“How To Consistently Hit 300+ Yard Drives with
Astonishing Accuracy Using Four Amazing
Jedi-Mind Tricks”

Mental Game Guru Lisa Brown Reveals the Ugly Truth About
“Swing Technique” And Shows How To Take Control Of Your Game
Once And For All Using The Power Of Your Mind

Dear Friend,

If your heart pounds when you walk up to the tee because you have NO idea if your swing will deliver the goods…

If you ever feel embarrassed due to sudden spates of slices, cuts and fades…

If you ever find yourself cursing with frustration as you look for your ball deep in the rough after yet another drive gone wrong…

…Then you know how brutal an inconsistent swing is—a swing you simply can’t trust to get the job done.

I want to tell you right now that you are NOT alone… and that it’s actually much easier to fix an inconsistent swing than you’d think.

In the next few minutes, I’m going to show you a radically different approach that finally allows you to smack the ball 300+ yards down the fairway with the rock-solid consistency you’ve been so desperate for.

First, I need to reveal the big ugly lie the golf instruction industry is telling you…

The Golf Industry’s Dirty Little Secret

When I ask golfers “why do you think your swing is inconsistent?” they almost always say, “I need to fix my swing.”

And that is EXACTLY what the golf instruction industry has brain-washed golfers to think, because that’s the line of thinking that gets people to sign up for their swing clinics, coaching packages, and courses.

In other words… your obsession with technique is making the golf instruction industry rich.

Golf FrustrationBut here’s the dirty little secret the golf industry will NEVER tell you: it would take thousands and thousands of practice shots on the driving range to move the needle even a bit on your golf swing… especially if you’re over the age of 60, because of the time and effort needed to re-program your muscle memory.

That’s why so few of the golf instruction products on the market ever live up to the hype.

Now, let me reassure you that this article does not intend to discourage you from refining your golf swing and technique. In fact, all golfers should learn a few fundamentals and establish a swing before trying to improve their mental game.

But most golfers simply don’t have the time or desire to put in these kinds of hours.

They just want to drive the ball long and straight, show off a little in front of their friends, and really enjoy themselves on the golf course.

Here’s the good news.

The real key to learning how to hit the ball 300+ yards with astonishing accuracy is your MENTAL GAME. To hit long, smooth, powerful tee shots, changing your mental approach to driving the ball is the ‘highest leverage’ step you’ll ever take.

Learning the mental game secrets to hitting long, smooth drives is the ‘low hanging fruit’ that will wash away your frustration and restore your confidence, easily and virtually overnight.

Imagine For A Moment What It Would Be Like To
Smack The Ball 300+ Yards Consistently And With
Stunning Accuracy Just Days Or Weeks From Now

Imagine walking up to the tee with a quiet confidence in your chest, knowing that your swing is a rock-solid machine you can count on, game after game, to get the job done hole after hole no matter WHO you’re playing with.

Imagine actually enjoying the game again, without worrying if or when your game will go off the rails due to an unpredictable drive.

I know this is possible, because I know the power of the mental game first-hand.

How Discovering “Mental Game” Turned Me
Into A World Champion

My name is Lisa Lane Brown and I’m an athlete too (in the Canadian ice sport of ringette, similar to ice hockey). I love my sport, but for the first 14 years of competing I was what you’d call a ‘mental marshmallow.’

Back then I had wild confidence swings from one game to the next…I never knew why, and it hurt me all the time. Even when I practiced and prepared with 100% intensity, I’d often find a way to choke and fail in big events.

Other times, I’d start out totally confident, only to face problem after problem – such as a poor start, an opponent who was ‘on fire’, or bad officiating.

Pretty soon, I’d get a sinking feeling in my stomach that today wasn’t my day and it would go downhill from there.

My worst moment was losing the National Championship in 1991 with one second left on the clock. If you’ve ever worked hard to reach a goal–only to fail at the very end, you can guess how devastating this was.

I had definitely choked and under-performed in the biggest game of the year.

My coaches and friends said things like, “You just need to believe in yourself,” and “Don’t worry about it. You’ll do better next time.” But no matter what they said, these failures really ate me up inside.

