyone can learn and use. They are not complicated and can be learned in a matter of minutes. The confidence you gain from your newfound mental toughness will allow you to pursue your true career purpose and make the kind of money you deserve.

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Self-helpHow to get your audience or colleagues to take the pressure off you in so you can be articulate and smooth

Self-helpThe specific, pre-performance routine Olympic diver Sylvie Bernier used to capture an Olympic gold medal in swimming (it will surprise you!)

Self-helpThe fear of ‘selling’ demystified–eliminate the HUGE mistake that can psyche you out when trying to sell an idea, product or service

Self-help3 simple techniques you can use to calm nerves, focus your concentration, and have fun while speaking toa group

Self-helpThe secret of “E.V.”- every single successful professional speaker I know does this – without it you will NEVER achieve the performance breakthroughs your looking for

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P.S. Most people have a budget at work for information like this because it is phenomenal personal development. Self-employed individuals deduct it from their taxes because it is professional development.

P.P.S. Oh, there’s one final reason you might not have time to master the intangible mental toughness factor, and that’s TV. Studies show that most people watch between 30-40 hours per week (that’s almost a full-time job…I was shocked when I read that statistic). Look, I don’t want to be rude, but if you’re not willing to reduce your TV time by a couple of hours this week, then this mental toughness formula is definitely not for you. Chances are you realize that nothing good comes without effort, and that a few hours is a drop in the bucket compared to the rewards you’ll gain.

Lisa Brown, Success, Relationship Advice, Confidence
Lisa Lane Brown is a professional speaker, author and coach who helps people win using mental toughness. A world class athlete, Lisa is the author of The Courage to Win formula, which she has taught to thousands of achievers worldwide.