Aug 19

What You See IS What You Get

Athletes who race know something other athletes don’t.

They know that their visualization needs to be exquisitely detailed.

It’s typical for racing athletes to imagine every bump, every turn, every nuance.

Partly it’s for safety reasons (especially for ski racers).

Mostly it’s because when you visualize with total detail, you invest emotionally.

Visualizing goes from being vague and uninspiring to incredibly powerful.

You commit to winning on a core level.

Mac Wilkins, gold-medal winner in the discus throw in the 1976 Montreal Olympics, said:

“It boils down to the fact that if you are trying to accomplish a goal on the track, and you can’t visualize it, then it’s pure chance if you perform well. If you visualize that goal and really see yourself performing well…you have a very high probability of achieving that success.”

In other words, what you see IS what you get in sport.

Most athletes and coaches have heard this before.

And they believe it.

But they still don’t visualize with emotion and detail.

Why not?

Most of them are scared.

They want to win so badly they’re terrified to visualize with total detail.

What if it doesn’t work out?

My friend, I have news for you.

Pretending you don’t care about winning doesn’t work.

You’ll never relinquish your desire to win, no matter how much you pretend.

And I’ve got even better news.

You’re capable of dealing with disappointment.

There’s no feeling you can’t handle.

So buck up and do me a favour.

Acknowledge that you desperately want to win and start visualizing your next performance, including winning.

If there’s a skill you need to perfect to win, you’ll figure it out.

To help you I’ve created a special visualization program.

It’s called Secrets of the Great Jock Mind.

Five recordings that will program your mind for winning using visualization.

There’s no work involved.

Just hit play. Your brain will do the rest.

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Your friend,

Lisa B.

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