Secretly, I knew my mental game was messing up my ability to really execute –that it wasn’t just bad circumstances or bad luck. I seriously considered quitting for good.

Fortunately I Was A Very Stubborn Athlete…
Obsessed With Finding “The Answer”

After years of being wildly inconsistent and under-performing, I decided to do something about it and embarked on a mission to find answers.

These answers didn’t come overnight. I did all the traditional sports psychology stuff— (some of it was great, but some of wasn’t…and actually made me WORSE by crippling my will to win).

I threw out the ideas that didn’t work and spent several years carefully researching and testing new (even radical) mental toughness strategies on myself and other National Team and Olympic athletes in Canada.

My stubbornness paid off. Through trial and error, I discovered mental game secrets for amazing peak performance — even things that went against traditional sports psychology.

These are secrets that only superstar athletes have figured out and jealously guard from their competitors (not something a guy with a PhD read in a book). These secrets transformed my life as an athlete forever…

By learning how to infuse myself with unstoppable confidence and deliver amazing peak performance I helped lead my team to 8 National Championship Gold Medals from 1992 to 2001.

I changed my mental game so radically that I made Team Canada (including being named Team Captain).

And, to my astonishment…

By Dramatically Improving My Mental Game,
I Scored The Winning Goals In The Dying Minutes
of Three World Championships!

(Later I was humbled to be named to the Who’s Who of Canadian Sport and inducted into the Hall of Fame for my efforts).


I tell you this not to impress you, but to impress upon you that only by living and breathing these ideas personally in the heat of competition did I realize that….

Superstar Athletes Use An Amazingly Simple
Mental Game Formula To Become Peak Performers

This is especially true in golf.

Powerful, Consistent Ball Strikers Think Differently

This may sound obvious, but powerful, consistent ball strikers in golf think differently.

If you’ve ever watched a golfer like Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, or Moe Norman put on a driving clinic in the heat of a major, you know this to be true.

But while they chat in interviews about the importance of the mental strength, they rarely disclose their actual methods.

This is why it is so important to learn the proper mental game approach to driving the ball so you can deliver smooth, powerful, extra-long tee shots.

That’s where I come in.

After testing out these ideas successfully on myself and others, I went on to become a mental game coach. In the past 16 years I’ve worked with thousands of professional and weekend athletes, just like you… helping them master the mental side of the game and gain a competitive edge.

I currently serve more than 21,234 online golf members in over 9 countries including New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain, and the United States. Olympic and national team athletes in many sports including hockey, badminton, speed skating, and curling have routinely paid $300 per session for private coaching.

I found that many of my golf clients were struggling to enjoy golf because of their wildly inconsistent swing (and drives).

Despite being good golfers and getting great instruction, many of them were hitting the ball so poorly that they actually developed a love-hate relationship to the game (mostly hate).

What a tragedy.

That’s why I decided to create a program that shares the same simple steps I teach my clients in person.

Thanks to the magic of the internet, I can now multiply myself and put all of my coaching wisdom…my easy-to-follow program…and my step-by-step techniques into a digital book that you can access right away!

The information in this program will save you years of time, frustration and wasted energy.


Breakthrough Drives!
How To Consistently Hit 300+ Golf Drives With Astonishing
Accuracy Using Four Amazing Jedi-Mind Tricks

This program is your “secret weapon” for dramatically and instantly hitting long, smooth, powerful drives with accuracy.

Here are some of the secrets you’ll learn inside my informative system. NOTE: this System is not a re-hash of traditional techniques such as goal-setting or positive thinking. It goes way deeper than that and will literally ‘blow the lid off’ what you’ve been hearing for years…

You will discover:

CheckMarkThe four ingredients to building a consistent, repeatable swing you trust…

CheckMarkThe most common cause of errors in a golf swing (it’s not what you think…)

CheckMarkHow to stop over-analyzing and over-thinking your swing and unlock your mind force for success…

CheckMarkWhat 97% of golfers focus on when driving the ball – and why this focus is DEFINITELY not for you…

CheckMarkThe first step to quieting your mind and driving the ball with ultimate confidence…

