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dotWhy you don’t trust your swing yet… and the surprising consequences

dotWhy “reminding yourself” of drive mechanics is screwing up your shot

dotHow to use my Indirect Method to smack gorgeous shots straight down the fairway every time

dotHow to bust the “Striker’s Paradox” and play the best (and most enjoyable!) golf of your life

dotThe Freeze Method that virtually guarantees you’ll never hook or slice the ball again

dotThe exact 9 point pre-shot ritual I follow every time I play… and why you should steal it for YOUR next game

dotHow to easily correct short drives using the Tick Tock Method

dotHow to use my 10-10-10 Method to hit the ball dead-center off the tee at every hole

dotHow to literally “dial in” your grip pressure as easy as 1, 2, 3

dotHow Ben Hogan taught me to drive the ball with laser accuracy by “thinking small”

dotAnd much, MUCH more

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