The #1 Ugly Mistake Athletes Make That
Cripples Their Performance  
— And How To Avoid It

If you’re frustrated by your performance…and feel like no matter how many technique improvements, lessons or tips you try…how much coaching you get…or how hard you work in training and practice…

If after all your efforts you are STILL end up disappointed or even humiliated because you rarely shine your brightest in big games or competitions….

…then you are a victim of one of the biggest lies in sport..

I’m here to tell you today that you are NOT alone, that it’s NOT your fault, and there IS a better way — one that will allow you to perform like a superstar every time.

When I ask athletes, “Why do you fall short in big events sometimes?”, they almost always say something like, “I’m not exactly sure.”

In other words, they have literally been ‘kept in the dark’ about how to perform like a champion and win, game in and game out. 

While this may shock you, it’s no accident. 

You might be surprised to learn that there is a conspiracy of silence in sport about this issue. Let me explain…

Have you ever watched an athlete like Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, or Wayne Gretzky put on an incredible display of mental toughness under pressure? 

While they chat in interviews about the importance of mental strength, they never actually disclose their real methods. 

This is 100% deliberate. And, these superstars have NO intention of letting the cat out of the bag, either.

It would level the playing field and lose them millions. 

Unfortunately, this has convinced most athletes that it’s not possible to be a confident champion and perform your best under pressure every time.

They think that shining under pressure – and winning – is a bit of a ‘crap shoot’.

It’s one of the biggest lies in sport, and believing it is the #1 ugly mistakes most athletes make that cripples their performance.  

Okay, but where does that leave me?…It’s not like I’m going to kidnap Tiger and tell him to spill his secrets.

Of course not. 

The good news is I’ve seen tremendous results by showing my students a racially different approach to achieving greatness virtually overnight.

We focus on the one element of your game you have complete control over and that will get you playing like a superstar and confident champion you always knew you could be.

Once you master the simple steps it requires, you will finally deliver amazing performance on command. Heck, you’ll even have your coach following you around like a lovesick puppy.

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