CheckMarkThe mental error of PRESSING when driving a golf ball and why it is crippling your ability to drive the ball 300+ yards…

CheckMarkThe mechanics of a powerful golf swing…and why you should ignore them while swinging if you want “extra-long” tee shots…

CheckMarkA foolproof strategy for letting go, trusting your swing, and getting more distance than you ever thought possible (from golf legend Jackie Burke)…

CheckMarkThe mental game secret Vijay Singh used to win the 86th PGA Championship…

CheckMarkWhat golf pro John Daly does to quiet his mind before stepping up to hit the ball (for premium distance, even under pressure)…

CheckMarkDeceptively simple ways to instantly cure your hooks and slices so you can hit power drives with stunning, pinpoint accuracy…

CheckMarkHow to eliminate the fear of making mistakes when hitting the ball again using pro Ricky Fowler’s method for correcting them…

CheckMarkThe mental focus 2003 US Open Champion Jim Furyk used to fix his slice (after years of being massively inconsistent)…

CheckMarkThe specific ‘right focus’ you need to nail the proper swing speed for massive distance – from Johnny Miller, who shot a 63 at the 1973 US Open…

CheckMarkExactly what to concentrate on to smack the ball with extraordinary accuracy (Ben Hogan, winner of four US open titles, is a master at this…)

CheckMarkHow to instantly focus your concentration in the tee box (Tiger Woods is a master at this…)

CheckMarkThe specific mindset you MUST have before stepping up to a tee shot that massively increases the probability that you will make it…

CheckMark2Discover the crucial elements of powerful “pre-shot” routines and how to build your own, including a nine step pre-shot routine that pro John Daly says you should NEVER hit the ball without executing…

CheckMarkThe secret of “E.V.” – every single successful professional golfer I know does this…without it you will NEVER achieve the distance breakthrough you are looking for…

CheckMarkYou’ll learn a quick-and-easy method for getting into “The Zone”…where you’ll achieve maximum results, courtesy of LPGA golfer Amy Alcott…

CheckMarkHow to “install” the Mind of a Champion using pro Fred Couples’ secret for moving himself into golf’s elite…

CheckMarkThe mental mistake most golfers make that puts massive pressure on themselves, how it sucks you of confidence and energy (and how to eliminate it)…

CheckMarkTiger Woods’ intentional mindset towards every tournament that has made him the most accomplished golfer of all time…

CheckMarkThe specific formula Ireland’s Graeme McDowell used to relax completely on Championship Sunday to become the first European in 40 years to win the U.S. Open…

…And much, much more.

Since I know it’s in your best interest to respond today, I’m going to sweeten the pot and give you every reason to order now. If you respond immediately, you’ll also receive the following bonus gifts:

BONUS eBook 1:
Putting Made Simple

Insider, pro strategies for remarkably improving your putting overnight! (If you have a tee-time tomorrow…be sure to read this special report tonight. You’ll be amazed at how many putts you make).

  • ebonus1Payne Stewart’s ’signature move’ for relaxing his arms and hands before putting.
  • A little known, yet extremely powerful way to practice that will show you how to putt flawlessly under pressure.
  • Exactly what to do to get out of a putting slump. The key to managing short, downhill putts with ease
  • And much, much more!

BONUS eBook 2:
Come Back MORE Confident Than Ever

You’ll discover the five proven methods for shooting the lowest score of your life AFTER a bad hole…plus, you’ll have the answer to all your most commonly asked questions about how pros like Tiger deal with the inevitable ups and “downs” of golf. I’ve had so many golfers write to me and say, “I had my game completely under control until that one bad hole destroyed me”, or “I just couldn’t get over shooting such a bad score when I’d been doing so well this year.”

  • ebonus2How Tiger Woods prevents his negative emotions from taking over after a mistake.
  • How Dave Stockton avoids blaming himself for a missed putt and how you can do the same.
  • Lee Janzen’s special mindset ‘trick’ for focusing on the shot ahead of him instead of a bad break.
  • The mental “rule” that David Graham uses (without exception) after every bad putt.
  • Insider, pro strategies for remarkably improving your putting overnight!

