What Everyone Ought To Know About Changing Your Life

Changing Your Life and Living Your Dreams

(Some Plain Talk About Why Some People
Almost Always Succeed While Others Fail)


A little while ago I was teaching a seminar when an extremely intelligent person told me he usually avoids self-improvement courses because “they don’t work. People don’t change.”

Since I do this for a living, you can imagine I was quite surprised at his skepticism...it made me pause. While it’s true that many people leave self-improvement courses frustrated, there actually is a hidden secret to success that determines why some people almost always succeed while others fail. And it’s available to everyone. Because I am in this business and talk about it every day, I assume that most people have stumbled across various elements of it at one time or another.

This has been my mistake...a big mistake. For if people don’t know about this hidden secret, they will certainly not use it to achieve their goals and dreams.

“So what?”, you ask?

Well, it’s been my experience that if people do not achieve their dreams or reach their potential, they become bitter and angry. There is much suppressed sadness in the heart over broken dreams and relationships. This leads to depression, unhappiness, poverty, and even crime in our society, which is obviously bad for all.

So, where to start?

Well, a good place to start might be explaining what this hidden secret is and how to get started using it. Some of it may be pretty simple for you, but not the next person. So we will start there and assume that you will be considerate enough to skip what you already know.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think.


Lisa Lane Brown
Founder & President, The Courage to Win

Lisa Brown & Associates

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Disclaimer: Results will vary, and you should not use this information as a substitute for help from a licensed professional. Good luck!

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