Tired of Losing?

The #1 Ugly Mistake Athletes Make That Cripples Their Performance – And How To Avoid It

If you’re frustrated by your performance…and feel like no matter how many technique improvements, lessons or tips you try…how much coaching you get…or how hard you work in training and practice…

If after all your efforts you are STILL end up disappointed or even humiliated because you rarely perform your best in big games or competitions….

superstar-athlete jumping girlI’m here to tell you today that you are NOT alone, that it’s NOT your fault, and there IS a better way — one that will allow you to instantly and effortlessly build unshakable confidence, become a superstar athlete, and WIN – time after time.

It took one of the world’s most stubborn athletes to finally crack the code and uncover the effortless, winning mental toughness formula for every athlete.

This formula plus ten minutes from you before you compete will allow you to come up big and WIN consistently, time after time.

And it won’t take months, years, or evensmiling girl weeks to put yourself in the winner’s circle.

This discovery has zero to do with training harder or spending months or years trying to change your technique or skills.

It has nothing to do with strategy or conditioning or even coaching.

pool guyYour past results don’t even matter…it’s just a ten-minute tweak to your mindset before you compete.

It’s a tweak that can make you so confident, aggressive, and sure of yourself out there that you amaze everyone who sees you (and silences your critics once and for all).

It’s a “Championship Mind Hack” that will get you 12x’s the results from your current skills.

It’s exactly like stepping into the mind of a superstar athlete like Michael Jordan, a Tiger Woods, or a Wayne Gretzky.

And it does not matter what age you are…your current fitness level does not matter…even what you eat does not matter.

Now you probably think I’m insane, saying, “A Ten Minute Tweak?”


Getting 12X’s the results out of your skills?

I’m sure you’re thinking, “Not possible!” or “This stuff does not exist!”


Several years ago I would have been in your same camp.

And then…

I discovered IT.

My name is Lisa Lane Brown and I’m Canada’s top mental toughness coach to amateur, elite, National team, professional, and Olympic athletes.

I founded The Courage to Win organization, which currently serves over 36,208 online achievers in sport, helping them succeed in countries all over the world including England, Finland, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and many more.

I’m also an international author, speaker, and coach. In this article I will share critical information with you about how to perform flawlessly and WIN gold medals at will.

Champion tennis girI’ll reveal to you how I unlocked the secret “back door entrance” to the most critical element of winning under pressure in sport….

You won’t find this stuff anywhere or hear about it anywhere else but here. But remember, the formula is very easy to understand…

No therapy…

No crying or feeling worse before you feel better…

No exhausting affirmations or journaling endlessly…

It takes ten minutes to implement and in some cases, less.

It’s so easy a child can do it (we actually teach it to children…)

Athletes-What I will share with you will give you an advantage over every other athlete in your sport to the tune of 12X the results you are currently achieving…

Making you a true CHAMPION in your sport, feared by your rivals and adored by fans, coaches, and parents alike.

Ready? Let’s go…

Here is the ONE thing that is preventing you from delivering peak performance and WINNING whenever you want.

It is the #1 ugly mistake virtually every athlete is making to cripple his performance. The ugly mistake is this:

You don’t have enough CONSISTENT Confidence.


The sad truth is that no matter how much talent you have, how much training you do, or how hard you work, without consistent confidence, you will never climb the rankings, lead the league, get voted MVP, and WIN the gold medals you deserve.

In sport, it’s CONFIDENCE that wins the day.

It’s why Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can do a thing, or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

This is not just common sense talking. The effect of confidence on sport performance is proven.

Case in point: way back in 1979, Soviet researchers started putting their world-class athletes into mental training programs that were designed to boost their confidence. In one study, they split the athletes into five groups:

Group 1 did 100 percent physical training
Group 2 did 75% physical training and 25% mental training
Group 3 did 50% physical training and 50% mental training
Group 4 did 25% physical training and 75% mental training

When the four groups were compared shortly before the 1980 Winter Games in Lake Placid, Group 4 had significantly greater improvement than Group 3, with Groups 2 and 1 following in that order.

Let me break this down for you: The athletes who were only training their physical skills 25% of the time out-performed the athletes who were training their physical skills 100% of the time! Their mental training gave them consistent confidence, which was all they needed to crush the competition.

bowlingAnd how about this amazing TRUE story?

For decades years it was considered physically IMPOSSIBLE for a human being to run a mile under 4 minutes. This belief was so widespread it became an intense block – a mental barrier for runners all over the world.

The world record back then for the mile was 4:01.4, set in 1945.

Then Roger Bannister set his goal to be the first man to run a mile in under 4 minutes after the 1952 Helsinki Olympics.

It’s really an unbelievable story, because as you can see from his photo, Roger is not the most athletic guy in the bunch.

runnerOn May 6th, 1954, the stage was set at Oxford. Roger was one of an impressive field of 12. The race broadcast live on BBC radio, unprecedented at the time. Before an estimated 3,000 spectators, Roger ran a mile in 3:59.4.

