Attention Athletes: Is Self-Doubt Destroying Your Superstar Potential?
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“Hidden Secret to Believing in Yourself Allows You to WIN Consistently, Become An All-Star Athlete and Finally Gain the Confidence of a True Champion”

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How to Believe in Yourself in Sport
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Using this magical technique for destroying self-doubt and believing in yourself, you will finally become the superstar athlete you’ve always had the promise to be.

You will win gold medals, rise in the rankings, and get all-star and MVP awards. You’ll be given your pick of roles, teams, schools, and even scholarships, because coaches will finally be chasing you. At long last, you will gain the respect of everyone in your sport.

Best of all, you will be able to deliver peak performances and wins when it counts instead of falling short and never knowing why.


Dear Friend,

In my new program, I reveal the secret Holy Grail of sport: how to BELIEVE in yourself. This secret is so potent that once you apply it, your ability to shine in big events and crush opponents will astound and delight you.

Today you are going to discover learn how to systematically destroy self-doubt and unleash your genuine belief in yourself so that you can start collecting the gold medals, the all-star awards, and the respect in your sport that you deserve.

This secret gives you the chance to finally:



When you truly believe in yourself, you gain the will the win. You’ll score winning goals, close out matches, achieve personal bests, and break records in your biggest events -- even in the dying minutes.


Deliver Incredible Peak Performances

The #1 reason athletes fail is because they become overwhelmed with nerves and choke. When you believe in yourself, you easily and automatically turn nerves into excitement and determination.


Transform Your Skills From Good to Great

You will instinctively and naturally set goals worthy of a superstar athlete, paving the way for you to transform your skills from good to great.


Gain the Unshakable Confidence of a Champion

When you believe in yourself, you connect with your amazing talent and strengths, enabling you to attack every competition aggressively. Let your competitors hang back passively while you crush them with ‘smart aggressiveness.’


See Yourself as The Best

You will finally unlock your ability to see yourself as 'the best' athlete out there, even without special advantages over competitors such as speed, superior technique, or stamina. This makes you extremely tough (if not impossible) to beat.


Get in the Zone Consistently

What allows you to get ‘in the zone’ during competition? It’s your underlying conviction that you can do it. When you believe in yourself, you freely slip into the zone and remain focused and dominant, in a cocoon of concentration the entire time.

Why Do You Need To BELIEVE in Yourself in Sport?

BaseballYellowShirtWhen you doubt yourself, two things happen.

First, you start second-guessing yourself. Instead of trusting yourself and going for it, you play it safe and stay inside your comfort zone. This never works because it leads to passivity.

Remember, at the highest levels of sport, the difference between winning and losing is as thin as a razor’s edge. Therefore, you simply cannot afford to be passive.

Even basketball legend Michael Jordan himself said, “I realized if I was going to achieve anything in life, I had to be aggressive. I had to get out there and go for it.”

I repeat: You cannot reach your potential by staying inside your comfort zone, having mediocre skills, hoping your opponent messes up, or coasting over the finish line.

To win, you need a confident, aggressive mindset, and it all starts with a firm, unequivocal belief in yourself.

The second thing that happens when you doubt yourself is that you find a way to lose (or under-perform) when you really should dominate and win. This happens because deep down, you are under-rating yourself. You’re putting other athletes.

Your self-doubt causes you to think they are smarter, faster, and more at the crucial moment, you ‘lay down’ to them mentally, just enough to under-achieve or lose.

If you do this often enough, it becomes a pattern. You’re okay with a certain level of success, but then you find a way to mess up. You make your belief a reality.

This is called a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you remember the Henry Ford quote, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”

The bottom line?

Self-doubt is the enemy, and you’re going to learn how to crush it like a bug. You are going to learn...

How to Believe in Yourself by Conquering
The Self-Doubt That Is CRIPPLING Your Star Potential!

You are going to program yourself to be able to trigger the confidence,
motivation, and genuine determination you need on a daily basis to WIN
consistently, become an all-star MVP athlete, and finally reach your potential.