Breakthrough Golf! Members
Exclusive Tips

You’ll be privy to exclusive weekly tips via email chock full of strategies and tactics guaranteed to lower your score immediately. Here are just a few of the tips you’ll have access to:

  • ebonus3Fred Couples’ technique for mastering pitch shots.
  • U.S. Open Champion Jim Furyk’s remedy for “tight hands.”
  • How to deal with tricky shots like sidehill lies.
  • A radical approach to putting that can solve your putting frustration.
  • The biggest obstacle to improving your game according to Hank Haney, one of Golf Digest’s 50 Greatest Teachers
  • …and much more!

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“Finally, You Can STOP Wasting Money On Expensive Equipment, Training Aids, And High Priced Promises That Don’t Deliver…”

BreakthroughDrivesBreakthough Drives! consists of an information-loaded program packed with tons of useful techniques, secrets, principles, articles, golfing action assignments, and more to help you hit longer, smoother drives today.

These techniques have been tested and proven to work with literally anyone regardless of age and golf experience.

Let’s Wrap This Up

After 16 years of devoting a large portion of my life to mastering this area, I have put everything together into simple, straightforward coaching in the Breakthrough Drives! System.

I admit, I’m NOT cheap…but I get results. My clients pay me hundreds of dollars per session for personal coaching.

Unfortunately, my time has become more and more limited…while the demand for my coaching has grown greater and greater.

Forget about traveling all the way to Canada, and paying my expensive coaching fees…you can have me there by your side, walking you through exactly how to bomb 300+ drives down the fairway!

I’m proud to say I’ve helped thousands of athletes (professional AND weekend warriors) elevate their game to the next level — even if their games seemed really hopeless. The information in this System will save you years of time, frustration and wasted energy. Most golfers go through their entire lives never learning these secrets. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

But let me make it clear – this is not for everyone. If you are close minded about mental game, if you are happy with your current golf game and can consistently hit long, powerful drives… then this isn’t for you.

But if you have an open mind and are willing to suspend judgment… willing to question the advice, tired old advice about technique that most people talk about… then I know you will not only love this program, but will see fast results where others have failed you.

Here’s How You Can Start Smacking the Ball
300+ Yards with Astonishing Accuracy

Golfer JumpingWhen you click on the button below, you’ll be taken to a secure order page for your credit card information. Your transaction is secure – using our secure server, your order information is transmitted using the latest SSL encryption technology to ensure complete and total privacy and security.

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Easy Delivery

Do you really want to fight through the malls and look through a tiny selection of golf books (none of which are about the mental game) or would you like to be improving your score five minutes from now?

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What would being able to hit the ball 300+ yards consistently with astonishing accuracy be worth to you?

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Have you ever really thought about what it would be like to perform to your potential in golf?

Will you master the intangible mental game that makes you feel unstoppable on the links—no matter who you play with?

Will you wake up in the morning excited to get out there because you can predict with utter certainty that you will drive the ball exactly the way you want?

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Will you experience your dream of life-long enjoyment of golf?

I want to see this all happen for you. But it’s up to you to take the next step, because from where I’m sitting, I believe you now have a choice to make.

The way I see it, you really have just two choices.

Option A: Close this page and go back to whatever you were doing before. Keep being frustrated at golf, not trusting your swing, keep eating crow and red faced and silently seething because your game is all over the place… Hope and pray that someday, somehow, your game will improve.

Option B: Take a very small, easy step today and invest the tiny sum of $17 in this program. Experience first-hand how simple and satisfying it is to fix your golf game swing ding a ling.

If you’re ready to experience a whole new approach to golf.. one that does NOT take thousands and thousands of futile practice swings… but gives you X… then click on the button below to get started now.

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I look forward to receiving your Success Story very soon. To the best golf of your life!

Lisa Brown
Lisa Brown
Lisa Lane Brown, M.A.
Author, Breakthrough Drives!

PS. I simply cannot promise that this rare free trial offer will be in place next time you visit this page.

If you are interested in this … want the results I’m promising you’ll have… then consider very carefully any decision to wait, as I cannot promise this offer or the free trial offer will still be available.