Roger used confidence to break the 4 minute mile, when NO ONE ELSE ON THE PLANET EVER DREAMED OF IT…

You might be saying Roger was just the fastest…that he just had the most stamina…that he just trained the hardest. Then how would you explain the fact that 16 other people broke the 4 minute mile right after he did, guys that were 10 seconds away from this time prior to Roger’s race?

How did Roger do it? He removed the mental block had imprisoned runners everywhere for decades and replaced it with CONFIDENCE.

See, Roger was studying to become a doctor when he set the goal. And when he thought about the four minute mile barrier rationally, he said, “It didn’t seem logical to me, as a doctor, that if you could run a mile in four minutes, one and a bit seconds, you couldn’t break four minutes.”

What Roger did was activate a BELIEF in himself that he could run a mile in under 4 minutes, which translated into confidence, and the rest is history.

Herein lies the main problem you have.


If you’re like 97% of athletes, you lack the consistent confidence

needed to be a winning, superstar athlete.


Perhaps you never had much confidence to begin with…

Or maybe you struggle to translate “practice confidence” to “game confidence”…

Or perhaps you have yo-yo confidence, where your confidence swings up and down depending on what’s happening in your game, race, or match…

What this means is that no matter how much you improve your technique, how much great coaching you get, how intensely you train, or how fit you get, you are NOT performing even close to your potential and becoming the superstar athlete you should be.

baseballIt’s like trying to drive a car with the emergency brake on. You’re pressing on the gas, but you’re hardly moving at all.

The ugly truth is, that’s what’s happening to you every time you lose your confidence. You are only achieving a tiny fraction of what you could be, and you certainly aren’t WINNING consistently.

Even worse, without consistent confidence, it’s virtually impossible to DEVELOP the superior skills of a superstar athlete in the first place – I’m talking about the kind of astonishing ability that leaves your opponents in dust (even when you’re having an ‘average’ day).

So here is your situation right now…

Every time you train or practice, you are only making tiny improvements and every time you compete, you are only performing at a fraction of your potential, because your lack of confidence is sabotaging your ability to go for it and be aggressive…to focus…to take smart risks…and to persist when the going gets tough.


Every time you underperform or lose, your confidence takes another hit.

So, this means it could take years for you to become a superstar athlete in your sport and you will never achieve the titles, rankings, playing time, and awards you could (not to mention the quiet satisfaction of knowing you are the best).

Even if you’re doing well, you could be doing better…

The good news is that I’ve seen tremendous results by showing my students a racially different approach to achieving greatness virtually overnight by making a few, simple adjustments to their confidence and mental toughness.

To get you started, here’s the first step in this amazing approach (in my free Special Report, "7 Amazing Mental Toughness Secrets of Superstar Athletes", I’ll show you steps two and three).

The Biggest Bum I Ever Met in Sport


Earlier I told you that I'm a mental toughness coach to athletes all over the world.basketball

What I DIDN'T tell you is that I’m an athlete too (in the Canadian ice sport of ringette, similar to ice hockey).

I love my sport, but for the first 14 years of competing I was what you’d call a ‘mental marshmallow.’
I was seriously the biggest “bum” I ever met in sport!

I had wild confidence swings from one game to the next…I never knew why, and it hurt me all the time.

Even when I practiced and prepared with 100% intensity, I’d often find a way to choke in big events.

Other times, I’d start out totally confident, only to face problem after problem – such as a poor start, an opponent who was ‘on fire’, or bad officiating.

Pretty soon, I’d get a sinking feeling in my stomach that today wasn’t my day and it would go downhill from there.

My worst moment was losing the National Championship in 1991 with one second left on the clock. If you’ve ever worked hard to reach a goal only to fail at the very end, you can guess how devastating this was.

I had definitely choked in the biggest game of the year.

My coaches and friends said things like, “You just need to believe in yourself,” and “Don’t worry about it. You’ll do better next time.”

But no matter what they said, these failures really ate me up inside.

Secretly, I knew that my failures had something to do with my confidence and mental game, and not just my circumstances.

I seriously considered quitting for good.

Fortunately I Was A Very Stubborn Athlete…
Obsessed With Finding “The Answer”


After years of choking too often, I decided to do something about it and embarked on a mission to find answers.

My stubbornness paid off. Through trial and error, I discovered mental toughness secrets I never would have thought about winning under pressure — even things that went against traditional sports psychology.


Using these secrets, I went on to be named to the Canadian National Team (including serving as Team Captain) for over a decade. Much to my amazement, I also scored the winning goals in the dying minutes of three world championships.

I tell you this not to impress you (I‘m pretty sure you’re not a ringette player). I tell you this to make you realize that any athlete can learn how to create breakthrough confidence and win under pressure.

Here’s one of the coolest and most effective mental toughness strategies I used to transform myself from inconsistent to respected and admired.