You are going to believe in yourself with such conviction and courage that you will deliver peak performances and wins that you used to only dream about.

Man with a Golf ClubUsing the How To Believe in Yourself technique…

You can start off your competitions with unshakable confidence...

You can have impenetrable concentration and focus even when facing setbacks, adversity, and even mistakes in competition…

You can adopt an aggressive mindset and step out of your comfort zone under pressure so that you “rule” out there!

You can defeat overwhelming nerves and eliminate negative self-talk so that you automatically raise your performance, no matter what’s happening around you

You can let go of self-doubt and selling yourself short, once and for all!

Why Believing in Yourself Is So Miraculous…

YoungMaleTrackWinnerMost athletes are trapped inside their Comfort Zone, afraid to take chances and express their true greatness. When you believe in yourself, you break free of the Comfort Zone and realize that it IS possible for you to be one of the very best.

Most athletes are so hung up on mistakes, failures, and losses that they cannot focus and raise their game when it counts. When you believe in yourself, mistakes will flow off you like water off a duck’s back. Instead of over-analyzing and over-thinking, you will find yourself in a cocoon of concentration, and temporary defeats and setbacks will not bother you.

Most athletes have no real killer instinct. Instead, they try to coast over the finish line (or worse, hope their opponents mess up). When you believe in yourself, you will gain a fierce will to win, making you the toughest competitor out there.

The magic of believing in yourself is that you finally KNOW that you are a WINNER, perhaps for the very first time. You may not be the biggest, or the fastest, or the most skilled athlete out there, but because you are the most confident, you will deliver peak performances and WIN.

When you discover exactly how to believe in yourself, you’ll be able to do the most extraordinary things.

In fact, I absolutely guarantee that believing in yourself will be one of the most powerful, exciting things you ever learn as an athlete.

It is going to destroy the stress you’re having today. Whether you are not performing well in tryouts or evaluation situations, not coming up with personal bests, or just plain losing, you can eliminate these problems swiftly and promptly.

The best part is you will not have to spend extra time (in fact I don’t want you investing more time – I want you investing less).

You will immediately start crushing your opponents and lovin’ your sport as well.

What About Conceit or Arrogance?

A question I get asked a lot is, “If I believe in myself more, will I become an insufferable, conceited narcissist?"

The answer is No. This is not about being arrogant or boastful. Believing in yourself does not make you annoying. It simply puts you on your own side so you can give courage to yourself and finally reach your superstar potential as an athlete.

The “How To Believe In Yourself” Technique for Reaching Your Superstar Potential in Sport

This technique was born when I challenged myself to create the simplest, easiest method possible for self-doubt into self-belief and confidence. I set out the following criteria:

  1. Believing in Yourself had to be ridiculously simple.
  2. Believing in Yourself had to work for every athlete who did it.
  3. Believing in Yourself had to train you to know, deep in heart, exactly why you have to achieve true greatness in your sport.

The result?

An amazing, proven technique you can use to program yourself with unshakable self-belief with virtually zero effort on your part.

No endless studying or journaling.

No exhausting affirmations or trying to change your thinking.

It’s almost like pushing a button! It’s that easy!

Here’s a quick re-cap of what you’ll learn:

Two girls playing SoccerSession One

What Does It Mean to Believe in Yourself?

In this session you will learn exactly what it means to believe in yourself and why so many athletes doubt themselves so you can avoid this mental trap.

Man playing TennisSession Two

How to Believe in Yourself

In this session, you will discover a practical, highly effective three step technique for eliminating self-doubt and replacing it with self-belief so you can start delivering peak performances and wins now.

Man playing basketballSession Three

Stop Negative Self-Talk

In this session you will learn how to turn off the inner demons in your head so you activate the confidence and focus you need to score winning goals, close out matches, achieve personal bests, and break records.

Girl on acrobatSession Four

Stop Worrying About Failure, Seeing Obstacles, and Wondering What Others Think

With an enhanced ability to believe in yourself, you will embrace the challenge of competing, get into the zone easily, and put yourself on the road to massively improved skills.

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