It is Lisa here and I’d like to thank you for enrolling in The Courage to Win® Breakthrough Drives, where you will learn how to create Breakthrough Confidence and BELIEVE in yourself so you can deliver amazing peak performance, become a star athlete, and dominate your sport.

Here is some critical information on how the program works.

First, our goal is to exceed your expectations. This means we actually respond to you. We address your questions and concerns. It is in our best interest to make sure you succeed.

What To Do Immediately

First, if you had any problems downloading the your Bonus Gifts, we have provided them for you again below. If you are still having problems, fire off an email to and we will help you.

Through extensive experience, we have found that it is better to complete your program one step at a time rather than trying to absorb it all at once. Therefore, we have provided the first Session here for you. Subsequent sessions will be added each week until the program is complete, at which time you will be able to access it all at once anytime you wish.

Second, read / listen to / watch Session 1 called The Confident Champion Session One: How To Create Unshakable Confidence and BELIEVE in Yourself in Sport immediately. Make sure you download the PDF handout that accompanies this session and complete your Confident Champion assignments using it.

Administrative Details

Email Coaching, Questions & Support

Questions: As you go through this program, you may have questions about how to apply the concepts to your unique situation. It’s vital that you ask these right away – send them to us at You are entitled to SIX email support and coaching consults with us. Our administrative support is unlimited, however.

Administrative Support

If you need technical assistance or cannot access some portion of the program online, please pick up the phone and call us at 403-261-2726 or shoot us an email at While we try for rapid response, remember it may take us a little longer on weekends or holidays. Make sure you save your completed assignments in a safe place on your computer – you will want to have them on hand simply for your own progress.

Your Computer

You will need a computer with high-speed Internet access.

Staying In Touch

Emails: Make sure you are getting our emails! Whitelist and (in other words, make sure your email program knows to accept our emails and deliver them directly to your Inbox).

Final Thoughts

This program will give you insights and success you have never experienced before. I am committed to you and your success.

We’re in this together, so let’s knock it out of the park.

Please let me know if you need anything or if you have anything you’d like to share.

Light it up out there,
Lisa Brown Lisa Brown Lisa Lane Brown, M.A. Author, The Courage to Win®
Lisa Brown is the founder of the Courage to Win and is considered the world's leading expert on deep mental toughness for success in career, love, and sport. She has personally coached over 7,200 achievers to new heights and conducted over 1,300 live seminars on mental toughness across North America. She has been featured by major media including the New York Times and Entrepreneur Magazine, who called the Courage to Win “a straight-forward guide to success, highly recommended.”