The first thing I figured out was WHY my confidence was up and down like a yo-yo all the time.

It took me a long time to realize this, but eventually I figured out that the key reason why athletes lose their confidence is...




Fear that we’re going to go out, stink up the joint, and humiliate ourselves. Fear that we'll let down our parents, coaches and teammates. Fear that we'll crack under the pressure and be unable to execute the way we KNOW we can. Fear that we'll fail miserably and have to live with the shame of it.

But most of all, the fear that you will never achieve your goals and dreams as an athlete and spend the rest of your life bitter about it.

This is the fear trap that most athletes find themselves in on a regular basis. It has the potential to make us so stressed out in big events that we turn into a completely different athlete.

And when you’re stressed and anxious, you never perform your best.

Why? Two reasons…


First off, your muscles over-tighten, causing you to make mistakes that never happen in practice or training…and even you can’t figure out what’s going on!

Case in point: If you’re golfing, as soon as your muscles tighten, your swing slows, you cannot connect to the feel of your swing, and your drives get shorter and shorter.

Second, when you’re anxious, you can’t focus properly. You don’t notice obvious things that are going on out there, making it impossible for you to execute.

Example: when I’d get anxious about not scoring, I would make the WORST decisions. I’d either not shoot when I should have, or I’d shoot with three defenders hanging off me instead of passing to a teammate who was WIDE OPEN.

Can you relate? I mean, think about your very best performance for a moment. I bet you weren’t stressed or over-thinking everything. You were confident; you trusted yourself; you BELIEVED.

So the reason we lose our confidence is because FEAR has reared its ugly head.

The second thing I figured out is why most athletes are afraid.

I believe it’s because they’ve been programmed by parents, coaches, and teammates to be obsessed with three things:

  1. Performing well
  2. Winning
  3. Being confident

Now, let me be clear. There is nothing wrong with wanting these three things.Ice hockey player

They are nice. They are very nice, and they can help motivate you.

The problem is that you cannot control any of them.

And let me emphasize this point, because it’s REALLY important.

You cannot control any of these things.

If you could control whether you’d perform well, you’d always give a peak performance.

If you could control winning, you’d always win.

If you could control how you feel, you’d always feel confident out there.

So now we have a dilemma. You desperately want to perform well and win, but you cannot control  these things.

Therefore, you will immediately feel pressure, stress, and anxiety, causing your confidence to suffer. Before you know it, despite all your hard work, practice, and training - and the fact that your skills are amazing - your performance goes right into the toilet.

What Superstar Athletes Know About Confidence & Winning


girlsvolleyballteamHere’s what superstar athletes have figured out…

Superstar athletes are not people who perform well under pressure.

NOBODY performs well under pressure.

Superstar athletes are people who create an internal environment for themselves in which they do not feel overwhelming pressure.

Realizing this, I decided to get myself into a completely different mindset…a mindset where, instead of being anxious before competing, I was full of joy, confidence, and elation.

Here’s what I did.

Instead of obsessing about scoring goals (which is what I used to do), I decided to a brand new goal, one that I could CONTROL completely.

My new goal was simple. “I want to do good things all over the ice.”

This way, I completely REMOVED my reason to be anxious. I wasn’t asking myself to pull off something I couldn’t control - like scoring a goal, or stopping a goal from being scored, or winning the game.

All I was asking myself to do was execute something that was DIRECTLY under my control. (I confess that it took me a while to figure out what was under my control and what wasn’t, so you have to be careful about this when setting your goal. I’ll share the exact steps in my free Special Report, "7 Amazing Mental Toughness Secrets of Superstar Athletes").

The first time I tried this approach, I felt as though I had been let out of prison.

I couldn’t believe what a difference it made. With this one mindset change, I removed mental and emotional pressure I had been putting on myself for YEARS.

It was at that moment that I realized that all pressure is self-created.

This means that all confidence is self-created too. As Anna Freud, daughter of Sigmund Freud, said, “I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence but it comes from within. It is there all the time.”

Of course, for this strategy to work, you need to CARE about your new goal.

In fact, you need to care about it more than the old goals that were not under your control, like scoring. I’ll explain this concept in more detail in my free Special Report, "7 Amazing Mental Toughness Secrets of Superstar Athletes.”

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Lisa Brown

Most athletes are crippling their sports mental toughness. They are literally killing their ability to crush opponents and win under pressure and don’t even know it.

Here’s why: because the methods they are using to become more mentally tough are incomplete…and if you don’t know about the missing secrets of superstar athletes, you will never play your best and win consistently no matter how hard you try.

My name is Lisa Lane Brown and discovering these sports mental toughness missing pieces made me a three time World Champion in my sport. I also found out the reason why virtually every athlete, coach, and sport psychologist doesn’t know these sports mental toughness secrets. When you discover the reason, you will shake your head in amazement that you did not think of it first.

But one thing is for sure: you are going to have a radically new view of your sports mental game and how you can use it to skyrocket your performance today.