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Hi, it's Lisa Lane Brown, founder and CEO, The Courage to Win...

Years ago, as an elite athlete, I suffered from wild confidence swings from one week all the time. I never knew why, and it hurt me all the time.

Using the same strategies I will share with you, I was able to break free from my demons and score the winning goals in the dying minutes of 3 World Championships. That's when I knew I was on to something and started sharing my methods with National Team and Olympic athletes, corporate executives, and business owners in over 62 countries. Entrepreneur Magazine called my book, "A straight to the point guide to success, highly recommended."

This 26-page step-by-step guide will give you practical confidence tips, exercises, and activities that will improve your self-esteem so you can express your greatness, reach your potential, and achieve the success you've always wanted.


  • Shocking Stats About Confidence, Self Esteem and Your Potential

    New discovery reveals that only 19% of people truly believe in their ability to attract love, create wealth, and achieve their goals. This Special Report walks you through 3 confidence raising exercises needed to believe in yourself properly so you can boost your self-esteem and enjoy the success and abundance you deserve.

  • The Holy Grail of Confidence

    Discover your specific RIGHT FOCUS confidence boosting technique for creating success even after many failures or disappointments, which is being called the “Holy Grail” of overcoming low confidence and self esteem.

  • NEW: "The Courage to Win"

    The most talented person in the world will fail if he does not express his true genius in the world by taking simple action steps every day. Discover specific tips on how to transform your mind from a learned helplessness mindset to a confident, high self esteem one in mere moments.

What Will Unshakable Confidence Do For You?


3 Simple Steps to Breakthrough Confidence and Success

Confidence and high self esteem are the hidden keys to success virtually every happy individual has used to attain the pinnacle of success, whether he was aware of it or not.

Confidence and self esteem are the "hidden keys" because there isn't just ONE person inside you...there are two: a confident person and a self-doubting person.

And as every high achiever knows, when it comes to attaining success, confidence is everything.

Imagine you take two salespeople of similar talent, skills, and experience.

You teach them to master the exact same skills. You give them the same product, the same sales script, and the same prospects. You even give them the exact same "dress for success" wardrobe.

Both people use the same questions and give the same presentation, and respond to objections with the exact same answers.

Yet their results will not be the same. One of them will walk away with the sales, while the other will be shown the door.

The confident person will win; the person who lacks confidence will not.

And now, with recent breakthroughs in neuroscience, we even know WHY.

According to neuroscientist Dr. Evian Gordon, who created the largest integrated database on the human brain in the world, every person you speak to is "wired" to know whether you are confident.

Every person has ten billion neurons which tell him whether you are an authentic, confident person - or not.

In other words, when you are dealing with another person, he KNOWS whether you are confident. His brain knows. And if you are, he will trust you and give you opportunities. And if you are not confident, he will deny you opportunities, without quite being able to say why.

Imagine what kind of person you would be if you conducted yourself with utter confidence and mental toughness all the time.

What kind of energy and motivation would you have?

What (calculated) risks would you take?

How consistent would you be in your productivity and performance? How focused?

How would your confidence affect your ability to reach your goals?

Putting your confident self in charge every day is entirely possible…

But it takes more than old fashioned positive thinking or traditional self-help…

It takes the kind of persistence, mental toughness, and inner strength you get from having unshakable confidence.

About The Courage to Win Confidence Building 26 Page PDF Guide...

This 26-page step-by-step Confidence Building Guide walks you through a brand new approach to building confidence, self-esteem, and mental toughness that 99% of success seekers have never seen...

We value your privacy and would never spam you

3 Simple Steps To Breakthrough Confidence and Success

Use These 3 Simple Steps to Express Your True Greatness, Turbo-Charge Your Career,
and Achieve Success and Abundance Today

WARNING: This Confidence Building PDF Guide Is Not For the Faint of Heart

This material goes way deeper than most self-help and will literally "blow the lid off" what you've been hearing for years. It is hard-hitting and not a re-hash of techniques like positive, goal-setting, affirmations, or attraction theory. Follow the tips, exercises, and activities in this Guide and you will get the confidence and self esteem help you seek immediately.

Avoid The "3 Ugly Mistakes" That Cause Low Confidence and Self Esteem...

You will also learn the exact 3 ugly mistakes most people are making that cause them to lose confidence and self esteem and how to avoid them. We will also explain in detail how to get your confidence and self esteem using the #1 secret to eliminating self-doubt that therapists, self-help experts, and drug companies cannot tell you.

What People Are Saying About 3 Simple Steps To Breakthrough Confidence and Success...

I’m crazy at fifty – I’m loving the Courage to Win. I feel like a kid again.What I enjoy most is the inner confidence. It makes me appreciate who I am and how great life can be.

Rick Grafton
Rick Grafton President Grafton Capital Corp

I got control of my time and my life. I feel like a winner!" "My struggle was time management. There was never enough time to do everything I had to do, let alone what I wanted to do. I felt swamped... miserable and confused. I am very impressed how quickly I started to see results. In Lisa's 30 Day program, I learned how to work through the obstacles one by one. I feel energized and know what is truly important in my life. I know how to prioritize tasks and eliminate roadblocks. I feel like a winner! I'm a happier and more productive person.

Penny Donnan
Penny Donnan Mortgage Associate, Jencor Mortgage Corp

I was in a rut that I couldn't get out of. I'd been in the same job for 5 years and felt stuck. After trying several strategies I finally tried mental toughness training with Lisa. Within 3 months I was offered a senior management position at my company! Lisa's strategies really work.

Heath Miller
Heath Miller Bethany Care Centre

My work with Courage to Win® has given me life-long skills for living a healthy, happy, successful life based on my dreams. The program has tremendous insight and compassion.

Karen Thirlwall
Karen Thirlwall Professional Musician

Lisa's course has changed the way I look at meeting challenges, both professionally and personally. Her guidance and mentoring have been invaluable.

Geoff Moysa
Geoff Moysa McMillan LLP

I’ve learned that there are answers to my problems there are ways for me to be successful! This course has been life changing for me.

Shelly Rue
Shelly Rue Nominations Analyst, Oil & Gas

Mental toughness propelled me to set some very high goals and achieve every one of them. The approach to positive AND negative thoughts and emotions helped me move through the obstacles that were standing in the way of what I wanted.

Loraine Bon
Loraine Bon Sales Consultant

3 Simple Steps To Breakthrough Confidence and Success

Use These 3 Simple Steps To Express Your True Greatness, Turbo-Charge Your Career,
and Achieve Success and Abundance Today.

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About The Courage to Win Confidence Building 26 Page PDF Guide...

This 26-page step-by-step Confidence Building Guide walks you through a brand new approach to building confidence and mental toughness that 99% of success seekers have never seen…

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